Why do Gamers have Platform Bias? writes:

There is no reason to cheer on one company vs. another. No movie watchers cheer one movie publisher vs another, why would video gamers act differently?

But, of course, gamers do develop strong allegiances towards one platform vs another, even when they have plenty of money to comfortably buy all the systems and games that they want.

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DelbertGrady3203d ago

Why don't all football fans root for the same team?

Why do we have religious wars?

Pennywise3203d ago

I really don't see the comparison.

People choose their football teams based on location and affiliation.

Religion can not be compared to consoles....

People choose their consoles on games(exclusives) and mainly this gen: RELIABILITY.

HowarthsNJ3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

and it still is, but the lines are blurring.

Xbox is going after the Wii and Playstation fans with JRPGs and motion control and Playstation is going after Wii and Xbox fans with wands and FP/TP shooters.

Wii is doing it's own thing picking up non-gamers as well as trying to keep the Mario/Zelda/Metroid hardcore happy.

The Meerkat3203d ago

"Religion can not be compared to consoles..."

Because consoles are REAL.

BadboyCivic3603203d ago

For some people its what they can afford

deadreckoning6663203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

I agree with Soda Popinski. But I think fighting over religion, sports, and consoles are stupid. When did just LIKING your team and not worrying about the competition become a thing of the past?

"People choose their football teams based on location and affiliation." But what if the team in your location sucks. Does that mean that you HAVE to root for them cause of some dumb pride crap?
I'm from NY and I find baseball EXTREMELY boring.

Right now I only have a PS3, but that doesn't mean that I don't wanna play Halo Reach and Splinter Cell: Conviction. The only 2 problems I have with the 360 is paying for online and the lack of built-in Wi-fi.

sinncross3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

That is not entirely true, the football example.

I am from South African and the top three teams in Cricket I support are England, India and West Indies. South Africa also has a massive Manchester United following and most of the supporters here aren't even affiliated with the city of Manchester in anyway.

Gamers can have platform bias if they wish. It is why some ppl go to see a movie if a certain actor/ actress is in it regardless of how good the film is. It is why ppl support certain sport teams, why ppl prefer certain type of art works or music and prefer it over other kinds.

All three console makers support different ideologies, and have certain characteristics attached to them. PPl with different scio-cultural and economic spheres of life can 'relate' to a certain console more then others for any number of reasons, most likely because they can only afford one, or maybe gaming is not a top priority in their life etc.

Saying hat ppl can't have platform bias is just a narrow view of the industry, and other facets of life.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3203d ago

Different perspectives? Taste? Way of thinking?

The real problem starts when the mutual respect goes down the drain.

mastiffchild3203d ago

Why is their console bias rather than just preference? I think a lot changed when MS entered the market myself. For whatever reasons(and we've all heard them all a thousand times-hell I even get spam emails from a site dedicated to hating MS that I've never even visited-and couldn't as IIRC they won't use windows or IEP and only use Firefox and I don't!)MS are a very unpopular company and I feel a lot of the bile in the Xbox direction comes from that originally.

Xbox was seen by many as an extension of MS agressive business stategies that don't sit well wioth a lot of people, just saw BG being more greedy even if it had sod all to do with him in reality and everything like that. As a result the people who games exclusively on the Xbox garnered a kind of seige mentality which made them very loyal-an attitud which was heightened with the consoles biggest hit(and to this day their biggest seller and demoogfraphic altering presence)in Halo-which remains a very much love it or hate it game/series to this day as it's a sumbol of MS, again, for both sides.

Nintendo and Sony have loyal gamers for other reasons(which the Xbox/360 is only just now getting as well as it stays with us longer)like the fact a lot of us grew up playing our games on their consoles and , in fact, playing their games as well-it's brand loyalty built on decades of good, high quality games and gaming appliances which people have grown to trust and by association trust those companies too. People alsom love Nintendo for the way the look after their franchises(a lot of the longest running and popular characters are Nintendo characters, really, and even moreso now you get to see Sonic joining in with Mario for Wii games-and people love and trust these franchises-what's any bigger than Zelda and mainline Mario, really?

