What the Xbox 720 Needs to Conquer the World

From the feature editorial:

"Recently I wrote that the Xbox 360 seems to be a daunting console that really stands the chance of proving itself, at least for the time being, as future-proof. However, this doesn't mean that eventually, Microsoft is going to decide that a new console is just what the gaming industry needs. When they finally do get around to it, one can only hope that they do what they can to once again get feedback from the gaming community as a whole. After all, no gamer likes to be told what they want and here's hoping Microsoft takes the cues to create yet another relatively kick ass console in the Xbox 720. Below is a list of the things I think the Xbox 720 must include in it's feature-set from day one, to be successful in the video games industry."

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UltimaEnder3203d ago

Hopefully the Xbox 360 will last long into the next couple years; however if the 720 includes the features on this list the PS4 won't stand a chance at ever catching up....MS will own the next-gen market permanently....nice article!

3203d ago
Zeal0t3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

You sir, made my day! Thank you :D

UnwanteDreamz3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

"MS will own the next-gen market permanently"

The only thing MS owns is ignorant consumers with more dollars then sense.

LMAO just saw the below comment and I disagree. If the 720 had

"Internet Browser"
"More USB Ports"
"Integrated Wireless"
"Cheaper Expandable Memory"

It would be a PS3.

Imtey3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

"Internet Browser"
"More USB Ports"
"Integrated Wireless"
"Cheaper Expandable Memory"

Wow.. now where have I heard these before...

Megaton3203d ago

I love how you always compliment your own articles.

Mamotronn3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

not a fanboy but, if msn could achieve that with the 720( which some of there mentioned spec are already there in the ps3´´first generation´´), ps4 would be an assured monster.

off topic: that would top the ps3 first release price tag...assured.

Godmars: + bubblr

Guido3203d ago

There is one thing alone that will help sales of the next Xbox and that would be reliability. One word could sell millions more of these things. Maybe MS will do the right thing next gen and produce a console that runs for more than a few months at a time.

Wrathman3203d ago

xbox so will own the generation to come.

it has 1 feature that sony had with the ps1 and 2.which sony doesnt have now..TODAYS YOUTH.

its a well known fact that the ps3's user base is old as hell.and old people dont buy games.thus the pathetic sales of games on the ps3.then next gen they will be even older and using the ps3 just to watch newsnight on the bbc iplayer.

Godmars2903203d ago

You by doing what the PS3 either already does or is planning to do long before the PS4 comes out?

Um, yeah. Sure. Whatever you say bub...

Aquarius3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

that is not a liable feature

so your trying to say this generation ( as in people ) is going to be the last?
HALO was all xbox had back in the day.

HALO 3's 10million+ says alot of what the fanbase plays/buys.
The 360 doesn't even have a web-browser which "TODAYS YOUTH" uses, youtube, myspace etc.

PS has Singstar and Buzz.
PS3 caters to everyone because it only does everything.

PS4 will be no exception.

travelguy2k3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

the ps3 has at least half of the features this guy wants for the XBOX 720. If you want those features, buy a PS3 now. (asside from cloud computing, natal/pseye, and backwards comp. on all PS3's)

Lacarious3203d ago

The only way I see M$ being successful in the next next gen race.... have a 3 year warranty at launch. No one in their right gaming mind should ever trust M$ again!

Wrathman3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )


the xbox has lips and 1v100.and facebook and twitter.its just the same on the ps3.yes there is no web browser.but seriously tho..does anyone use the ps3 browser for anything but porn?its clunky and freezes.and you cant play sizeable flash games.who would use it to buy anything?

your point about halo is exactly what im saying.the majority of them are who will buy anything halo related for ten years to come.the ps3 has nothing like it.there is no young teenagers buying games in the same way as them playing halo.and they have brand loyalty.

and thats what i mean by xbox havin the youth.its the youth that buy stacks of games.and keep the brand alive.and give it a lifespan.thats why xbox isnt goin anywhere for a long time.even when it has inferior hardware..inferior graphics..inferior media storage and on and on and on.

edit: oh yeah..why turn on your ps3 or xbox to do those things when my pc is always on and does them better.consoles are for games..for everything else there masterpc

AKNAA3203d ago

"More USB ports- a few more USB ports allowing for more connections to truly make it a digital centerpiece."

