Heroes of Newerth: This game is going to kick (the) ass (of DotA)

As one of the first magazines ever the German gaming-social-network published news and previews about the upcoming RTS-game Heroes of Newerth. Today they published a new preview based on 300 hours of playtime in the closed beta.

The editor, a former DotA-player, calls it "Arschtritt für DotA-Spieler und neuer Stern am RTS-Himmel" which means, that the game is going to "kick the ass of DotA and it is an uprising star for RTS-gamers".

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PCA3292d ago

The Website also has a great mod-article online:

DirtyLary3292d ago

To bad the HON community is full of elitists that kick and scorn any new players trying to learn the game.

One of the worse I've meet in any game.

ChampIDC3292d ago

Yeah, it's a shame they're going to push so many people away from the game. The community is the whole reason I stopped playing DotA back in the day.

PCA3292d ago

absolutely true. the community sucks right now, cuz everyone thinks, that he's best!

KillaManiac3292d ago

I agree 100%. If you were not a pro at dota, you are a complete outcast and are told to quit the game by all the elitist.

Bonsai12143292d ago

its the same as the dota community. there are a few improvements, but that's about it. i don't know if its worth the purchase (also, my comp can't run it..)

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So Easy I Can Do It3292d ago

is an elitist game. we don't want noobs playing in our game. which is why the community hates nubs. but with the new matchmaking system, that'll change. it'll separate player skills.

Lakuspakus3292d ago

good luck with keeping your game alive when no-one wants to play

PCA3292d ago

good luck with no one playing "your" game.

DirtyLary3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Being complete jerks to brand new players wanting to learn the game is totally counterproductive. Proud to be better than a 1st day player? What a joke some of you are. This ego and mentality will be the downfall of HON and it's micro community. Devs Chalk another missed sale due to egos.

I know people want to feel that they are finally good at something in life but come on man, this is a damn video game. Park the ego.

STK0263292d ago

Funny thing is, while the DotA community should be big enough to keep alive a moderately big game, it's definitely not big enough to keep two or three games alive, with DotA still going strong on Wc3, HoN making its way to PCs soon and League of Legends also targeting the same market, either one will dominate, or all will go the Demigod way. If your community "scares" away new players, you're simply making the market less attractive to developers, so really, it's your loss.

So Easy I Can Do It3292d ago

it didn't stop me from those elitist, i wanted to own them. that's what kept me in the game. and for the qqing nubs, gtfo.

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Vo_Cal3292d ago

It's actually not that bad if you host your own games and stay in the Noob zone. They have different levels that you can play in. So just host your own games in the Noob levels until you get better. But seriously, HON is the shizz. Once you get pretty good, it's definitely satisfying.

My HON Username: tezzgod74

squeeb3292d ago

Anyone played League of Legends? Its based off Dota. A lot of fun..and free to play as well.

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