Sony: MAG will make you buy a PS3

CVG: Platform holder says 256-player FPS will be 'tipping point' for new console purchasers

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captain-obvious3198d ago

its good Sony
but i don't think its that good

its good seeing them having faith in their game

TooTall193198d ago

If Resistance and KILLZONE haven't convinced them that they need a ps3, I don't see why MAG would. They must have made some serious improvements to the game since I have last played it.

davekaos3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

yeh i dont think it will pull millions in although i do believe it will grab some pc gamers, im not sure there are any fps with this amount of people playing at once i could be wrong though??
Either way day 1 purchase for me

ToastyMcNibbles3198d ago

i have to say i wasn't really digging mag during the first beta i played but after this recent beta i cant wait to pick it up.. its really grown on me and i actually have a friend who only owns an xbox who wants to buy a ps3 to play mag.. him and i played the beta all night last saturday

now i know he wont fully go out day 1 and buy a ps3 with mag but the fact that he mentioned it kind of tells me that theres gotta be gamers out there who really will buy both.. the big sell here is 256 players and if sony advertises that heavily there will be people who will say whaaat!? 256 players online!? and their interest will grow just because of that magical number but then again im pointing the obvious here

JANF3198d ago

"Sony: MAG will make you buy a PS3"


TooTall193198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

That means I already have a PC. I can play several games, even shooters, that have a larger scale than MAG. Now why would I want to throw down over $340 for something similar to what I can already play? MAG is groundbreaking for consoles, but not video games since PC games have been doing large scale FPS battles for years. (PlanetSide comes to mind)

@ ToastMan- yeah I can definitely see your scenario and that's a good thing, but how many times will that happen is what I'm asking. Will it happen more than it did with other big exclusives? If I showed GOW3 off to friends that would make them want a ps3 more than MAG would.

darx3198d ago

One of the reasons I bought mine. But then I played the the beta after plaing the BF:BC2 beta and walked away disappointed. I think I will hold out till BF:BC2.

I will try a few more times and maybe it will grow one me. Will see.

BadboyCivic3603198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Sorry Sony but Uncharted 2 made me buy 1

Edit:GOW3 and GT5 is enough reason

deadreckoning6663198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

LOL, wow. I own a PS3 and I have ZERO interest in M.A.G. I would buy Bad Company 2 though. If Killzone 2 didn't convince the naysayers..why would M.A.G(a game that didn't even have a 3rd of the hype that KZ2 had)?

M.A.G, to me, is the definition of generic shooters. Its simply Sony making a showcase of its power and nothing more. Is it a good game? Yea, but I personally believe KZ2, Warhawk, and Bad Company 2 are better MP gamers on the PS3. Btw, keep ur eyes peeled for Starhawk..thats gunna be a monster!

captain-obvious3198d ago

and by the way
i am getting this game day one

solidt123198d ago

Killzone 2 is my favorite shooter right now that I am playing. I played Modern Warfare 2 for a month then went back to KZ2 and then I realized just how underrated the game is. I truly believe that it is the best Shooter, but it just lacks a few features that Modern Warfare 2 has. I hope they get those things right with Killzone 3 then no one will have a reason to complain.

Sircolby453198d ago

Im with most of you guys above. MAG is not going to move a lot of consoles. If BF:BC2 was an exclusive then that game would move consoles. Personally I thought the first game was severely under-hyped.

Nothing is going to make me buy a console because I already have all 4 :).(Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC) The Wii is not feeling very much love though. Sorry little bugger.

ToastyMcNibbles3198d ago

and i dont doubt that for a second TooTall.. personally i dont see MAG being THE system seller for people but just going off of my experience with my friend it might sell systems but theres no denying that the true sellers are God Of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5

raztad3198d ago


You dont know about MAG cause you didnt even want to try it.

Sony just mean there will be gamers interested in MAG because MAG offers something you cant find anywhere else. Huge scale, teamwork, huge number of players. And to think we only have tried a limited beta with some few maps. Eagerly awaiting the full release, preordered.

Mike134nl3198d ago

Games like MAG won't sell noticeable more ps3's,
but games like God of War will.

jwatt3198d ago

Well I really hope it does but after playing both MAG betas I don't even know if I will rent the game. I actually think Mag is the weakest link in terms of Sony exclusives but I hope I'm wrong.

creatchee3198d ago

Agreed. I already own a PS3 and I didn't really want to play it even BEFORE the beta. After the beta, I'm definitely not picking it up.

There is definitely an appeal here for some people who like the idea of a huge game, granted. But I think that MAG is going to be more of a niche experience than a widespread one.

pixelsword3198d ago

I'm sorry, I guess I'm not very knowledgeable about video games on the PC like I thought I was, but can you tell me what Shooter on the PC has more than 256 people playing at the same time and has larger stages?

I'm not doubting you, I just never heart of it I guess.

TheDeadMetalhead3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

The Socom/Warhawk/Killzone fans will really like it.

bacon133198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Uncharted 2, GoW 3, Heavy Rain, FF13, GT5 and KZ3(when they debut) made me get a PS3, not MAG. Played the beta and didn't care for it much. To those that like the style and presentation, enjoy.