My PS3 has 4 usb ports and I only use one to recharge my controllers, sometimes 2 when I need to connect a mic for karaoke:)

"Full Backwards Compatibility: many gamers like to keep the games they purchase."

It's true. thats why I still have the PS2 and will keep PS3 when the PS4 comes out, even if I don't play my old games anymore...

"Complete Games on Demand Library Day One: What better way to cement the Xbox 720 into the gaming community than by making available every previous Xbox, Xbox 360, Indie and Arcade title on live day one?"

ummm.. what would be the point in buying the 720 if your just gonna use it for last gen games?!?!?! This guy is really high on B/C.... Lame.

"Web Browser Capabilities: Excellent web integration is a must with the next Xbox console. Flash games in a browser. Let me watch my porn. That is all. "
"Cheaper Expandable Memory"

Yeah, I agree... It needs what the PS3 already has.

"Microsoft 3 Year Warranty from Day One"

LOL! having this on the 720 box will just remind me of the RROD... which is not a good idea imo...

Saaking3203d ago

LMAO, good job describing the PS3.

Anyways, Sony is just gonna learn from and their mistakes and the PS4 will be all the much better. Not to mention the fact that the PS brand is MUCH bigger than the Xbox brand.

bjornbear3203d ago

you wrote this [email protected]? =P LOL

wow...just wow =P

"however if the 720 includes the features on this list the PS4 won't stand a chance at ever catching up"

you DO realise you just described a PS3 right?

and how do you know? You have NO IDEA what the PS4 will have =P no one does.

You FAIL @ journalism. Shut down your site right now before it implodes and becomes a Black Hole of FAIL.

Consoldtobots3203d ago

I stopped reading when he mentioned "expandable memory" (I think to myself, yeah that could be interesting) and then goes onto talk about being able to install a bigger HDD.

IF you don't even know the difference between "memory" i.e. RAM and "storage" i.e. a HDD then you have NO BUSINESS talking about feature sets for the next generation. Talking about peripherals is not the same as talking about the specs the console will need to compete on every front. This kid is an embarrassing noob.

commodore643202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I just choked on my dinner when I read all the usual PS3 defenders chime in with their "this article is describing a ps3" comments.

Honestly guys....

Did you read the bit about backwards compatibility?
The ps3 has ZERO (that's right... ZERO) backwards compatibility, doesn't it?

How do you make the leap of logic between '100% b/c' 720 and the '0% b/c' PS3?

Nice self-ownage there!
Maybe it's time to lay off the cool-aid, huh?

It's like talking to children on here ....

scoobysnacks3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

The first generation of PS3’s that launched in Japan and America contained hardware from the PS2 that allowed for the majority of PS2 games to work. This link at the time shows only a few games that had problems.

The PS3 launched in the EU with the PS2 chip removed, but over 1,000 PS2 games still worked under emulation. I know as my PS3 is a launch model as is the case for many of the PS3 gamers that visit this site.

In later revisions of the hardware, the PS2 emulation was removed, but all PS1 games still work on all PS3 models, regardless if they are downloads from the PSN or the CD original. Sony even have a compatibility website showing what games work, and its a hell of a lot of games.

If you owned a PS3 you’d know this.

So, with the article stating backwards compatibility, the PS3 launched with this and it still has full PS1 support on all models. More USB ports, well the PS3 launched with four. Web browser capabilities, again the PS3 has this. Cheaper Expandable Memory, they refer to swapping out the harddrive, again you can fit any 2.5 sata harddrive in a PS3. And lastly integrated wireless, the PS3 already has this.

So those comments that say this article is describing a ps3, given that five criteria have already been met by the PS3, you find childish. But your lies of “ZERO backwards compatibility in the PS3” are not childish?

commodore643202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

@ scoobysnacks

Nice damage control.
We already knew all of that, thanks for pointing out the obvious!

