Industry expects PlayStation 3 to bounce back in 2010

Sony's PlayStation 3 is set to bounce back in 2010, with expectations that it will be more successful in the next 12 months than rival consoles from Nintendo and Microsoft.

Results from the latest Network survey show that 34 per cent of industry professionals are backing Sony's home console, in a year that will see major software such as Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain and God of War III released, along with a brand new motion control peripheral for the system.

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Nineball21123295d ago

Haven't they already "bounced" back?

I guess they are framing this in terms of selling more units than it's rivals in 2010.

davekaos3295d ago

Yeh i was going to say the same thing, Didn it bounce back in 2009 or are we missing something?

Chris3993295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Look at the kerfluffle over one shoddy port in about a year - Bayonetta; while journalists glibly ignore the superior version of Darksiders.

I think Uncharted 2 (as well as the Slim and it's marketing campaign) finally gave the industry the kick to the balls that it needed to pay attention. Now people understand that it IS a solid console with GAMES (that was a tired argument), high-def media output and all sorts of interesting bells and whistles.

Those of us who have supported it since launch have known and enjoyed these benefits all along.

Still, better late than never.

I do hope that Sony keeps up with the aggressive marketing this year. That Kevin Butler campaign was hysterical.

mastiffchild3295d ago

Well the problem with th reporting of the Bayonetta port(having plyed the full PS3 version and a few hours on the 360)is merely that they overstated it because, for once, here was a port where the differences wre actually seeable with the human eye whereas with most they really aren't without stopping and studying and in some cases usinf programs to find the quirks! They were bound to jump on it a little for having some slowdown and load issues that, though nowhere near as bad as made out and just as far from being gamebreaking over normal considerations like controller preference, you could see for yourself!

Not a case of there being "nothing to see here!" as "there's actually a few things you can~!"with this port and, though I've seen the D'siders comparisons, noone could really say the same if they just played the game without trying to find little differences between the versions-ebven if there's an infinitessimal amount of tearing on one or one being a bit sharper than the other. To me neither games versions have THAT big an issue but, at least, the Bayonetta port to PS3 is noticably affected in a couple of areas even if I feel it was made way too much of to batter either Sega(who were NEVER going to do as well as the games makers now were they? And they did, at least, make it so fans with a PS3 could play the bloody game didn't they?)or the PS3(though when BOTH consoles have far more graphically demanding games than Kamiya's latest that makes little to no sense either in my eyes!).

In actual fact the whole comparison thing is watered down when you consider that the developers of multi plats this gen aim for parity between their console versions over anything else and can't fully optimise for either system under these circumatances as you'd have them losing a near even half of their market if one or the other really looked bad compared to the other-and it's starting to wear me out with all these articles comparing things intended to look the ame and that have to take notice of the issues each pltform has when maing either version which means all the weaknesses and none of their individual strengths can be utilised in multis. Hell,if the gloves are taken off then I'm the first to see what wonders or comparative disasters they make but right now it just never happens and the worst you'll ever see ios the likes of Bayonetta-and that rally wasn't the mess it was made out to be. Unless you're \S|O impatient you explode when asked to wait one or two extra seconds every now and then-yet if you haven't played both versions why would you even bother about it, or ven notice? Pointless bloody comparisons!

The PS3, though, has beeen on the up for a while now(esp worldwide apart from the UK where the 360 and Wii still dominated even though more PS3 Slims got sold post launch and cut)and I'm guessing they mean the PS3 might actually become the biggest seller in 2010 console wise. I think there's a lot of things that will affect it, mind, so I would NEVER make so many brave assertions this early.

deadreckoning6663295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I hope the PS3 begins to outsell the 360 in North America 2:1. If this happens then M$ will be forced to not only lower the price to where it should be but also include Wi-fi out of the box. Lets face it:

1. The 360 is ONE YEAR older than the PS3

2. No built in Wi-fi(even the PSP has built in Wi-fi)

3. No Internet Browser

4. No Blu-ray

M$ has no business charging $300 for the Elite.

Off-topic: @PS3 fanboys if ur here- Check PSXextremes review of Bayonetta. LOL, even the most popular PS3 site on the net doesn't agree with ur sad religion. U guys are ALONE in your blind hatred.

End Rant/

Saaking3295d ago

It already bounced back in 2009. For those who aren't aware of it, the PS3 has been crushing the 360 since September and will continue to do so for the rest of 2010.

creatchee3295d ago

PS3 doesn't need to bounce back - it needs to keep bouncing in the correct direction that it has been recently.

beans3295d ago

I think both 360 and PS3 will do really good this year. Predictions don't mean squat even though it's quite possible.

aaron58293295d ago

because they dont need to "bounce back" in the first place...

sh1t article.

rambi803295d ago

But the PS3 is the only console to launch @ >$400 and be successful

And did it without piracy on the system

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dorkride663295d ago

SONY is the best. Microsoft shutty hardware can not bounce.

bioshock12213295d ago

lol i came in here just to say that. It doesn't need to bounce back it has already

vhero3295d ago

Thing you gotta look at here if the industry think PS3 gonna do well this year over other consoles they gonna release their games for PS3 over other consoles. You are gonna see a lot more PS3 exclusives this year no doubt thanks to this.

ShiftyLookingCow3294d ago

yeah, talk of bouncing back is some 2 years late. Unless they mean beating the Wii and bouncing back to PS2's dominance.

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TrollSlayer3295d ago

Im not a professional analyst and even I know that nintendo will sell the most hardware and software next year. To lump PSP and DS in 'others' is also ridiculous

Dev8 ing3295d ago

Yeah to bounce back you have to go from the top to the bottom and then to the top again. This isn't the way the PS3 has been going it is just like a ramp it just keeps getting better.

vhero3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I think it means bounce back compared to previous years not overall. E.G "The support is almost double that of last year, when only 16.4 per cent of those surveyed saw a positive 2009 for the PlayStation 3, at a time when it was still hampered by a high price point at retail and a number of different SKUs. "

DigitalAnalog3295d ago

Considering the success LAST year. I think the author is foreshadowing PS3 moving back to the top spot!

-End statement

frankymv3295d ago

So where's that game Hardware 2 that you touted so much? Almost cost you your website and your rep...

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