Sony keep their gamers hapopy and loyal with great hardcware and consoles that moved everything forwards and people who buy Sony products think of the Japanese giant as a more benevolent and gamer centred company that they prolly actually are because even as a big company they still appear to support new ideas and unlikely games to break imnto the mainstream like HR or Flower etc(not that MS and Nintendo don't support new games but Sony have the image, rightly or wrongly, of taking risks in order to expand gaming's horizons. this has been, again, heightened by MS arriving. It isn't MS fault that they NEEDED to buy up games into being multi rather than Sony exclusives, is it? They needed to do it but some saw it as MS being greedy and playing the safest cards they could and having fw ideas of their own(which the Miilike avatars didn't help or obvious game lifts like Lips ripping off Sony's SingStar-even if it goes on in all directions like with trophies ripping off achievements.

There are other, prosaic reasons like reliability(RROD is the biggest hardware issue I can ever recall)which turn folk against MS as they saw it as something that happend purely because MS wanted to get their console out first this gen and failed to design or test the 360 well enough in their haste and greed but who really knows? Sony pi55ed people(including myself-I wouldn't buy a PS3 til their attitude was reined in a great deal!)off at PS3 launch by being arrogant due to their last gen dominance, Ninty have done so for a perceived turning away from their most loyal fans(again rightly or wrongly). Jesus, it can be something that starts as innocently as you liking one consoles exclusives or controller/control scheme best!

These are most of the reasons I think the console wars are in the raging state we find them today and sometimes people are so defensive because of it they take comment totally the wrong way, write aggressive retorts to never asked questions and all manner of rebuttals! IDK why, or when, it became as passionate as it is today(it never was before as there was more mutual respect in previous generations, imo)but the evidence saying it is is everywhere. ESP here on N4G!

Obviously, a lot of fanboys are so deeply into it that they happily sayy that they ARE fanboys and we've got to a chicken and egg situation where noone's sure what came first or why it all started as they get too caught up in daily flame war tit for tat exchanges. My theory as to why its more nasty right now is because of the big turnaround in the relative fortunes of the three companies:Sony and their fans are, or have been, sore over their fall from total dominance, 360 heads are finally at a level where MS are actually competing flat outr with the others and that closeness allied to the previous MS hatred they suffred is what fules them particularly as well as a lot of loyalty to Halo and a brand loyalty that's just now growing to reesemble Sony's or Ninty's. Wii fanboys have a different set of issues, imo, and can't even enjoy Nintendo being on top sales wise a s the criticisms of it "not being a gamers console" refuse to stop with the new gamers it bought to the fold showing exactly how it's gaming demographic has shifted-those Ninty heads who've stayed really loyal, though, must feel shellshocked at the tratment their console gets from the others, mind, so no wonder some of them get angry at the constant jibes from fanboy and media alike!

Those are my main theories anyway but it's got to the stage where people will debubble you even though you might only be offering a view and not be trolling or having a dig at all. You can get called a Sony fanboy just by suggesting FF13Vs looks more appealing to you than what you've seen of FF13 itself! Suggest Halo might need something fresh and the same thing happens!Same the other way around, too, where you can bfcome a 360 fanboy just because you genuinely happen to believe Halo3 is as good a FPS as any this generation or felt OSDT was good value! PC gamers also buy into this:theres a PC gamers perception that console gamers are tech ignorant mugs who pay through the nose for software and olfd tech and the opposing view that PC gamers are elitist snobs whop have to upgrade their PC every time a new game comes out-and neither position is anywhere near right.

