Sony responds to Heavy Rain US box art hate

Yesterday, Sony revealed the US box art for Heavy Rain, and compared to the European package, it was awful. Fortunately, enough people thought so for Sony to take notice, and SCEA has responded to the hate with a compromise. It will offer up a printable version of the UK box so that fans can use that one instead.

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MetalGearRising3204d ago

What's the point of going through all this re-print Sony everyone knows Heavy Rain isn't gonna sell and won't make up the cost of printable version. Save the $$$ for a rainy day Sony that's my advice.

NateNater3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Dude everything you say in every single one of your comments is just terrible. How can you live your life with so much negativity?

Sony does this because they are a company that actually cares about what their consumers want. That's why they would go through all of this trouble, so that their fans are satisfied.

@ 1.2
Some people own glossy photo paper that could easily be used for the printable cover. That's what I'll be using when I print mine.

OGharryjoysticks3204d ago

The reality is that everybody is going to buy it , but nobody is going to print the alternate cover on the cheap home printer and actually use it....seriously, the paper used on the actual covers is better quality than Office Max paper, the graphics are double sided to show through the clear case when the case is open, and even if somebody did have a kick ass printer and really good paper it's still a cheese ball solution.

Stick with the regular version

Blackcanary3204d ago

Did it ever cross ur mind that people that complained are the onse that want to buy the game which mean it is going to sell.

Act ur bloody age not ur shoe size and use that dam brain of ur's and stop the stupidity.

Your just making ur self look like childish brat.

Your comment is full of stupidity and fail.

SSCOOLCHEA3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

If you don't respond to this idiot , just like anything else thay go away ...Everytime this idiot post just ignored it . Do not feed him and he will DIE

box art ????? This has got to be the most retarded generation of kids for gaming .

Bodyboarder_VGamer3204d ago

I can't believe that this guy's hating on Sony because they care about their fanbase and listen to us. This is simply unbelievable... Bots have been brainwashed by MS, literally.

gtamike1233204d ago

Go play your multi platform PC games, Xbot.

Anyway it's nice Sony cares unlike other companies that rush consoles.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Bet you wanted to call yourself - 'MetalGearSolid4' ;-D
i.e NO MGS4 for xBox 360...BAD LUCK...Your stuck with 'MetalGearRising' AWW...

+ I bet you wanted that Naked Man off the Game on the cover your going to get!!! ;-D

The Killer3204d ago

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KingKiff3203d ago

my god MGR your are the biggest looser ever

ChrisW3203d ago

Except it's going to sell very well!!!

Seriously, why change it? Why cave into demands all the time? Just because we got our way with getting rid of the boomerang controller and then we got our way with the return of rumbled feedback, doesn't mean that we should get our way with simple box art!

Personally, I find it fitting with the storyline. So I for one say, leave it the way it is! And change UK's to the Origami box art!!!

DigitalHorror813203d ago

I really feel for you, Rising. It must be terrible to wake up every morning with so much hatred in your being. Every post you hit the enter key with makes people shake their heads in disbelief. Know that you're not hurting anyone's feelings, you're not Mr. Dream Crusher, you're just a sad, pathetic person that no one wants to be around. So the next time you feel obligated to spin one of your delightful yarns, pour yourself a tall glass of STFU.

Please and thanks.

Lykon3203d ago

I've never pre ordered a game ever, but I have this one. Am excited about it and I'm towards the casual end of the hardcore gamer scale. I love a good single player experience more than running around on the same maps shooting people on line. I'm going to download farenhiet on the pc to play first too. apparently if you download farenhiet from the dev website, it will run on vista. I do love a good original adventure game. It's so exciting.

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NateNater3204d ago

Its pretty cool that Sony care enough to do something like this for their fans. Thanks for caring Sony :)

omni_atlas3204d ago

<------- Same thing happened to ICO (Profile pic is the European one which rocks).

v1c1ous3204d ago

with the wii version of okami

Parapraxis3204d ago

GTFO out with the 'hate" Destructiod, I was one of the people asking for the EU optional boxart, and it was not because I "hated" the NA one, it was because I preferred the EU one.
I also prefer Hawaiian pizza over combination pizzas, but that doesn't mean I "hate" combination pizzas.
Destructiod as usual fails by exagerrating EVERYTHING.

hay3204d ago

@v1c1ous: With the IGN logo? Heheh, that was priceless.

