PlayStation Magazines Idea of a perfect Controller

This is a scan taken from PSN. This is their idea of what the new PS controller should look like.

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gta_cb4777d ago

this looks like the Xbox 360 controller (thumb sticks in same location, and Dpad in same location)

ITR4777d ago

It looks like a PS3/360/Logitech controller.

Battery life will be crap...unless they really upgrade the battery.

Rumble/Six Axis/AC/wireless.

gta_cb4777d ago

oh right, so it will work with both Xbox 360 and PS3?

MikeMichaels4777d ago

Why they would swap the Analog/D-pad? Whats the difference?

...seriously, is it that much harder to "run" in a FPS with the stick located there?

That whole argument sounds like an excuse for fanboys to say "mine is better than yours" to me.

Satanas4777d ago

To Mike Michaels: It's simply a preference. I can go with either layout, a lot of people prefer the 360 placement for FPSes though.

Rasulis4777d ago

The reason to swap the analog stick with the D-pad is that analog sticks are much more precise and pressure sensitive then a D-Pad. This makes them far better for controlling a game then a D-Pad. There is a reason D-Pads aren't positioned as the main controlling mechanism on any system anymore other then the Playstations. They are an old technology and not a precise way of controlling a game.

The problem with the sixaxis is it still uses the PS1 design. The PS1 dual shock wasn't designed in a way that the analog sticks are positioned to be the main movement mechanism. This is because the Analog stick was added on later and the controller wasn't designed around it. They're positioned them off to the side of the buttons and D-Pad making them less argonomic and comfortable to use.

I personally find using the D-Pads on the PS controllers uncomfortable because of how I have to reach over the D-Pad and buttons. I do think Sony needs to change it up. Just because mcdonalds has the most sales and customers doesn't mean they make the best hamburgers. Same with the PS controller design.

QuackPot4777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

The bulkier 360 controller has a better feel in hand.

It will also provide plenty of space for more batteries, a more complex rumble system.

Offsetting the analogue sticks is crap though - an obvious 360 quirk.

A new controller should have:

- the general 360 size and form
- both Analogue sticks moved to the top
- the four buttons moved down down, next to the D-Pad
- L2 & R2 replaced with triggers.

Now that would be a perfect controller - and uniquely Playstations.

* Actually, if it also had a light diode so that the controller can be used as a lightgun then that would make it perfect.

Seraphim4776d ago

I actually prefer the D-Pad where it is on the PS/PS2/PS3 controller. It's much easier to jump over and hit the D-Pad to scroll through frags and other various items/uses developers implement in games. Also I find it much easier to have a balanced stick in it's current position, and w/ balance comes proper, and precise control. I don't think it would bother me if it were placed up there but I think the layout is proper for the controller [if positioned properly in hands] and works exceptionally well. Moving it up would cause cramped hands and less balance/control imo. I urge all of you w/ a PS2/PS3 controller to hold onto it and actually picture having to play w/ the analog if it were in the d-pads position. Awkward, cramped, and less controlled/balanced would the bet I'd have on anyone who actually gives it consideration and holds onto the controller for more than a few seconds imagining this...

I wasn't a fan of this particular layout in PSM. I'm not going to look at the mag right now, but if I'm not mistaken there was actually 2 or 3 models they listed. Anyway. One of my biggest problems right now are the triggers [R and L 2]. They need to be refined and possibly even be concave like a trigger. Not only that but it seems like a guard at the base of the triggers might be a good idea as well, but that would have to be determined via research and conceptual models. If anything keep the current setup for the PS3s generation but add a guard to the base of the trigger maybe... But the triggers definitely need some improving. I think the size and idea is on track though....

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kamakazi4777d ago

i would not buy that..... leave it as is and just add rumble.

Captain Tuttle4777d ago

Well if YOU wouldn't buy it...

drtysouf214777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

issue right now its on page 67 this is what the magazine came up with of what they would want. I will post a pic if you want.

Edit going to do it right now.

Edit here they are.

Edit Nevermind title and description has been changed.

Violater4777d ago

Hate misleading titles.

gta_cb4777d ago

yeh man you should, as already 2 people have approved this, and if its fake then we need to report it.

dknight4777d ago

Isn't PSM the offical mag for the PS3?

I expect the rumble in the handles...since it was in the PS2 handles.
I don't expect the AC function.

SmokeyMcBear4777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

booo this controller

ah man.. its not a kitten, its an english bulldog, sheesh

woohoo, down to one bubble i finally joined the ps3 lovers club.

woohoo, thank for the "+" bubbles

Amplifier4777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

Worst. Controller. Ever.

Keep it the same and add rumble to it since rumble is really huge issue

They were going to change the format of the design but obviously MOST of the people didn't approve so they went back where they belong.

I HATE the X360's sticks like that my thumbs feel uneven and uncomfortable.


cartman3134777d ago

Why is rumble such a huge deal? I could never understand why people went nuts over a vibrating controller. Unless people would use it to....nevermind I won't go there.

Anyways, my personal opinion, leave the controller how it is, and leave out rumble!

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