Seropisly, you don't get someone who always bought Pioneer seperats arguing with a Technics buff, do you? Maybe the feelings are stronger because of the levl of interaction we have with our game machines, the amount of tme literally(til this gen anyway)plugged into them and unlike movies or theatr or music we're IN the action onscreen. It's a heady thing when you think about it and I cans ee why we all love our consoles and rigs-but the reasons above are why I feel the mutual respect has been on the wane and if it doesn't return we'll remain a splintered, easily ruled and conned community. Fanboyism will cost us money, great games, advances in games and amazing wastes of our tim before it goes away and if it won't we'll remain the most downtroddn group of consumers in existenc today in the developed world.

I know a lot of us love the two and fro and do it tongue in cheek and we ALL have our favourite console whether it'smfor sensible or our own mad reasons-do we HAVE to HATE on the next guys though? I play games on everything I own(except my iPhone which I just don't get along with at all well despite being a fan of Apple's designs for years)and a good game is a good gam on DS,PSP,PC or 360 to me. As a result I have all six current major gaming systems for the home and the pocket, a decent rig and a host of ancient and not so old pst consoles as well-but I still accept I'd go with my PS3 if the sad day came I could only have one of them to use. does that mean I should hate my 360? With SC:C and Reach and AW coming? Are you mad? People have to learn that when someone has a preference it's best not to turn it into a real bias and best not to project fanboyism onto others who you just don't know unless you know a lot about their views and, truly, it must stop if we ever want some respect out of the industry as at the end of the day ?I doubt Sony, MS or whoever can believe their luck to have such spin docytors on call, unpaid, 24/7! They really only want opur money whether they count it in Yen or Dollars I'm afraid so anything beyond a preference or admiration is wasted on them and a waste of our time as well as a nail in the coffin of a mature gaming community.

Sorry for the BIG wall o text people! Don't bother reading unless you have sleep issues! It's all meant as nicely as possible too-which some people seem to forget is an option when ttalking to people about games these days!

bacon133203d ago


Made a lot of good points and well said. It does seem that this generation of console gamers is much more bias and quick to point the finger at a fellow gamer. Ah how I miss the glory days of the Genesis/SNES b***h fests.

LordMarius3203d ago

Stop writing essays, a simple comment is enough

Government Cheese3203d ago

Its actually pretty sad that people 'choose sides' and stick to that side, when it comes to a materialistic product like a gaming system. Talk about being whipped by corporations

ape0073203d ago

someone who like both consoles exactly 50%-50% expect if he's an alien

there have to be a preferred one

the thing is, you shouldn't take it too serious and extreme, extreme flaming and fanboyism ruin it for you, once you look at your system visit a site, reading a review, the first thing that pop in your head is these silly arguments

extreme flaming and fanboyism is the face of n4g

to me sometimes I liked ps3 more and sometimes 360 but 360 generally overall but I love my Trey too

hay3203d ago

@mastiffchild: Ever thought about getting on gaming journalism? Your comments are longer and have more substance than half of articles I've seen here.

NateCole3203d ago

ape. Thats because as humans we are all biased one way or another. Its just human nature. There is nothing wrong with. The key however is you should not be an asshole about it.

poindat3203d ago

...With a well thought out, researched, and true argument. What drives me insane are the people who tell you "your console sucks" and "buy this buy this," and when I ask them why they don't have a single good reason.

Trolls like that only further cement in my mind that the competition is an utter travesty. If you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for something positive, something is DEFINITELY wrong.

But on the issue of my own platform bias: I support the PS3 because that is what I own, simple as that. I don't consider myself a fanboy or as someone hypercritical of Microsoft, buy the PS3 is my console of choice and I WILL stick by it.

Honestly, if you invest $600 into something and don't feel the LEAST bit of need to warrant your purchase, something is wrong. When I pour that much money into something that is inherently a risk (well, was at launch), I am compelled to make sure that I get the most out of that money by supporting the console through and through. That's all there is to it.... For me anyways.

ape0073203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

of course it is :)

but not extreme like here

badz1493203d ago

I might as well say that it's ok and normal! what grind my gears a lot is media's bias! aren't media supposed to cater to everybody and not just for a group of somebody? it saddens me when even respectful sites are trying hard to please a certain group of people by dissing the others' console of choice! why can't they just put the necessary info and stay on the line of equality while doing their things? I know those 'hits' taste so good when they come in large numbers, but flamebait? NO, just NO!