Honestly, scoobysnacks... I wouldn't go boasting about PS1 B/c.
Even modded xbox1s had PS1 emulation b/c!
Yep you read that right... I was playing ps1 games on a modded xbox1.
Why you even mention ps1 games on ps3 is beyond me and franly, embarrassing.

Tell me, scoobynacks, how much backward ps2 compatibility does the ps3 slim have that is available in shops around the world today?

Is it ZERO percent compatibility, per chance?
Yes it is.

Can I buy a ps3 in shops that has anything other than ZERO percent ps2 b/c?

Further, you boast about how many usb ports the ps3 'launched with', yet do not acknowledge that that number was REDUCED subsequently.
Concurrently, the article is talking about USB 3.0 for the 720, not the 2.0 of the ps3.... and let's not even mention the removal of linux, huh?

It might be fair to say that MS may be looking to INCREASE the features of its gaming console, while SONY is doing its best to REDUCE the PS3s features in the hope of finally making a profit.

Effectively, the argument that the 'next 360' is 'just a ps3' is so full of holes, it's not even funny. It's childish really, as was your attempt at damage control.

However, the gist of my argument was directed at the usual ps3 fanboys who are spinning their usual web of rhetoric, not you.


scoobysnacks3202d ago

There are millions of first year launch PS3’s in peoples homes, but you choose to ignore the launch PS3 because it doesn’t fit in with your argument about backwards compatibility of the PS2? The slim PS3, yes has the PS2 backwards compatibility absent, but it still has all the other functions like wifi, hard drive replacement, web-browser, (the three things you conveniently have ignored mentioning). The article says in regard to backwards compatibility, “play an original title on the console it was created for two consoles generations prior.” Well for the PS3 that would be the PS1, but again you choose to ignore PS1 emulation on all PS3’s because it doesn’t fit your argument? Just because you choose to ignore it, backwards compatibility is still there for PS1 or for PS2 in various PS3 models. Hence your comment of zero backwards compatibility is a lie.

The article is about future upgrades in hardware of the 360 for the 720. USB 3.0 is only just becoming available, so how could the PS3 have it at launch 3 years ago? So lets stick to USB 2.0 which still meets the requirement of, as the article says “a few more USB ports allowing for more connections to truly make it a digital centerpiece.” The PS3 slim has two ports, the launch PS3 has four. The 360 only has one port, and the article suggests a few more ports for the 720. Wouldn’t that then bring it in line to about the same number as is already available on the PS3?

Now, no one is saying the next xbox is just a PS3, only that a lot of the things mentioned in the article are already present in the PS3. Your reply in trying to spin your own comments away from an obvious lie in the first instance sounds childish. Ignoring the suggested hardware and software upgrades that the article puts forward like wifi, harddrive upgrades, web browser etc., that are currently present in the PS3 sounds like damage control on your part. There are many 360 fans on this site that critisized Sony for adding these things as standard. But now this article suggests them and its looked at as MS increasing the features of a console. PS3 owners already have these features, and most of the functions are still there in the Slim PS3. Why not just admit you got it wrong or worded your original commment in a poor way?

Anyway, for me if MS did do all the things mentioned in the article and test their next console to the limits to stop any repeat of the problems they have faced this generation, they would have me back as a customer, but only time will tell.

UnwanteDreamz3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

"Did you read the bit about backwards compatibility?
The ps3 has ZERO (that's right... ZERO) backwards compatibility, doesn't it?"

After reading your ignorance I thought I might help you. Mean what you say and say what you mean. You were wrong and no amount of fishtailing will change that fact. MS apologists are the greatest.

I have yet to pop in a PS2 game in my 80gig that doesn't work. Quit spreading lies. It's that or you are confused about the value of ZERO. Might I suggest you take some online courses in math?

If you want a BC PS3 then you can find them online here are some

here too

commodore643199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

@ scoobysnacks

You are right.
I worded it wrong.

