RPS: Mass Effect 2 Christina Norman Interview

You may have noticed one or two trailers for Mass Effect 2 recently. One or two a day. And it's arriving very soon – the 29th of this month in fact. So RPS grabbed the opportunity to speak to lead gameplay designer Christina Norman to ask a few questions that have sprung up in the last couple of months. Here you find out a bit more detail about why certain combat decisions were made, why players might choose to die on purpose, whether Jennifer Hale will return as the female Shepard, and the possibility of lizards in bikinis.

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BeaArthur3201d ago

Hopefully they made a typo with the release date of the 29th because I am ready to bust this one open on the 26th.

GameOn3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I think it's out on 29thh in UK. I think.

Edit: Blacktric got there first.

Blacktric3201d ago

US release date is 26th but UK is 29th. BTW a quote from the article (one of the questions)

"RPS: There have been a number of changes made to various aspects of using equipment, from the heat sinks for weapons to the removal of weapon and armour skills. How did you go about making decisions over which elements to change?"

Is this a joke? They removed "HEALTH BAR" and now they also removed weapon and armor skills? And she says that team didn't want to alienate hardcore RPG fans. Now I certainly feel alienated as a RPG and a Mass Effect fan. What kind of mentally sick developer would remove the most important aspects of RPGs to make their game look more appealing to the action loving crowd? I must admit; I loved some of the new things they added, like less cooldown times for biotic powers and location based hit reactions. But other decisions looks like they actually wanted an action game with a little bit of RPG feel. Gonna buy the game (probably Collector's Edition) of course but I hope I won't be disappointed.

BeaArthur3201d ago

I believe there are still options as far as ammo customization and armor customization. Go check out the Xbox magazine review. They implied there is still plenty of customization. Personally I would like a more streamlined customization process. Towards the end of Mass Effect I felt like I was constantly having to sell off junk I didn't need or constantly checking my inventory every time I picked up something new.

3201d ago