"Only bad Wii games sell badly" - Bloober

Capcom's "bitching" (and subsequent back-track) about poor sales of Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles was ill-aimed, WiiWare developer Bloober Team has told Eurogamer.

"With such a strong install base it's hard to believe that there's not enough people to appreciate mature, core content," said executive producer Marcin Kawa. "It's all about games and quality. I'm not surprised that another shooter on rails doesn't sell well. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that people expect something more than that..."

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TheHater3203d ago

Mad World is an amazing Wii game from what I heard. How did that game sold again? Oh right, it sold like crap.

ChickeyCantor3203d ago

You also missed the part where Gamers, not just from the Ps3/360 zone but also Wii owners, who said that they didn't think Madworld was that of a good game due the 6 hour "brawl" and repetition.

"From what you heard" right?

EvilTwin3203d ago

Actually, MadWorld has slowly, agonizingly made its way to about 400K lifetime sales. Considering its budget (an unsophisticated black-and-white 480i game), it's at least made a modest profit.

It also did well enough to make Platinum consider a sequel.
http://www.officialnintendo... were saying...what, again?

(Oh, and btw, the game wasn't that amazing.)

SpoonyRedMage3203d ago

You heard wrong, very wrong. Madworld is a big dissappointment.

It got good ratings solely because of the amoutn of blood and gore and the "lols, a hardcour game on the Wii!!1!!!!!!!"

Seriously, Rabbids Go Home got dismissed by the media as just another Rabbids game and it's a brilliant adventure/platformer from the minds that brought us Beyond Good and Evil.

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Smacktard3203d ago

Jeez, and here I was thinking that I was the only one who thought that MadWorld was too repetitive and short to be a worthwhile game. Sincerely regret paying full price for it, especially when two weeks after it was released, it got a price slash. Sigh.

Hisiru3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

I agree. I doubt The Conduit or Madworld would sell on HD consoles..

Now we should wait to see the sales for Monster Hunter 3 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom because these are the only games (from third party) that even HD owners would buy. MH3 and TvsC are the true test.

I am not including games that sold well (MW: Reflex, RE4, Muramasa etc)

mastiffchild3203d ago

Well, I don't know about profits on Madworld even with 400,000 sales as most of them will have, like mine, been way below RRP. I bought my copy for 12 sheets at the end of it's first week on sale in the UK!

Aaand, yes, while I'm not going to say I thought it was as bad as many here are doing I still have to agree that it's reviews(what for a Platinum game?Never!!?)were very generous. While it was gory and the blck and white was striking it also could be hard to see the action(for some) and got even worse below 480 EDTV and terrible on small screens.Yeah, it's too short and too one paced with little in the way of variety. In fact there's little to be had except the first few initial shocks, imo, yet had they broken th e gameplay up a little with some better set pieces , minigames with aims other than carnage and something to, idk, make you think a bit it COULD have been a great game-regardless of system but as an example of core games failing on the Wii it's bad one as word got round about it's lack of value(over everything else that's the biggest probblem with it)and it being very much a one trick pony.

Good games HAVE sunk without trace on the Wii in sales terms like on every platform ever made, however, and like many, many games on PSX,SNES, whatever you like to think of there's a few lost gems going missing for the Wii too. For Capcom:Zack and Wiki is, imo, their best purpose built Wii game yet, despite it's individuality and brilliantly playable puzzling adventures they failed to tell anyone it existed and it died in a sea of cheapness as unheralded games often do.

So, yeah, the guys got a point about bad games in general, and not just on the Wii and both Extraction and REDC suffered because of people getting onto the fact rail shooters are pants for value and were likely to miss EA's effort as most people who were once interested in a DS game for the Wii turned off even though they disguised the "rail" announcement with that "guided FP exprience" BS and we realised it wasn't going to be anything LIKE Dead Space(excellent game, imo) on PS360. Then they failed to advertise what was a great game at an extortionate price so it died a death immediately and EA, instead of admitting they made the wrong game, lied about it, failed to advertise and priced it as if it was some kind of value(decemnt for one play but why not just rent? do they want to have a tantrum purely because Wii owners AREN'T as thick as they like to imagine?). DC, on the other hand, has the proud distinction of being all what DS Extraction was AND arriving in th stead of what we were promised should the equally anaemic UC sell OK. Yes, you lied to us about making RE5 or similar for the Wii when we'd bought our copies of UC like good Resi fans but we weren't biting twice Capcom-maybe not just because you lied buyt because, in the main, your Wii support sucks.

