Wii To Do Worse Than iPhone In 2010

GamerZines: An illuminating survey of over 10,000 industry professionals has revealed that the Wii platform is predicted to struggle the most in 2010, finishing marginally behind Apple's iPhone.

When asked by which "Platform was expected to be the most successful in 2010", the results were surprising to say the least.

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Gr813200d ago

Wasn't the same thing said in 08 and 09? So wait now its 2010? Right. Why are they comparing a video game console to a f&*$*n phone?

Why don't they compare a console to I don't know other video game consoles? Maybe its because just like the 3 years Prior Wii is going to whoop both of them so bad that its not even worth mentioning? But I guess it is worth mentioning when crap like this is written.

I love the theater.

iforgotmylogin3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

seems its easy to be "industry professionals"

all you need is a fatblunt and 2 ounces of weed
cause a majority of them are high.

looking at the lineups,only see 6 games max on all 3 systems that look like system sellers.

na-no-nai3200d ago

iphone is not even in the same league as wii none the less with ds

these professionals are so full of themselves.

SpoonyRedMage3200d ago

Yes, it is illuminating, the fact that only 9% of people think Nintendo will be most successful publisher in a year when they release a new Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Pokémon, Golden Sun, new peripheral + casual title and a new DS SKU illuminates why most publishers are losing money and most developers are closing down.

iforgotmylogin3200d ago

yea most devs think the video game industry is a magical automatic money making land where everything you make & publish makes you millions and 100k-400k sold of something means it did bad.

this numbers game is going to be the death of videogames

"nub dev 1: _(insert game here)_ 1 didn't sell 2mill i guess we cant make a sequel or a side story"

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