Trailer For Irrational's Scrapped Zombie Game

GameInformer writes: Anyone who has played Valve's Left 4 Dead knows the dread and exhilaration of cooperatively blasting through an undead horde. However, gamers might have been able to experience the zombie apocalypse years earlier if Irrational Games' Division 9 had been completed.

The premise was this: Division 9 would have put players (and their friends) in the middle of an ever-encroaching zombie menace. Co-op gameplay, scarce resources, base-building, and strategic rescues were a part of the conceptual blueprint. In GameInformer's recent visit to Irrational Games, GI talked to the team about how the game started and what it could have become. GI also saw a slice of Division 9 in action – and with our exclusive demo trailer at the end of this feature, you can see it, too.

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Godmars2903252d ago

Looks PC only, very PC only, which is probably why it was scrapped.

toaster3252d ago

Yeah, Irrational Games primarily developed PC games so it wouldn't surprise me if Division 9 was PC only. From the video it looks like the animations are really slow, like the character movements and such. Valve's fast past probably made zombie-survival-coop more fun and exciting, rather than that shown in the video.
It's still pretty cool to see this kind of stuff from devs.

mrv3213252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Realese this as BeerWare.

BeerWare is when a developer releases a video game for free usually due to it being unfinished and only if who ever downloads it buys them a Beer.

They'd get A) A lot of Beer. B) Mods to improve on it C) Ability to make a sequel.

Here's an idea... for money. Release the game for FREE on PC and just say to the MOD community. 'Want your name on a new game' Make mods for the free PC beta of Division 9 and the best of the best levels, weapons, gameplay improvements will be combined into one game, ported up and sold in stores. With YOUR name on the box.

Who wouldn't make something like that? I'd have a go at a level.

3252d ago