Aliens Vs. Predator Screenshots: Rumble In The Jungle

Ten new screenshots of Aliens vs. Predator were released today by Sega. They've got a whole lot of steamy Alien-on-Marine and Predator-on-Alien action.

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UnwanteDreamz3291d ago

Thrilla in Manila?

I never trust a game with the Predator in it. I have been burned many times with promises of awesomeness.

Major_Tom3291d ago

Have you not played the original AvP or even AvP2?

Raf1k13291d ago

I never played AvP but AvP2 was so much fun. I loved playing as the Alien and Predator. Was too scared to play Marine for a while lol.
The opening to the Predator and Alien campaigns were awsome especially hunting down humans from trees just like in the movie lol.

EvilCackle3291d ago

It's my understanding that AvP and AvP2 were the only good ones. There were a lot of other bad ones, like the AvP: Requiem tie-in game.

hakis863291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

and from what I understand these guys are inspired by AVP/AVP2, thank god!
This looks SO awesome, can't wait to get this... so sick of MW2 by now.

EDIT: btw I'm now tracking this game!

sorceror1713291d ago

The studio doing this version, Rebellion, also did the first AvP for the PC back in the mid-90s. It was good - not perfect, but a lot of fun. (AVP2 was also fun but a little different; it was done by Monolith.)

I'm pretty hopeful for this game.

UnwanteDreamz3290d ago

I know how great the first 2 were but everything to follow has been boo boo. I will not get my hopes up though.

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3291d ago
deshon093291d ago

i just think i mite pick this one up

Justin_bristoe3291d ago

royal for the universe! i also like that it's not just another shooter and im sure that each race will have their pros and cons

HOSe3291d ago

this does look like a good game. ill wait for reviews and wait for it to drop to $40

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