Saaking3203d ago

It's human nature to argue amongst ourselves. We all pick sides. Even those who say they're unbiased prefer one console over the others even if they don't show it.

creatchee3203d ago

I wholeheartedly agree. If you look at "fanboyism" over any different type of media (or anything that one can be a fanboy of), it usually arises from a form of hardship, specifically time commitment or investment and money.

Younger fanboys are such because they have limited money to spend on games and limited time to play them.

Older fanboys may have the money and time constraints, but there's also the time and money that they already put into their console - they would hate to have made it all for not by jumping ship and embracing another brand.

I'm lucky - I have the money and time to dedicate to multiple consoles and do not get so attached to one company that I can't enjoy something another puts out. However, I understand (even if I don't agree with) the fanboy mindset.

Bottom line and perfect example - XBOX and PS3 are for all intents and purposes equal systems. One may have better graphics or online or a controller or whatever, but for the most part, you are getting a very good console no matter which you choose. However, fanboys take those differences and run with them in order to build up their chosen console and defame the other one.

ThanatosDMC3203d ago

That's a great reason why i dont see the point of "football fans". What the point of cheering and taunting people if you're not even part of the team nor do you get anything out of it. Does the team give you money?

PrimordialSoupBase3203d ago

A mixture of mental retardation and too much free time.

insomnium3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

if x360 fans would've kept their mouths shut. They let their fear an jealousy get the best of them and thay hated on the PS3 for no REAL reason. It was teh price, it was teh no games,it was teh delaystation, it was teh BD is doomed, it was BD-drive is slow, it was haha your mandatory installs and now it's teh PS3s games dont sell well.

They've hated on the PS3 for no REAL reason all this time. There are games out there that nullifies almost all those arguments and the price is no longer an issue. What's next? Oh your games SELL better? Pleease!

There are multiple franchises on BOTH platforms that get extremely good sales. Halo and Geow vs MGS and GT for example. Many multiplat companies have told us they are making more money on the sales on the PS3 too. I would think this sales argument does not have the legs to support it properly. I DO know what they mean but there are facts that are against it.

Further what does it even matter how much a game sells if the developers are happy and a sequel is in production? This is one question I would really like to get an answer from some of you x360 fans. This is the question I asked TheTruth2009 but he wouldn't reply to me anymore.

It is you x360 fans who has started this BS fanboy wars. Your bitterness over the loss of DC must've gotten the best of some of you.
I'm sorry but the PS2 just was the console people liked. Now it's the Wii. I aint got no beef with the Wii so why are you guys still angered by the demise of DC? Why did you get angry in the first place? Things just happen you know. It would be a lot easier to just adapt to them insted of hating on it. Wouldn't it?

I'm pi''ed off cus because of you I've become a PS3fanb*y. I never would've even imagined for something like this to happen a while back.

FamilyGuy3203d ago

against the 360 is it's poor reliability record and it's overpricing of odds and ends.

If it wasn't for those things I'm sure I'd be softer towards it. Though Alan Wake, Lost Odessy, and the Last Remnant are the only exclusive that interest me on that platform.

insomnium3202d ago

Give me a reason why you disagree. What is wrong with what I said specifically? Don't you dare to say it out loud? Would it be too fanboyish?

el zorro3202d ago

@ Insomnium

You are wrong. Playstation fans acted like jerks last generation and they started acting like jerks this generation from the time the 360 came out. All the crap talking about the 360 when it showed real games at E3 2005 and Sony showed CGI fantasy videos...that was just one thing that really pissed me off about the PS3 fanboys.

I can't help if there was a lot of backlash in the media from Sony trying to trick people with CGI videos or with the surprisingly high price of the PS3. Those are things Sony largely brought on themselves.

