Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Single-Player Reveal Tomorrow

Gamers have had the opportunity to see - and even play - Battlefield: Bad Company 2's multiplayer. We haven't heard much about the single-player, however, but that will change tomorrow.


Updated with quote from Geoff Keighley. Apparently it will be debuting on GameTrailers TV.

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AK463198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Wander if the single player mode, or the multiplayer mode will be in the demo. Pre-order game and we get the demo a week earlier, than everyone else.

EvilCackle3198d ago

When they announced the demo, they said it was going to be multiplayer. I suppose there's a possibility they could slip a single-player preview into it, too, though. That's what the did with the first BFBC.

Government Cheese3198d ago

I actually read somewhere that that is actually what it will be. Multiplayer potion will be the same map as the one on the PS3 beta, and it will have part of a single player mission.

Maddens Raiders3198d ago

game just continues to soar. I never thought that would happen with this game, but it has. BFBC:2 is a priority for me in 2010.

jjohan353198d ago

I hope they fixed the first Bad Company's single player campaign. It was way too easy. Everytime you die, there's no checkpoint of any kind. You continue from where you died, with the exact same number of enemies remaining. So as long as you kill at least 1 enemy before you die each time, you will eventually finish the level/game.

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deeznuts3198d ago

All I play is single player on consoles. Years and years of Counterstrike has conditioned me to SP on Console, MP on PC. Dunno why. Bad Company has me more excited than Army of Two, as I enjoyed the first BC, but not the first army of 2

Fishy Fingers3198d ago

Why not just pick it up for the PC then, and enjoy both SP and MP.

spunnups3198d ago

here's hoping BFBC2 is better than Modern Glitchfare 2. There are so many ways to get cheap kills in MW2 its beyond frustrating, starting with Killstreaks and the old WW Shotguns everyone hates.

I've only had MW2 for 2 weeks and the maps are already aging. Bleh.

glennc3198d ago

BFBC1 is better than MW2 online. i still play it every chance i get. BC2 will just blow it away. MW2 is for all the sheeple out there.

SSS3198d ago

The first Battlefield was a fun campaign to play through because of its outlandish plot and funny characters. I loved how those three guys invaded a whole country by themselves, the game was pretty entertaining.
I'll be pissed if they make this one somber and angry.

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The story is too old to be commented.