They made an effort with MH3 for Japan as they know it's a money spinner for them online-but what else did Wii gamers get from them?REmakes, RE rail shooters, Okami port to follow RE4 port(which were great but no effort for Capcom)a good and ignored(by Capcom and thn by gamers)Z&W, No SF4(or any love fopr us on the franchise that was EVERYWHERE else this year-even though they said "if it has buttons it can play SF!" too!" and instead, though it's great prolly, Tats Vs Capcom which 99% of wii gamers have no idea about and, among other crap, the icing on the polished turd-CTYD! the only way to react to that support is with the crappy run on sentence above!

So, and it ISN'T rocket science, make some good games like the ones we all asked for and they will-like even the aging RE4 did as it was well done and well supported-sell as well , or nearly as well, as anywhere else. But, importantly, realise, Capcom, that we aren't dim, know when we've been lied to or conned but also can't read anyone's mind about upcoming releases so an ad or two for new IPs is, kind of, a must y'know? Seriously, I know not a lot of devs apart from Ninty and SE have cracked the Wii but Capcom haven't even tried, imo, and should either make us some games that we want or make more like Zack and Wiki in quality AND inform someone they made a good game, finally.

Capcom, bah!

hatchimatchi3203d ago

madworld is not an amazing game, not even close. It's not a horrible game but it's so mindless and boring that a purchase is a waste of money, at least to me it is and i rarely care if i blow $50 on a game that i don't quite enjoy.

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na-no-nai3203d ago

that was only a niche game. 4 or 5 hours of playtime and no re-playability. and it was very repetitive.
it sold a good amount for what it is. also the dev was talking about a sequel to it. so it did well enough for them

na-no-nai3203d ago

btw i have the game if you might insist that i dont
not a very bad game but not a very great game either.

hatchimatchi3203d ago

i think it's safe to say that the people who actually played madworld see it for what it is and the people who haven't played it are the ones praising it and saying it should be brought to the ps3/360.

I realize there are exceptions but the general consensus is that madworld is a very mediocre game.

EvilTwin3202d ago

Yeah, MadWorld was kinda like Mortal Kombat...

...if you were to subtract almost all of the challenging fighting, and replace it with a long string of maiming/fatalities.

Good art style. Good team for the commentators. Decent storyline. But it just wasn't that fun, IMO.

EvilTwin3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Y'know, I sympathize with Kawa...but he's only half right. Sometimes mediocre (to put it nicely) games sell really well. For instance:

But other times? Not so much. Capcom lucked out once with Umbrella Chronicles. They should've looked at the sales for RE rail shooters like Dead Aim and Survivor 2 before deciding to dip into that well again.

Sangria3203d ago

I think Resident Evil : Umbrella Chronicles sold well because people though Capcom were reiterating the greatness of Resident Evil 4 with a new episode. They probably didn't expect it was a rail shooter, with such disappointment it would explain why Darkside Chronicles has been shunned.

SpoonyRedMage3203d ago

They also said it was a test to see if we'd get future Resi games, a test we passed... so then they decided to give us another test.

With these publishers it's a case of:
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

It's like Ubisoft complaining that their shovelware isn't selling on the DS any more, they oversaturated the market with crap and consumers realised it.

mastiffchild3203d ago

Dead right Spoons. The way devs seem to think we'll take anything they throw at us just because we, or enough of us, played ball once is despicably arrogant and assumptuous, imo.

Capcom were out of line over the Resi rail shooters AND over the teases from high up over SF and RE5 Wii versions. Then, when we stop believing and supporting them due to this, constant pointless motion free REmakes(therefore with zero point unlike, say, the Prime trilogy from ninty and Retro), ports and cack like CTYD watered down til it was uunrecognisable from the DR on 360 and a host of other unfulfilled promises they say "they all bought PS3s!"-not our fault for making games noone wanted. Ever.

Devs want to keep getting away with the cheapest rubbish and as little effort as they can but shouldn't getr all uppity when they're found out! They should cut their losses and count their blessings they're still rolling in it from the cons they did pull off, ffs. Then start making and supporting some good games again.

Ninji3203d ago

Too bad they couldn't reproduce their Clover days this gen. Kind of like how Squaresoft started making flops when they became Square-Enix. Looks like the same thing is happening to Platinum Games now.

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