So don't even give me this crap about the 360 fanboys starting this.

insomnium3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Go back a little further. What did the DC-fans do when PS2 came and "destroyed" it? As I see it the situation was pretty much the same back then. DC was out first. PS2 had the new DVD-format in it. EE was thought to be a pain in the *ss. This is almost similar to the situation we live in now. All the talk "DVD is enough" was "CD is enough" back then. DC was the easier to develop for.

All the things I've seen points to the things being like I said.
Now not only the internet has grown but the x360 fanboys have gone through the bitterness of the demise of the DC AND the situation with the earlier xbox. It's left a tremendously bitter taste in their mouths. You can prove me wrong though. I'm more than interested in learning the truth about this.

All the facts I've gathered about this points to the direction I've taken.

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Alkaline batteris
Wifi Adapters ( never knew this till someone told me . fkn hilarious )
Tricking parents to get the arcade when most games need a hard drive
frequent stops to best buy
Compressed audio/video
multiple disk
gimping all multiplatform games

4point7BillionLoss3203d ago

based on what most of their mates have, and the games.

The idea that it's exclusives that people buy a console for is a myth which has been completely dispelled this gen. Good games sell well regardless of whether they are exclusive or multiplat and while both types have seen slight increases in console numbers it also need to be mentioned that across all consoles a number of exclusive items have failed to make any difference to console sales whatsoever.

Sales this gen have largly been affected by price, and whenever any console drops it's price there is a sales spike.


el zorro3202d ago

Notice how out of all the comments made here all the PS3 fanboys are talking childish nonsense and the only sensible comment made was by the guy above me who is more of a 360 fan.

360 and Wii fans seem to be a higher class of gamer.

NotSoSilentBob3203d ago

Perfect example of Bias on this site and the reason for it are Soda Popinsky/The TRUTH 2009/20010,Power of Green,Bill Gates over in the Open Zone on this one,Metal Gear Rising HD. All those people Bash one particular system no matter what is stated. I'm sure some of them us multiple accounts, and continue to spread FUD when they are so blinded by only owning 1 console, or the fact that their friends play only on 1 console. No matter what is done there are people who just don't like the PS3/360 and they will do everything in their Power to convince people not to buy that system cause they will be the "smart" one of the 1 system they love and play their games on with friends.

I'll admit it I do not like the 360 for the 2 simple facts.

Pay to Play online I already pay to access online why should I pay more?
2 Hardware reliability is not even close to industry standard yet so that tells me I will be burning more money/time to get it repaired instead of playing on it.

Mista T3203d ago

well the question contradicts itself, if you have platform bias your not a gamer in the first place

Elven63203d ago

You do realize there are more Sony fanboys on this site than Microsoft and Nintendo fanboys combined, right? It was different before, I guess it changes every few years.

A majority of comments on this site as of late have major disagrees for any pro 360/anti PS3 comments. Once in a while you will come across a post where the opposite is true.

I'm personally fed up with fanboys, 360, PS3, PC, what ever, reading their comments really turns you off from this site, gaming, and humanity.

albert_2753203d ago

Man, I think the hardware reliability thing is over now. The newer chipsets from late(?) last year seem to be quite reliable.
Of course, we can't know for sure, as most xboxes take about a year or more until they red ring... mine just died a year and a half after I got it.

onanie3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Perhaps you only feel that way because you sit squarely in the other camp. Antagonism is more easily noticed - and 360 fans aren't used to that.

Elven63203d ago

No, you just need to step back and look at things neutrally, my writing job involves me presenting news and such with a neutral point of view to prevent any bias from influencing the reader. Because of this I've basically developed skills to pick up on such stuff. You don't need to look very far to realize N4G fanboy is very one sided either towards the PS3 or 360 depending on when you joined.

If you need more proof, feel free to check my comment history, I try to be as neutral as possible but when someone is simply spreading FUD on any topic I usually call it out.

onanie3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

If u say so (as does Fox News).

But you do realise, since it is your line of work, that your supposed neutrality lends no credence to your claim that N4G is over-run by PS3 fanboys. You need to support your claim with real evidence, really.

