Is it game over for the console?

The UK boss of Xbox has labelled streaming technology in games as "limited" - as the firm prepares to go head-to-head with OnLive's Cloud-based system.

Neil Thompson told The Independent today that there was "a way to go" before Triple-A titles could be streamed without any technical disruption - and hinted that Microsoft would be at the forefront when they can.

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hatchimatchi3252d ago

i really don't see onlive taking off. PC gamers have their pc to play games and console owners have their consoles. Most big name studios aren't going to develop AAA exclusives unless they get a huge paycheck or if onlive starts getting a huge userbase, which i just don't see happening. Plus if consoles go the way of the dinosaur then i'll quit gaming in general. Something about a future filled with streaming only videogames seems very depressing to me. I own a pspgo and i'm fine with that cause it's a handheld, but for pure console gaming, i want a physical copy of a game.

Smacktard3252d ago

not to mention the fact that currently it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ONLIVE TO WORK

people are dumb. i can't believe that anyone can actually buy into the whole "1. internet 2. controller ACTION 3. broadband internet 4. ??? 5. PROFIT!!!!" plan they showed. it does not demonstrate anything, and there's no evidence of how onlive could possible work at ALL. on the contrary, there's a ton of reasons why it wouldn't work.

hatchimatchi3252d ago

yea, the internet factor is a given. I wonder what the numbers are for users on xbox live and psn. That right there will show you how much of a chance onlive has.

AKNAA3252d ago

I don't want to have to worry about having good/ or bad internet connection all the time when wanting to play a simple game!
say I travel or move to a different location and don't have internet access for a week or two, that would mean playing games is out of the question!! f$#k that sh1t...

3252d ago
Nineball21123252d ago

if it could be proven that this would work and work well, I'd be all over it.

1. Games on demand whenever you want them.
2. No ordering games through the mail or going to the store to get them
3. Less clutter

I just think there are more upsides to this (if it can work) than downsides. BUT, everyone has different tastes and needs, so obviously others will feel differently.

glennc3252d ago

and no price competition so you pay what they want you to pay. no bargain bins, no retail sales. i don't like paying RRP/SRP for games, i like to shop around

3252d ago