PSU: More game companies onboard for PS3 motion controller

Sony's motion controller is getting support from many in the gaming development community, although, not full support from gamers themselves. EA's Jens Uwe Intat has told MCV that the company will have games ready for the launch of the PlayStation 3 motion controller.

He said both Sony's and Microsoft's motion controllers will allow for new gaming experiences for existing players, but the controllers will also introduce new people to gaming. Essentially, he believes these motion controllers will do for Sony and Microsoft what the Wii and Wii remote controller did for Nintendo.

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ubiquitious3297d ago

...and the last horse finally crosses the finish line

NateNater3297d ago

Sony was actually the first "horse". They came out with EyeToy for PS2 wayyy before Nintendo's Wii. So that actually makes Microsoft the last horse to cross the finish line :p

El_Colombiano3297d ago

Drummer is right, you are the late one!

mrv3213297d ago

First next-gen console to come out with motion controls was the PS3.
They will be first to release Natal vs Wand
And lastly eyetoy.

Blaze9293297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

So who exactly IS supporting the PS Wand? We've been hearing about the load of launch titles Microsoft has ready from 3rd parties and recently Capcom expressing their great excitement for Natal. But as far as the PS Wand goes publishers/developers have been kind of quiet.


@Maddens Raiders

That's only two companies mentioned in that article. With a title like "more game companies" I was expecting a run down of everyone on board or at least more than two. EA and Quantic Dream. Hence my question, WHO EXACTLY is supporting the wand.

Maddens Raiders3297d ago

"Our studios are working with the first parties to create some interesting games for those controllers"

"In addition, David Cage, the boss at Quantic Dream, said the studio is interested in experimenting with the PS3 motion controller, especially in with more mature games."

did you even bother to read the article or just out for Wednesday's troll in the PS3 park..?

TOO PAWNED3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Have you guys noticed how 1UP, G4TV, IGN, etc don't report these stories and interviews? I mean they copy/paste each other stories when it comes to Natal, even if it is something like "THis dude said natal is cool".
I think they on purpose hope to overshadow and ignore Sonys "wand", just how they did with PS3.

Elven63297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

drummer: Sega released the DreamEye first, they also released a motion controlled fishing rod for the Dreamcast which could also be used to play games like Soul Caliber for instance but like how the Wiimote can.

On the console side of things yes Microsoft would be last since they never had a camera or motion controller for the Xbox but they did have the Live Vision Cam for the 360.


Blaze: You can bet that almost every company that is doing Wii party games will be on board with both Natal and the Wand. Why? The first Wii games were some of the most popular since motion control on that scale was new for audiences and they wanted to try it out as much as they could. Eventually people realized some movements were simply "gimmicks" and that a flip of the wrist could suffice for say a swing. Party games on the Wii now don't sell like they used to. The same thing could potentially happen with Natal and the Wand since on paper they should work better than the Wiimote does.

TOO PAWNED3297d ago

Sega also had first build in modem console, Dreamcast. SEGa.Net.
Sega was great with predicting what is going to be cool in the future, but somehow never nailed, sucks because i did like Dreamcast a lot....

Blaze9293297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Sure you could probably bet that. But the same companies doing those gimmicks on the wii get away with it becuase the Wii is in millions of homes and is $200 and is known as THE casual console with all that gimmicky crap (not all crap, just the usual).

So I doubt the same ones would probably think there is a market to be as successful doing the same gimmicky games on the PS3.

bjornbear3297d ago


Oh you like attention, damn! I fell for it! x(

well, considering M$ is world famous for its ground breaking innovative technological research (not) I'm sure its the 1st horse to cross this imaginary finish line =O

Oh wait...Natal is just a PSEye with a mic on it, it doesn't even have it's own CPU...oh well better luck next time ;)

Baka-akaB3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )


hum the ps wand is the only one of the two so far with at least one title announced , as opposed to a vague list of 3rd parties whose games may get released or not .