Edit: I don't think you read my post properly. Please back up your claim that "there are more Sony fanboys on this site than Microsoft and Nintendo fanboys combined". There is no systemic reason why this is the case, and so far, despite my challenge, you have not provided any reliable statistic to the effect.

Elven63203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Like I said, there are some cases where I do speak out on a topic regardless of what console, company, etc, if I feel something is wrong I put my two cents in.

Again, you don't need to look very far, just click a bunch of posts on the front page if you like. Fanboyism has gotten to a point on this site where it's hard to ignore especially since the lines between the Gamer and Open zones are so blurred. I'd link you to a few posts but obvious "flaws" can be called out on such a selection (selective choosing, tampering, etc), they aren't very hard to find though.

Edit: Again, look around, no one praises the Wii on N4G like 360 or PS3 fanboys praise their console of choice. Look at how many bubbles PS3 fanboys have in comparison to other fanboys, the amount of disagrees/agrees users get for their 360/PS3 comments, the type of stories that are approved, etc. It's not like I'm talking about anything new, many users here talk about the fanboyism issue.

onanie3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Maybe you are only looking selectively. Look in a Forza thread, and the situation is completely reversed. Perhaps you can do better than that?

Elven63203d ago

In my original post I did acknowledge that in some posts that was the case, but largely it isn't.

onanie3203d ago

Perhaps you have alluded to a reason why you think you see more PS3 supporters on this site. You are reading more PS3 news lately (mostly bad). Other than that, there is no systemic reason why there are more PS3 users than 360 users on this particular site. Look in a 360 related thread, and your perception of N4G is completely untrue.

Take this very thread that you are complaining in for example (somewhat neutral content) - where is the PS3 fanboy mob, relatively speaking?

Your claim of imbalance is unfounded, really. Don't use it as a crutch for your arguments, but let your arguments speak for themselves.

Elven63203d ago

Not exactly, I read all types of news, editorials, etc on N4G and it really translates throughout. Read any article about Final Fantasy 13 and you will have people yelling about the 360 version ruined the PS3 version of the game. How true this is, I don't know but nothing was ever stated publicly about the developer. Or Agent and how the GTA IV DLC payment is magically funding development for the game. How about any story regarding 360 tech problems in comparision to those of the PS3?

By saying that I assume you are saying the original poster is correct in that there are more 360 fanboys on this site and that they are ruining things for everyone else?

onanie3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

It so happens that those very topics that you selectively listed have a PS3 slant, with the FF series being traditionally PS exclusive, and with Agent being a PS3 exclusive. By gosh, even hardware reliability is exclusive to PS3. They are not written by the imaginary N4G PS3 horde, but they are naturally going to attract posts to that effect. Find one with a 360 slant, and the situation is easily reversed.

Do you seriously think PS3 hardware problems should garner more attention than 360's? Seriously?

Please note that unlike you, I have not tried to make any conjecture as to the proportion of 360 to PS3 fans on this site.

Elven63203d ago

In regards to Final Fantasy, yes it has been, the main series that is, I'm sure many of the spin offs, remakes, etc have even footing on Nintendo consoles, but is it necessary or even required to post in almost every N4G article that the game is inferior solely because of a 360 port?

Agent is a PS3 exclusive, but in posts about Episodes from Liberty City or anything related there are usually comments about how the money magically went to fund the PS3 exclusive known as Agent.

When did I say that? I simply said any N4G post that attempts to touch on any PS3 hardware issue you will see PS3 fanboys go rampant, same with if it was a 360 hardware problem, PS3 fanboys would still go rampant. Just yesterday there were posts about a PS3 HDMI issue and a 360 freezing at a MLG tournament, the comments were like night and day.

