Console MMO space 'up for grabs' - Curse

The next big phase of growth for the MMO genre could well come from next-generation consoles, with a potential market of up to three times the size of the current estimate of 12 million core PC gamers.

That's according to the CEO of Curse, Hubert Thieblot, who told that he was excited by the possibilities, and that the console "spot is available right now" for the right product to capture the market's imagination.

"I'm personally really looking forward to console MMOs, because when you think about it, if 50 per cent of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners are online, that means that there are nearly 35 million next-gen consoles able to run an MMO now," he said. "That's already three times bigger than the PC MMO market - the hardcore PC market.

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