MAG European release dates and bundles confirmed

Sony has today announced the release dates for MAG in Europe, Australia & New Zealand, and the UK.

The 256-player MMO first-person shooter is set to land in most of Europe on the 27th of January.

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Dellis3199d ago


I think this game needs to be 39.99 and bring a free headset

pull a socom confrontation with this SONY, this at 59.99 will not do

well at retail.

davekaos3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Thats you opinion and your entitled to it but judging from your 1 bubble other people including me think your opinions are not wanted.
As for mag i cant wait i enjoyed the beta i enjoyed that it is something different to most fps.
Roll on the 29th (uk) also sony let some commercials for this game, have not seen 1 yet!!

@ Mastiff
Totally agree with you there i only had a few games where the squad leader was a complete tard but that just inspired me to do the objectives and rank up ro level 15 so could be the leader.
The game really is a great game when its played how its supposed to be played
Only thing i would do different here is have the game come with a mic rather than doing a mic bundle after all u need a mic on this game to play it properly

mastiffchild3199d ago

Well, IDK about meh or about pricing though as an online only game people might feel a bit abused by a full retail price tag.

Whatever, it's certainly NOT a "MEH" game at all when you get a good squad leader and a squad willing to play the game as it was designed to be played, payimng attention to orders and doing your ibjectives, FRAGOS and suchlike. When that happens it can be one of the best shooter experiences ever, imo, and as a TF2 player I know what a good squad based shooter plays like. MAG can outdo even TF when it all falls into place but Zipper's probl;em is going to be, imo, too many people either misreading what the game is about or being bloody minded and going off lone wolfing it in a game where that's not a great thing to do for your own advancement or the rest of your side. I tried to play a lot of the earlier beta and found many, many times it was ruined by either daft squad leaders or more commonly a squad full of people who all wanted run and gun or to camp and snipe, ignoring the game's design and all their objectives bar shooting at the other side!

If it gets enough people prepared to try and communivcate and/opr listen to their leaders and teammates it can be great even with the doubters but without a strong, committed early community it might well die spectcularly-though i hope not as when it's good and everyone pulls in the same direction it's magical at some points!

madjedi3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

How would the game being $59 with a headset be a bad thing, i am not happy it's $59 for a mp only game but the game is too fun to pass up, beyond the price i have no issues.

Karlnag33199d ago

Why the hell does the UK get it last? Really annoying when this happens... why can't they just let everybody have it at the same time? It makes even more sense with this since it's an online only title!

Reefskye3199d ago

I thought same, but turns out its because UK releases games on Friday's Europe Wednesday.

whoelse3199d ago

The majority of the time, the UK gets games on a Friday despite their European cousins. I agree that it is about time this trend changed.

madjedi3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Damn euro guy chill it's only a day or 2, at least it isn't 3+ months like alot of releases you guys get, i still don't understand why yall have to wait several months for the euro release. Can't they ship a small number of na copies for the people that don't want to wait?

I wonder if demons souls will ever be released over there.

soljah3199d ago

wonder when the servers will turn on. snatch a copy early start ranking to level 10. domination and sver for the win

Satan The Gamer3199d ago

So does this means that each game is going to come with a headset?

ginsunuva3199d ago

No, but you can buy it bundled with one.

KILLERAPP3199d ago

I want to buy it from amazon but they still have no headset MAG, is very sad.

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