MovieScouse0073204d ago

Since when was ownership of a game determined by the box art?
I wouldn't care if the game was sold in a plain white sleeve as long as THE GAME was good!
How unbelievable petty, stupid, moronic and childish it is to complain about box art!!!!!!

Darkstorn3204d ago

The European art is considerably better, but the U.S. boxart is no slouch either. Even so, they should change it if given the chance.

OpenGL3204d ago

It would be even cooler if we could just get the European box art instead. The game is releasing in about a month though, so it is possible they have already started or even finished printing the inserts.

Ju3204d ago

Even better. I just will get the European version. LOL

ceedubya93204d ago

But, I don't mind the American box art at all. I think it is OK. I'm more worried about people actually buying the game and much less about what the box art looks like. Anyway, getting closer to release. This is one stacked quarter for games.

terrorofdeath3204d ago

Yes, its all about the game thats inside the box, BUT it's always nice to look at a box with good boxart and say: "what an epic game"

Prototype3204d ago

I remember Metal Gear Solid having just plain text in a white background, yet one of the best games played. Then there's Bayonetta...

Seriously Box Art is like a book cover, judging it is like playing the lottery...

Rockox3204d ago

The US box art reminds me of all the lousy movie posters that have come out in the last handful of years. Rather than create something artful that compliments the movie, it usually boils down to "Let's smack together an ugly collage of all the bankable stars! THAT'll get asses in the seats!"

The European box art is gorgeous, in my opinion.

Dir_en_grey3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Box art is important for people who don't know anything about the game.

For people that know nothing about this game, it's likely that more people will get attracted by CG characters and actually pick up the box to look at it when they walk by it in stores. As opposed to if it's just an origami, people that don't go to news sites or browse the web on game info would have no idea that there is an "origami killer" in the game, and the only thing will attract them to pick up the box is either the Origami or the big rated 18 sign.

Amongst those that pick up the box based on box art, i think more will be interested in buying if they picked up the box based on their interest in the CG characters, versus if they are interested in origami and find out on the back of the box that it is not an rated 18 paper folding game. =)

Anyway for people who were going to buy the game anyway, you get both box arts so nothing beats that. Who the hell hated the US box art anyway? Destructoid is just trying to stir up some sh!t so they can get more hits.

mfwahwah3204d ago


I'm passionate about video games. I enjoy and respect ALL facets of the industry.

-Game manuals
-Box art
-The game itself (controls, mechanics, graphics, sound, dialogue, pacing, immersion, polish, etc.)
-et ****ing cetera

I appreciate all things video game. I think it's childish to condescend as if YOU hold some sort of weight in the world of opinions, where in fact you are an equal to me and every one here. You can either choose to respect and understand a different perspective, or you can mark it off as "It's not how I think so it's wrong and stupid." I can see you're obviously of the latter. Please, try to understand and not immediately jump to pretentiousness.

With that said, the US box art does not do justice for Heavy Rain, in my opinion (as well as enough people for SONY to take notice). Heavy Rain is a stepping stone in the progression in video games; the US box art, though, makes it look like a generic, cheap, CSI-rip off. That, it most certainly is not.

thesummerofgeorge3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Perhaps they don't give us enough credit here in NA, and think we need something more in your face and self explanatory. But either way, they're both good, and more importantly the game looks amazing, so I won't lose a moments sleep over it. I just hope this game sells like crazy so we can see more games like it, and more by QD.

EDIT: @mfwahwah Although I don't necessarily dislike it to the same degree you do, I do agree that the US box art doesn't match the tone of the game at all. The game is truly a work of art, and the cover is generic and unfitting.

NateCole3204d ago

@MovieScouse007 : We are talking about PS fans here. Most of them like art. Me included. I travel alot and i always seem to buy games from PAL region because their art is generally always better. However the side caption art is normally better for NA.

