Gaming May Be In Danger

Josh Lovison, content manager for MediaPost writes: "Gaming may be in danger of becoming a bubble."
"We may be heading into a bubble. The Wii is having outstanding sales catering to a "casual" gaming audience by marketing an innovative idea. Unfortunately for the Wii, a console built around an innovative idea is only fun for so long. Eventually you need innovative games to sustain the life of that console, and I have yet to see any system sellers in the Wii's lineup that aren't banking on prior successes."

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closedxxx4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

I'm tired of these forboding articles and studies predicting the doom and gloom of the future of video games.
I wonder how many newpaper writers in the 1940s were predicting the untimely demise of Baseball...
The point is, all of this speculation doesn't add up to anything more than a waste of digital space.
It's hard enough to keep up with technology, let alone predict the future of a technology-driven industry.
It's ignorant to even try.

Odion4737d ago

I agree with it, sonner or later people are going to get bored of playing freaking Wii sports

ItsDubC4737d ago

I couldn't care less what a content manager has to say about the gaming industry.

sajj3164737d ago

with the article but I also think the Wii is only a 4 year investment. The intent is to get a quick fix. Its profiting from day one but I don't believe it has the long term sustainability. I see Nintendo's business model being to push out a console every 4 years and be far removed from the 7 to 10 year cycles that their competitors are overing. Prepare for the Wii 2 because it is coming. It only makes sense.

The only problem I have with the Wii is that it is once again catering to first party needs. The games that sell are first party. The games that use the Wiimote in more innovative ways is first party. It might change in the coming months and I think E3 will hopefully paint a brighter picture for Wii third party.

Maddens Raiders4737d ago

-- " "Gaming may be in danger of becoming a bubble." --

Well pal, My bubbles are in danger of not being bubbles here @ N4G.

This article is bush-league. Get outta here.

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