New Alan Wake Screenshots Revealed

Alan Wake is a Psychological Action-Thriller from Remedy, the renowned developers of the successful Max Payne series. In this dynamic new title exclusively for Xbox 360, players assume the role of Alan Wake, a best-selling suspense author suffering from writer's block, who escapes to a small town only to experience the mysterious disappearance of his fiancée.

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Bot Smasha3297d ago

In fairness it actually doesn,t look too far off some ps3 launch games.

kevco333297d ago

I'm sorry, but how is that fair?!

I'm no great supporter of Alan Wake, but the Xbox 360 surpassed the PS3's launch titles years ago.

-MD-3297d ago

He's a troll, a bad one.

Aquarius3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

kevco33 show me a game that looks like Heavenly Sword on 360 which was dubbed the 5-hour game by 360 psychiatrics.

These screenshots look just as cheap and shlt as crackdown 2.
...and people said inFamous looked like a PS2 game.

peterdawa3297d ago

smasha i disagree with you. Those shots look good. However id like to see it maintain that graphical fidelity on a propoer hd tv.

Obama3297d ago

The graphic is nothing impressive, but I wouldn't call it ugly. But if this is the game that defines 360, then the 360 really has been maxed out.

Trebius3297d ago

The game is never going to show anything in the background, which gives it room to improve what it DOES show, which is always just 1 or 2 people on screen.

The game will undoubtedly be good, but to say its graphics are amazing is bs lol.

Raf1k13297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

That's pretty unfair as this is one of the best looking games on 360 and a damn site better than Crackdown.

It may not be as technically or visually impressive as the latest PS3 exclusive but give it some credit at least.

edit: I seem to have stumbled into the open zone without noticing lol.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3297d ago

Poor jealous droids had all their hopes smashed when they found out they couldn't play it on "teh PC" which is actually another MS platform. You can smell their jealousy because its the same dorids that show up in Alan Wake news over and over for the past 4yrs.

iron_sheik3297d ago

and they wanted to beat ps3 games with this junk

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bpac1234567893297d ago

Lookin really good. Alan Wake has an excellent lighting system.

GVON3297d ago

They are old.

It looks good,I would like less fog though,or new screens without it,full daytime scenes.I can understand why it's there from an atmospheric and technical reason,but it would be nice if we could see environmental shots like this again.


mabey it's just me but the latest screens dont do the engine any justice,hopefully as it nears we'll some similarly updated screens or vids.

GVON3297d ago

I'm surprised you guys aren't interested in them,I always thought it was a key aspect of the game.isn't he supposed to only trip out at night?unless they changed it and went old school res evil and the game takes place over one night,but I doubt that's happened.

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Fishy Fingers3297d ago

Plenty available online, just google or check gametrailers. Your sat at a PC.


Kinda of reminds me of like a recent Silent Hill meets Max Payne or something. The animations are gorgeous too, like when he ducks and tries to avoid things. It looks pretty sweet.

kevco333297d ago

Or, of course, you could just try reading the article you commented on...

ThaGeNeCySt3297d ago

weren't these just posted the other day on gamepro? lol

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