Well at least this is one thing EU PS fans have lol!.

menoyou3203d ago

Yes, it is indeed pretty amazing that Sony would even respond much less try to rectify the problem. This says a lot about Sony as a game company, they really do love their gamers.

Immortal Kaim3203d ago

Now if only PAL regions could get the "proper" boxart for FFXIII, I hate that we now have the American one, it ruins my collection :)

FACTUAL evidence3203d ago

Nice that Sony listened. But i honestly like the way the Anerican boxart looks. Just take away all the people it would be perfect. Yeah,if only SE would listen to us like that, and let America have FF13 jap boxart.

travelguy2k3203d ago

Never buy a game because of its box art.

Never NOT buy a game because of its box art.

I personally don't get it. Playstation fans (and i am one) are too picky.

evilmonkey5013203d ago

Why have different box art to begin with? Change the language if necessary, but give everyone the same art. Do we really need to make 3 different box arts? seriously sounds like a waste of time and money to me. I highly doubt the devs were like: we like this art better, the Americans can have the crappy rough draft art. I mean c'mon, this is so stupid.

SoX FireBlade3203d ago

never cared about the cover ;s

All that matters is the game itself :)

mega BIG time3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Chocolate Rain

theunknown3203d ago

grey: The direction is not the issue, it's the execution. THe US cover is simply really lazy work/attempting to appeal to the lowest demographic. If they tired figuring out how to have the college appear unique then the usual generic sh*t, we wouldn't be complaining.

iceman063203d ago

The change in box art is a direct correlation to marketing in different regions of the world. There are certain cultural things that companies have to pay attention know...the do's and do not's. Living in 4 different countries over the course of my life. I have seen some things that, to an American born person, seems really strange. However, there is NO PROBLEM in that country.
I actually believe that marketing in the US is lowered to the least common denominator simply because of the widely held opinion that Americans are unsophisticated. Therefore, we can't relate to something that is artistic. If you are American, just turn on the TV and watch commercials. When is the last one that you could say was "artsy"? Now if you were to go to Italy, France, Germany, or even Greece, you would see a commercial or two that was aimed at someone with a palette and eye for art. Then, there is Japan...where commercials can start out artsy...and drift to the totally insane!*LOL*

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Myst3204d ago

Wow that's pretty awesome :). Using the European one then.

Phish3204d ago

As long as the game is good, I don't care what the box looks like.

MovieScouse0073204d ago

Bubbles for you sir! Phish!

Ares84PS33204d ago

Also...who the hell cares??? I will be playing the game not the boxart. People need to sort out their priorities. Look at some box art from the 80's and than complain.

3204d ago
TheDeadMetalhead3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I don't care what the box looks like. It's the same game as the EU version.

@ "Look at some box art from the 80's and than complain."

mfwahwah3204d ago

I won't say why it looks cheap.

As for my priorities? Box art gets a 2-3 / 10. Very very low by my scale. Now, does me sharing my opinion in a relevant article mean it's the absolute most important thing in my life? Of course not, don't be ridiculous.

Ares84PS33204d ago

No, I never said that you shouldn't share your opinion here at all. What I was simply trying to say is that a games box art shouldn't matter that much to people since it is not what is important to a real gamer. Unless of course you want to put it up on a pedestal with lights aimed at it. I do not agree with these people who complain about the boxart especial since none of us have any stake in this game.

I know that a box art should look good so that in the large amount of games on the shelves in video game stores it should stand out. Maybe this one will since apparently people find it so ugly compared to other cover mission accomplished it is noticeable above all else.

mfwahwah3204d ago

Woah, why shouldn't it matter to a "real gamer?"

I've mentioned in a different post that I have a passion for video games. Box art, music, manuals, games, everything as a collective entity.

I keep the box of whatever game I'm playing right by my PS3. I can see Demon's Souls and Chrono Cross right now. This means I spend quite a lot of time looking at the art, and I do feel that it should have some quality. Heavy Rain's US box art looks like a generic, lame ass CSI DVD cover. That doesn't really represent the game as well as it could, as I see it.

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