Brand-New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer and Screenshots

Sarah writes:
"It's the 13th of January, which means once again Square Enix has released some new media for Final Fantasy XIII. This time, there are only three new screens, but the trailer more than makes up for the lack of images. This is actually my favorite FFXIII trailer yet. Not only does it showcase a lot of emotionally-charged moments I would expect from a game in this series, but it's the first to get me legitimately excited to try out the new battle system. I don't much care for the song playing in the background, sometimes so loud it drowns out the dialogue, but Squenix is making a big deal about the Leona Lewis track, so I guess we just have to deal."

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guitarded773226d ago

Looks really good, but the song does not go with the video... they really need to stick to orchestral pieces.

Baba19063226d ago

jep it turn it into a fanmade trailer. i dont get it why they use voice sound and a singing voice music at the same time. that totaly kills it.

cant wait for the game though.

LadyStardust3226d ago

Agreed with everyone else about the song, does not go with the trailer or the game at all. Don't know why Square Enix is so hyped about it.

lordgodalming3226d ago

I'm sorry to everyone hating this game, but it looks FREAKING INCREDIBLE.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a Final Fantasy Fanboy. March 9 can't come soon enough.

Vivi3226d ago

Dont worry about the song.

Played my import copy (which was freaking epic) the game has two vocal themes. They only play once each in the game and last for a total of like 6 mins all together (one of the themes is cut short).

6mins for a 40-50hour game is tolerable haha.

hay3226d ago

I was neutral at first but holy Flying Spaghetti Monster... This Leona Lewis crap doesn't fit there at all...

Redempteur3226d ago

Well they did a good job everything seemed to match up pretty well ..

The song didn't fit well into the trailer IMO but oh well ...

This is actually a good dub ... but good dub are good ..too bad the japanese voices were excellent ...

kalebgray923226d ago

like the japanese song better but its not as bad as i thought

rockleex3226d ago

I'm actually hyped for this game now. O_O

A few months ago I was anticipating FFXIII because I just got done beating FFVII and FFX with everything unlocked.

But now, I'm actually hyped.

bpac1234567893226d ago

Or do the english voices mixed with the Leona Lewis track make you feel like somethings... not quite right.

I really really hope they decide to keep the Japanese voices with English subs as an option for players that want to experience the game in its original form.

Deputydon3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Am I really the only person that thinks this game looks cheesy as all hell after watching this trailer? The last minute and a half look great and all, but the first 3 minutes of the trailer was a joke in my opinion.

IrishAssa3226d ago

Yeah, cheesy as my bal* is not right, why did they go for pop music?

lordgodalming3226d ago

Of course it's cheesy! It's Final Fantasy. Cheesy, melodramatic, angsty. That's half the fun. :)

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dominicm3226d ago

I'm glad the characters find time to be overly dramatic in between shooting people and fighting monsters.

Looks cool though.

LadyStardust3226d ago

So freaking excited about this game.

MetalGearRising3226d ago

Should be a great game on xbox360 when it comes out and sales wise.

Blackcanary3226d ago

when comes to game play and sales wise.

There both gonna do great.

Still don't think that song goes well with a FF game though....

Ninji3226d ago

And it will flop harder on the 360 cause nobody buys RPGs on the 360. They only play shooters. FF13 is rated worse than FFX-2 already. Flop confirmed (not to mention that FF13 now takes the crown for the worst game in the series). I'll stick to superior RPGs like WKC that plays more like a RPG & less like a linear action game.

blitz06233226d ago

hey Rising you know what? You're really showing you're on the bottom of the bots. First to comment in the open zone usually, which means you're on your computer 24/7. If not, you're staring at your 360 thinking "sigh, what would I do without you?" If FF13 flops, it will flop more on the 360 which is the primary reason it will flop in the first place.

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