NateCole3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Its made by Zipper. I have no doubt it will move alot of consoles from the huge and passionate SOCOM fanbase.

TooTall193198d ago

In my PC comment I already told you the name of the game, but since you asked so nicely I will tell you again. SOE's PlanetSide was released in May 2003. 399 players on a single planet/continent. There are tons of 64 player games on PC as well.

iistuii3198d ago

If you play MAG it'll put you off the PS3. if that was an xbox game you'd all be slaughtering it.

ryuzu3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )


Planetside. That bears more resemblance to an MMO than a modern FPS - it wasn't great when it was released and, at 6 years old certainly doesn't stand up today. As for *current* PC Games that support MAG numbers - there aren't that many actually. And the ones there are suffer from the same thing - they're so disorganised no one really bothers with them.

Really getting hung up on 256 players isn't a great idea - PC games with those numbers aren't better than ones with less - otherwise it'd be an easy comparison.

However, what MAG does that is good (and no one has suceeded on PC yet) is make it possible for 256 people to play and for each person to be able to understand their role and what is happening around them without much effort.

MAG makes that part pretty straightforward. The UI is a bit difficult to understand in the first hour or two, but after that, the flow of the battle even with 256 people is pretty clear.

While things could still be better, as of now MAG has done the best job I've seen of providing large scale coordinated battles in a game which might also be "popular" (i.e. not a specialist tactical game).

Compare that to something like ARMA 2 - yeah I can play as part of massive group - but for the most part, if someone doesn't actively step up and play the leader, then the whole thing degenerates into lone wolfing on a massive scale. For that you may as well play R6 or Ghost Recon.


Bigpappy3198d ago

I guess I will have to see, when Mag is released, if it makes me buy a PS3. I had no intention of getting a PS3 to play mag. But since Sony is so cofident, I don't think my decission matters anymoe. /s

travelguy2k3198d ago

bought a PS3 2 days after watching me play the MAG beta last week.

He was choked that the beta was over before he got to download it.

RememberThe3573198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

If you had no intention then they are not talking about you. How about you read first.

Let me make it simple for you. If you were thinking about buying a PS3, then MAG will be the "tipping point" to make you actually go out an buy it. You obviously have no interest in the PS3 other than talking sh*t, so they were not referring to you.

on topic: I didn't like MAG when I first got into it. But after I got the sensitivity right, it got really fun. I will probably pick this game up.

otherZinc3197d ago

How the hell is an army game with no Campaign going to make people buy a PS3?

ThanatosDMC3197d ago

^Actually for Warhawk fans MAG isnt something that will interest them since it severely lacks vehicles. So far in the beta you can only use APC with an insane amount of life/armor. Sure there are turrets and what not but they're not vehicles.

BF2 players would like it but Bad Company 2 is just right around the corner.

starchild3197d ago

People think about this issue the wrong way. Every game, no matter how obscure, has somebody out there that is a big fan and will buy a console for. Every game makes people buy a console, the only question is how many. I don't think MAG will make that many people want to buy a PS3.

calis3197d ago

"I guess I will have to see, when Mag is released, if it makes me buy a PS3. I had no intention of getting a PS3 to play mag. But since Sony is so cofident, I don't think my decission matters anymoe. /s"

or spelling apparently..

cLiCK_sLiCK93197d ago

Everyone doubting MAG should play DOMINATION before giving your opinion on this game. Sabotage is ok, but MAG truly stands out on domination. If you only played Sabotage, you really don't know how fun MAG can be. I havent this much fun since the Warhawk days...

insomnium3197d ago

The PS3 really is pushing the boundaries all over the place. Looks like crazy-Ken wasn't THAT crazy afterall.

Instead of seeing what is being done with MAG people just decide to downplay it by calling it a generic shooter and making remarks about the graphics which aren't at the level of KZ2. I wonder why this is.

I'm not sure if I'll buy MAG in day 1 but I'm surely going to give it a proper try. I've played the beta so I know the game is not sh*t so there really is no way of getting too dissapointed if MAG doesn't deliver.

Consoldtobots3197d ago

I for one agree that it all comes down to people's opinions and taste.
That being said my son hasn't touched his 360 since he got into the MAG beta and started ranking up in Killzone2 multiplayer. This is a kid I couldn't bribe to pick up KZ2 a few months earlier.

Which actually makes a good observation. I think the "360 effect" has worn off on him and now see's the quality difference in PS3 games.

Rob Hornecker3197d ago

I will admit ,I fall into the MAG hype when I saw the early previews at the E3 2 years ago and bought a PS3 just to play MAG,but after playing the beta over the past 5 months I must say that i'm NOT impressed with it.

With mags less then stellar graphics and poor game play im now feeling like I wasted money on a ps3. There is much better games out there now and in the future with BF/BC2.

Although I have had mag on pre-order and still plan to get it ,I doubt that I will be playing it much!

pixelsword3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Thanks for the kind reply; I actually heard about PlanetSide, but I did not know about the number of players.