Even if it's a re-release of (a imo crappy game) resident evil 5 ... that's still one sure use for a "core" game .

Anyway bottom lines is who cares about list , too big a list and we knows we'll be feed at least 50% shovelware garbage and/or wii remakes .
I wouldnt expect either natal or the wand to have ready for launch really great titles , besides their own first party stuff .

I dont need a list of company , say ubisoft says "yay i'm in" for both natal and wand , it means crap , with their games quality range going from shovelware to splinter cell and assassin creed ...

The only lists we need are of actual games and their genres , for both devices

rockleex3297d ago

That means it can be used in hardcore games effectively.

Why would it be different from hardcore Wii games?

Because there's actually a hardcore crowd on the HD consoles. There would be support from big third party companies to develop serious IP's for it.

On that same note, I don't think Natal will be effective enough for hardcore games because of its inaccuracy.

Natal will be good for different types of games, like Milo.

Aquarius3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Ape Escape(working title)
Echochrome 2(working title)
Eccentric Slider(working title)
Sing and Draw(working title)
Champions of Time(working title)
Motion Party(working title)
Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition
The Shoot(working title)
Tower(working title)
Under Siege

Following games will receive a SW update:
Hustle Kings
High Velocity Bowling

----------announced at TGS from wikipedia----------

From the looks of things it looks like it's going to be delayed because they said Spring but Spring is March-May. More details can come out in March?...and they can launch it in May?

Arnon3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Do you even read what you say? I guarantee you that the only hardcore games that will really be made for this are the ones made by Sony. Sacrificing a controller for a remote comes with consequences, bud.

I shouldn't even continue commenting on your 1-sided post, though. Anyone with eyes would tell you that a camera does not deter from the overall experience of a game. They're used for PC gaming all the time, and it only adds to the experience. It's the reason why the same games on the Wii don't exist on the PS3 or 360, because it's not even using the same form of control.

Why do you think Sony is not bragging about how many companies are supporting their peripherals? Why is it that Natal has over 12 major developing studios already working on Natal projects?

Sorry if my comment comes out making me look like I'm trolling, but you're insane if you think you're going to get some sort of different experience using these compared to using the Wiimote. Anybody who's used these sort of devices would tell you that a camera as a gaming device would be much more beneficial compared to a remote. In fact, I guarantee you that if there is not joysticks on the remotes, you will not be playing a "hardcore" experience like what you keep believing. It will be like what Little Big Planet does with it, where one person doesn't even play the game, and all they do is solve the puzzles for someone else.

Are you expecting to hold the DS3 in one hand and the PS3 Wand in another? Until someone can give me a logical reason as to why I should feel excited for the PS3 wands, I will continue to relate them to the Wiimote + Nunchuck, because that's all they're going to do. The only reason I support Natal, is because I've seen gaming cameras used on the PC, and they work incredibly well.

insomnium3296d ago

MS was never interested in motion tech untill it saw how popular the Wii became. MS always buys themselves into established million sellers. Nothing new. Look no further than GTA, MGS and FF. It's laughable.

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MetalGearRising3297d ago

Yeah sure.......what's that 3 companies now working on PS3 motion controller. compared to 1000 working on Natal.

NateNater3297d ago

Don't over-hype Natal, bot. You wouldn't want to disappoint yourself.

young juice3297d ago

natal is seriously making me reconsider getting a 360. i was saving up for one but after i see all these publishers and microsoft paying so much attention to natal.

im scared i might get a 360 for the only 2 games i want on it then have no use for it. because its clear microsoft isnt going to be focusing on the hardcore gamers,there just saying that to get you to buy it.

if they dont announce a real game at e3. im gonna just get a pc.

its not looking to good for the hardcore 360 owners

Redlogic3297d ago

considering you have not even seen a list of companies workin on natal nor have any idea how it will work. How are these 1000's of companies adding natal to their games? What kinds of games are even in the works? Pathetic dude...why not wait to see what both companies show off before you start jockin nutz?