I should have said:
'The ps3 slim has ZERO ps2 backwards compatibility, while the 360 retains about 80% b/c''

Further, I should have said:
'The ps3 slim has reduced its usb 2.0 from 4 to two, while the 720 will incorporate usb 3.0'

Further, I should have said:
'The ps3 retains PS1 b/c, but who really cares?'

I know all this, because i own a slim.
You may crawl back into your troll house, now.

Why are you guys so sour about the 720, anyway?
I am excited about the 720 and I am certain it will be nothing like a ps3. That illusion, it seems, is reserved for the ultra-hardcore-ps3 fan-geeks, as shown above.

I was giving you the benfit of the doubt, but you seem to be of the same ilk. Shame.

scoobysnacks3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Yes you did word it incorrectly.

If you acted in a friendly manner within the first instance and spoke to individuals on this site in a mature manner, you would be spoken to in kind. However, you did not. Your initial comment was incorrect, a lie. You could of taken a more adult response when others corrected you and said “sorry, my mistake”, but you didn’t.

You continued to spin your own comments like a true fanboy. You ignored discussing the full list of suggested enhancements that the author of this article would like to see implimented in a potential next generation Xbox. You professed backwards compatibility doesn’t exist in the PS3 and where proved wrong. You might not care about the first 10 million or so PS3’s that do have PS2 support. You might not care about PS1 b/c that allows you to play those older, classic playstation one titles on the PS3 or sync them to the PSP, others do. That fact doesn’t change the fact you lied.

Further to your last reply, to quote Microsoft rep Chris Satchell in Kotaku of march of 2007, “When you get to the end of this year there will be a reduced focus on backwards compatibility.”

Microsoft last updated this backwards compatibility list in November 2007.

Only approx. 30% of original Xbox titles work on the Xbox360 as this list from Microsoft shows, go Google it. Also you need a harddrive, so not all 360's can play older games. You say 80%, so again you lie. It’s ironic your profile says you’ll call others out for lying but lie so often yourself.

The so called “Xbox720” may use USB 3.0, but then so could the “PS4”, its all speculation as neither console has been announced yet. When it comes down to how many usb ports they suggest, its along the lines of the original PS3 model which is all anyone was saying.

Sour about a future Xbox720 console? I look forward to it as any self respecting gamer should do. The only person here who seems sour is you about the PS3, which you say you own, but never, ever speak of without critism, whether it be to Sony, the PS3 or PS3 owners on this site. You seem to take offence at any mere suggestion that a successor to the Xbox360 could be anything like that of the PS3 as this article suggests by inclusion of five things the PS3 already has. Which is why I highly doubt you even own a PS3 because your very actions in this thread, let alone your comment history on this site say otherwise.

Now my post history is clean. I’ve never trolled, in fact, other than stating on just a handful of occassions that the 360 had poor reliability in its initial first years on the market, it is a great console and has a great library of games and the best online service. I challenge you to find a comment i’ve made that is putting the Xbox360 down. I’ve always been polite even in the face of rudeness from individuals like yourself.

My post history is for all to see, just as your post history is. And your post history speaks volumes and clearly shows you to be the individual that as you put it “trolls”.

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Valkyrie833203d ago

Totally agree with more USB ports and complete on-demand library, these two things are massively important with the next Xbox.....

PepperJack3203d ago

i hope they're working on it now so they don't have to rush out an unreliable product like last time, i'm really looking forward to the new xbox, it NEEDS full compatability with 360 and xbox games too, not the crappy kind of back compatability we have in the 360

iistuii3203d ago

For god sake, who wants to play old games on a new console ?. Look at the PS3 , i bought one on day 1 but NEVER would i put a ps2 game in when ive got new games, new tech to play with. If you wanna play old xbox games, keep your old xbox.

Troll_Police3203d ago

Pinky and the Brain will conquer the world before an Xbox will.

iceman063202d ago

"They're Pinky....they're Pinky and the Brain...Brain...Brain...Brain. ..Brain..."---fade to laugh out loud cartoon hilarity!!!

FishCake9T43203d ago

A friend with Tactical Insertion to get Nukes.