Is PlanetSide any good, and how would you compare it to MAG in terms of similarities/differences?

And this is for everyone:

Would you be stoked if Aliens Vs Predator had 256 players with a 70/20/10 split between aliens/humans/predators?

Just putting that last one out there. :D

Arnon3197d ago

I bought my PS3 for Killzone 2. Was it worth it just for that game? Meh... it was worth it for Demon's Souls, Little Big Planet, Katamari Forever, and a few others.

That being said. I have absolutely no interest in M.A.G..

Naucious3197d ago

I feel the title of this article is a lil outspoken, glad that they have faith but this is a fresh and new IP, it has to build a reputation first before it can be known right now no one knows if its good or not till the game drops, but one game that will make people buy a PS3 is GOW3 or GT5 man cant wait....

mal_tez923197d ago

But then I popped Uncharted back in...

MAG is really awful (judging by the beta), the shooting gameplay is some of the worst I have seen, even worse than MW2. It's oversimplified and targeted at noobs. We need more skillful shooters like Killzone.

phalanx_mark3197d ago

What makes or break MAG is people using headsets and organising into clans. as opposed to 256 strangers lonewolfing it.
this eurogamer write up sums it perfectly
"If everyone takes it seriously and performs properly, it's conceivable that MAG could revolutionise online console FPS play"

TooTall193197d ago

That AvP would be sweet. I'm not saying PlanetSide is better than MAG or anything like that. Similarities of PS and MAG- Very large scale, vehicles, 3 factions battling for control of areas, character leveling (which has become a standard in current fps). Differences- PS is futuristic and has more RPG elements. Giant Bomb has a really good bio of PlanetSide if you would like to know more.

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DEADEND3198d ago

There's no doubt in my mind that this game will be great, it may not appeal to some out there but the people who buy the game will love it. I know with time the community behind it will grow and so will the franchise itself just like Socom.

deadreckoning6663198d ago

"You dont know about MAG cause you didnt even want to try it."

Yep, I never tried but I don't need to try M.A.G to know that the masses won't gravitate to it. The same way you don't have to play Heavy Rain or LBP to know that its not gunna be a HUGE seller.

Persistantthug3198d ago

deadreckoning666 said,
"Yep, I never tried but I don't need to try M.A.G to know that the masses won't gravitate to it. The same way you don't have to play Heavy Rain or LBP to know that its not gunna be a HUGE seller."


KnightOfAlbion3197d ago

It would be funny if he caused you confusion in a Pokémon kind of way!

happy_gilmore3198d ago

mag is really boring. it's a sniper campfest. at least, it's not as laggy nad glitchy as mw2.

uncharted 2's MP is the best online game right now.

Orange3198d ago

really? that would explain my terrible k/d ratio. i was too busy rushing to point A or point B or point C to camp.

chidori6663198d ago

"it's a sniper campfest. "

facepalm.. in this game is impossible campers.

happy_gilmore3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

256 player seems great and all but it's boring because MAG is just a basic generic FPS.

stick to what you know, zipper. look at bungie, look at how they create the same POS and failo fanboys think it's revolutionary.

64-player socom game with online co-op and a full single player campaign could have been more than enough.

i'll just wait for starhawk, then.

darkmurder3198d ago

Mag wants to make me sell my PS3

iron_sheik3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

the game is fun and super fun
boring=halo reach and halo games...bad graphics with even 16 player online

@darkmurder/murderdolls/power ofgreen

halo 3 makes everyone sell his crap box 360 cuz no game can look as bad as halo 3.
also 256 player game isnt possible on your junk box 360. how can you sell ur ps3 when u dont even have one.
sell that lame junk box 360and enjoy 256 player MAG

arsenal553198d ago

ugh... well i love the game but i dont think its a system seller. im buying it day 1 though. SVERRRRRRRRRRRR!


Why would they want to do another socom game when they can do MAG ? They fkn love challenges and to those who only played it for a second please don't comment . You sound fkn retarded . You sound like a bot right now . All i want is the same game very year . I don't like new shlt. Come on dude be real . Give me 20 new ips anyday compared to 1 game every year .

3198d ago
ChrisW3197d ago

What?!? I already have a PS3! Sony wants me to go out and buy another one? Just to play MAG? I don't get it!

Ooooohhh... Duh! For those who have a 360! Hahaha! My bad. Nothing to see here folks. Please stop staring at me and move along!!!

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BeachBar693198d ago

Not why I would buy a ps3, but a game I think I need to get. PmC's are always great.

Shane Kim3198d ago

If they just added mouse and keyboard support to this game I would rush out and buy it ASAP.

GamerPS3603198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

that's my thing as well. I can't stand DS3 for FPS games. 360 controller is much better for FPS but nothing replace M/K experience for me. They don't even come close. I am interested on this game but controller throws me off. I bought split-fish controller but it doesn't even work except COD4,5 and 6. It's very sluggish.

kneon3198d ago

get a frag FX, it's half of what you want, the left half of a dualshock for movement and a mouse for aiming.

Pricey3198d ago

I want that too but it would put dual shock players at a disadvantage.