Pennywise3297d ago

Sony's first party devs are all that matters to me, kid.

young juice3297d ago

the companies dont matter i i hate motion controls, yes even sony's but atleast they showed a little potential and i still dont like it.
because i dont wanna be holding my hands out (standing up or sitting down) moving my hands around. i wanna move as little as possible when playing a game because most of the time i play game ive just finished waring myself out.

"nor have any idea how it will work." how else would it work, YOU MOVE YOUR F*CKING HANDS AROUND LIKE SOME KINDA....nevermind.

fps would seem kinda silly on natal and it would probably get pretty reptitive. imo if they couldnt find a proper way for an fps on wii and it has buttons then removing the buttons is the answer... tsk yeahh ok... but i guess that last part is my opinion since i dont know anything about what kinda things they'll come up with.

Tony-A3297d ago

Until you can list those 1000 companies that support Natal, I suggest you STFU.

Thank you.

KingKiff3297d ago

MGR = looser xbot... he seriously comments first on every PS3 article that hits this website...


KingKiff3297d ago

ok everyone lets all report all of MGR comments as offensive and shut this noob up already... He is so pathetic

3296d ago
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Redlogic3297d ago

I don't think it's possible for me to be less interested in this. I like my DS3 and don't plan on ever deviating from it. Unless Sony can prove me wrong. What the heck is this thing even called? Sony, I love your Playstation brand, but damn your marketing team needs help.

-Alpha3297d ago

This is EXACTLY what I've been waiting to hear.

MS has made Natal look very confident by showing all the third party support its getting. They had an excellent and silly demonstration at E3 (silly is a good thing, they are appealing to the casuals and trying to get the point across that natal is great fun for parties).

Sony's motion control is currently slowest but I'm sure it will be great.

What I wanted to hear was that devs supported it. Because, without that support the motion control for Sony would be very doubtful. I'm glad people are interested in the motion control and it makes me think Sony isn't wasting their time on it.

TOO PAWNED3297d ago

I agree, but it is something they have to do or they will fall behind and get outdated. You have to follow trends, and new trend is motion gaming. Sony will never abandon standard hardcore games, never, that's their core, but to expand something like eyetoy and "wand" is needed.
I am sure there are going to be awesome game for us hardcore gamers that will use "wand". Like new Ape Escape(that was confirmed) game, that is going to use Wand. TO be honest if it didn't have that gimmick, i probably would not care.
Team Saru(team that developed Ape Escape - first party btw) made Ape Escape 1 on PS1 use analog stick in revolutionary way for that time, now that is how we play. That excites me, maybe they will come up with something awesome again.

FragGen3297d ago

At least if the PS Eye becomes a standard PS3 peripheral we can get all the 360 owners to stop complaining about the one thing the 360 ships with that the Ps3 doesn't as if its some kind of holy grail (as if everyone on the planet who can afford a PS3 doesn't have at least 2 bluetooth mics just laying around).

crazyturkey3297d ago

I want both the PS3(Wand) and 360(NATAL)to fail with, because if they get a taste of what Nintendo is getting with the sales in the casual market, hardcore games are goners.

Wrathman3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

bubble for you

i concur

casual games are fun for 10 mins.which is about the same length of time it takes to make one.funny that

Serg3297d ago

If Sony fails to attach some kind of analog stick to it then definately yes, but if there is one, I can't think of anything more exciting, honestly.

You can walk, move the camera and have complete control of your arms in a first person RPG using shield and pixel to pixel hit detection: epic.

If however the wands lack the analog sticks Sony can stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

spektical3297d ago

i think wer gonna see tons of shovelware within a year

TOO PAWNED3297d ago

You will see Wii ports like you have never seen them before...can't complaine, there are some Wii games that i would like to play and if they end up being cheap i am all for it.

rambi803297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I can't help but wonder if sony is pandering to publishers who had failed attempts on the wii and are looking for a new medium for distribution.

@Toopawned - guess you were quicker on the draw - lol

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