If you have trouble seeing that fanboyism is a problem on N4G you are simply not looking hard enough or looking the other way. Also note how I said in my original post that things were cyclical, where now PS3 fanboys are rampant only a few years ago 360 fanboys were rampant. You automatically assumed that I was a 360 fanboy, when I told you I wasn't going further by clarifying why I made my statement you claim I am like Fox news!

onanie3203d ago

No one is neutral, and you are far from it. You are more often an advocate for the 360 than you are for the PS3 (it didn't take more than two pages of browsing).

I never claimed that fanboyism does not exist, but I do challenge your notion that PS3 fans rule this site. I have provided counter examples, and i have more, but then it will just end up being a game of who has more bubbles for more selective quoting (which you have done), given the diversity of posts on N4G.

You have not proven any case, other than perpetuate the sentiments of those who palpated what they haven't felt before - the opposing view. There are more PS3 users lately, and it is only natural.

Elven63203d ago

Believe that if you wish, perhaps you haven't been a member of this site long or visiting it enough to realize how bad fanboyism has got or the cycles it works in.

Call me what ever you like, I'm a gamer first and I'm not a fan of console misconceptions regardless of what console it is so I do my best to try to correct wrongs. You'll have to go back further than just two pages to realize how I post on N4G. I could say the same about you, going back a few posts and seeing things like Alan Wait, playing the media Sony bias claim (to a certain extent I realize it does exist), etc. If you only look at certain moments of course you will find posts that might make someone look a certain way, I'm sure if I look further back a different picture might be painted..

onanie3203d ago

As I said, no one is neutral.

The difference between you and I is the fact that I never claimed to be neutral.

Guitarded3203d ago

That is a false statement. As is the notion that this site was ever anything other than a PS3 "aggressive supporter" haven. The only difference is the PS3 "supporters" are crawling out of the woodwork now that the PS3 "appears" to be crawling out of the basement. I don't have the time or care enough, to prove it, but it's a fact. Prove me wrong.

el zorro3202d ago

PS3 fanboys like Oranie are the only ones that seem to be so blind that they can't see that PS3 fanboys attack 360 articles FAR more than 360 fans attack PS3 articles.

Just go on denying it, Oranie, it doesn't change the reality.

onanie3202d ago

Look who we have here. Guitarded, soda and el zorro in symphony - your very presence supports my argument more than it does yours. Have fun.

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kraze073203d ago

Gamers don't have platform bias, fanboys do.

Mista T3203d ago

dude I agree 100 million percent, I play games to play games, not a cheerleader for a company

NateCole3203d ago

really?. I never came across anyone that loved the DS,PSP,WII,x360,PS3,PS2 etc etc all equally.

So because i don't like playing on the DS compare to the PSP that makes me a fanboy?.

People here are full of shi*.

kraze073203d ago

"I never came across anyone that loved the DS,PSP,WII,x360,PS3,PS2 etc etc all equally."

You must live in a box then.

"So because i don't like playing on the DS compare to the PSP that makes me a fanboy?."

Depends on WHY you don't like playing on the DS.

"People here are full of shi*."

You're full of shi*.

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Because it is more convenient to have a single console instead of three. I miss the PSX and PS2 eras when you just had to bought one console and that was the only thing you need for the rest of the generation. Now we got good games spread through 3 consoles and even though I could buy the 3 of them if I wanted I just bought one because I don't like having so many consoles.

I'll maybe buy a second one when this gen is almost ending, that if the next Nintendo's console has BC with GC and Wii if not I'll be buying a cheap Wii to play some Metroid and Zelda games. I'm not the kind that gets too impressed with just graphics so it is easy for me to play older games.

Anyway, my point is that I only have a PS3 and I stand by it like I would do with my favorite sport team (only thing is that I don't like sports). But sometimes I got trolled or notice the strong bias in the media and I can do any other thing than being a fanboy. And things like FFXIII going multiplat grind my gears because that game is one of the reasons of why I bought a PS3 and then I see it on a less capable console knowing that it'll be downgraded and I become a fanboy again. Just look at Star Ocean IV and all the content that was removed due to DVD9 space limitation and then I see articles like this one: and you just know it's hard not to speculate and be kind of sad.