Mega Man 10 Bosses Revealed

Has anyone thought to feel a bit of pity for these so-called monsters? Here they are, minding their own business, locked away in a room when Mega Man strolls in and destroys them, often with a weapon he stole from their own brother. They never had a chance. It's a tragedy, really.

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reintype3203d ago

I bet that one is exclusive to the 360.

bmw693203d ago

Why would it be a 360 exclusive?

PlainOldGamer3203d ago

I can't wait to get this! Old-School Hardcore Games FTW! Also Sheep Man is so freaking awesome i think he will be the first boss I tackle! (He's probably the hardest though lol)

Also can't wait to see what ridiculous Achievements/Trophies/Challeng es this one has! The Mega Man 9 has such hard ones especially beating the game without getting hurt (Who could do that?!)

But I'm just glad Capcom is doing this and as long as they are I will keep buying just so that they can make more! I hope everyone does the same :)

Homicide3203d ago

Mega Man 9 was too hard for me; I sucked at it :(

multipayer3203d ago

They should have just called him "Capcom fan".. There would be a little descriptive insert of why he thinks $10 now+$10 of dlc later was a steal to relive "8bit glory".

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Duke_Silver3203d ago

some are good, but sheep man looks silly

ssj123203d ago

sheep man... really? they could have come up with something a bit less silly looking or less weak as heck?

bmw693203d ago

Haha I love Sheep Man - day 1 purchase for me!

Braineater24483203d ago

Watch sheep man be hard as hell and pwn everyone

bmw693203d ago

Haha! Can't wait till this comes out...

3203d ago
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