Lens of Truth: Darksiders Comparison

Lens of Truth writes, "The holidays around here were hectic as you might have expected, but no worries, we're all fully rested and ready to rock the New Year. What better way than to bring you a post-apocalyptic Head2Head which allows you to take peace from the earth and make men kill each other? And you kill with a huge sword. Yea! So which version should you use to wreak divine havoc on the world? Keep reading to find out."

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Darkeyes3201d ago

PS3 won wow.... Good to see multi-plats perform better... Sadly I don't have a dime to spend on this game... Probably will buy it when the price comes down. Hopefully the beyontta devs see this and die in shame lol.

jaidek3201d ago

Yeah, they really polished this game on the PS3. It will be interesting to see how well the patch for the Xbox 360 improves performance. Anyone know if that patch has been made live?

Pennywise3201d ago

Just because you cant afford it right now, dont forget about it. It was a really good game.

bacon133201d ago

Yea a good buy all around. The PS3 version does look and perform much better than the 360 version. A very fun and satisfying game though.

lokiroo4203201d ago

So why did they do this comparison when the performance issues couldnt be compared? it couldnt wait, or did they just want to gloss over this one?

Darkstorn3201d ago

PS3 version has more jaggies, but the 360 version's screen tearing looks serious. Ultimately, the PS3 version comes out on top.

IdleLeeSiuLung3201d ago

The Xbox 360 is getting a patch for the screen tearing issue:

NateCole3201d ago

This game is better than Byonetta. Darksiders is more serious which is why i like it more.

Bigpappy3201d ago

I guess I knew deep inside that there is always something for fanboy to fight about. I just couldn't tell from the article that there was going to be a fight. Enjoy yourselves kids. Thats what you came here to do, isn't it?

Maddens Raiders3201d ago

this makes me even more anxious to see what Dice has done with BFBC:2 since the PS3 was the beta test platform.

FACTUAL evidence3200d ago

I cannot believe my eyes...I'm telling you, ps3 is the sh!7...


reviewers like IGN didnt took the time to write two separate reviews like they did for BAYONETTA, maybe if this looked better on the 360 they would had took the time. Anyways in general the games that are really better on the PS3 dint get the same treatement from the media as the ones who look better on the 360. Its really a shame that Burnout Paradise, AC2, Batman AA, Oblivion, Sabotage, Alone in the Dark, Darksector,Mirrors Edge, Overlord 1 and 2, Soul Calibur 4, Tekken 6, this game and a few others didnt get a higher score from media reviews but they gave better and put emphasis on the diferences in Bayonetta...well thats the media!!!!! Thats why I preffer trying the games myself.


aaron58293200d ago

LoT !

Multiplatforms always looks better on 360... biased !!!!!


iceman063200d ago

I can't wait either...that game is gonna be a beast. However, I don't think that the PS3 is the lead console of development for BF:BC2. PS3 net code has to be written separately for each online game. Unlike the Xbox 360...which has a dedicated net code through Live. So, the beta testing was just a way to make sure that the PS3 doesn't suffer the same multiplat hell that it usually does when the game is released. Nonetheless, I can't wait.

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Ninji3201d ago

No need for a comparison as it's common sense.

saraphina0173201d ago

Although I am a PS3 girl, myself, I disagree that the comparison is unnecessary. I think the comparison is needed if we are going to show the die-hard XBOX people out there that PS3 is superior.

AliTheBrit193201d ago

And what exactly makes it superior?

dustgavin3201d ago

"Performance: Unfortunately, we weren’t able to run our analysis on this game, but rest assure that the performance issues between these two version can easily be seen with the naked eye. Both games had their share of frame rate drops and screen tearing, but the Xbox 360 just had more problems. In some areas, the Xbox 360 version even seem to hiccup and pause for a millisecond, which directly affected game-play. This hiccup was no stranger to us; we’ve seen this problem in another game we compared. The solution was to defrag our Xbox 360 hard drive and that fixed our problem with the previous game; this strategy did not work with Darksiders. Even after defragging the Xbox 360 hard drive and rebooting, the system the hiccups returned on the Xbox 360 version.
Furthermore, the Xbox 360 version screen tore about two times more than the Playstation 3. This was especially a problem when climbing up walls or in the heat of battle. As stated above, the Playstation 3 had its share of performance issues, but they were less prevalent and, most importantly, didn’t affect game-play as much."

Read before you reply.

evildeli3201d ago

I can't see how the patch can fix the framerate outside of a v-sync lock.

Ju3201d ago

I can't imagine, they just "forgot" to lock it to the vsync (that would probably "the easy fix"). But they can change the way they implement the backbuffers. Either sync with frame skip or just optimizing render performance. Both could solve the problem.

happy_gilmore3201d ago

jump out, bots. superior games on the superior console. ps3 FTW

saraphina0173201d ago

I hope so. Darksiders is a much more interesting concept and story.

AliTheBrit193201d ago

Lmao no, and did you even look at the article? its better on the 360 :)

Pennywise3201d ago

Well, Bayonetta was on the shelf and Darksiders was not when I checked it out.

I am playing bayonetta now, but I just am not feeling it like I was Darksiders. I hope Darksiders wins the sales battle between the two just for how the PS3 version of Bayonetta turned out.

talltony3201d ago

Read the freakin article. The games looked almost identical but the 360 version has more performance issues.

AssassinHD3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Graphics: Tie
Performance: PS3
Loading: Tie
Outcome: PS3

the Xbox 360 did not win a single category.

Edited to be less combative.

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Bazookajoe_833201d ago

It´s really good, it´s zelda gone bloody.

Pennywise3201d ago

I loved the game. Beat it, but I really don't get the zelda comparisons.

Shadowman and GOW are amongst some games I would group it with...

krisq3201d ago

I did get Legacy of Kain/ Soul Reaver vibe from Darksiders. Voice acting, cutscenes and direction. All very similiar IMO. Bottom line is, don't miss it. It's a fantastic game!

Pennywise3201d ago

krisq - LoK and SoulReaver for sure... Not saying much, but DS is my favorite game so far of 2010... lol

Mr_Bun3201d ago

It reminded me of Soul Reaver as well....Amazing game, just getting ready to go back for seconds!

topdawg1223201d ago

How could you not see the Zelda comparisons? The heart containers (skull life containers), Dungeons, hook shot/ boomerang, horseriding, backtracking on world map, z targeting, etc. Lots of comparisons to Zelda OOT, and it pulls it off great. One of the best games this gen imo.

krisq3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Atmosphere in Darkisiders is nowhere near to that of Zelda. Besides obviously ripped off gameplay mechanics there is no comparison. By overall feeling, LoK/ Soul Reaver is the closest.

Pillage053200d ago

I would think the hook-shot and boomerang alone would be enough for most to think "that sounds awfully familiar"

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