PSP Magic Memory Stick Unbricker Leaked

PS3News received word from someone that another SCE leak is now upon us- this time being their PSP "Magic Memory Stick" which is a utility that "unbricks" PSP units, but according to the brief ReadMe it requires a special battery. In any case, for those interested the file information is as follows: PSP_Magic_Memory_Stick.rar (Size: 16.8 MB (17,670,716 bytes))

Obviously this file is copyrighted so don't expect any links


Some new information on the Magic Memory Stick and "Special Battery"

- Contains a 40x120 column TFT Screen for display.
- Has a SERIAL port for PC connectivity.
- Seems to have a 32MB ROM IMAGE on Flash.
- 8MB of RAM.
- Nickel-Cadmium Battery Cell (possibly 76 hour battery life).
- AC/DC adapter port 15V.
- Contains 4 buttons (on/off, reset, connect/disconnect, menu).
- Arrow keys UP and DOWN for menu.

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gaffyh4737d ago

Maybe we should all start buying bricked PSPs for cheap on ebay...:)

Blackmoses4737d ago


MK_Red4737d ago

Wow, that would be a paradise for homebrew users I think.

Vojkan4737d ago

I dont understand anything!? Maybe because i dont have PSP. In short is this possitive or negative news?

sadiq4737d ago

not until we figure out about this special battery and if it works

gaffyh4737d ago

For PSP homebrewers it is positive news, as long as we figure out what the "Special Battery" is. Basically it means that PSP owners could technically test any and all homebrew that tries to access the PSPs flash safe in the knowledge that they could unbrick their PSPs with this program if something were to go wrong.

ITR4737d ago

What type of battery?

gaffyh4737d ago

I have no idea, but its special apparently, I don't see how a battery could affect the Unbricking process, guess we will just have to wait for someone to test this out and see if it works

Merovee4737d ago

That's damn sweet.

Hey, Sony, hop on a memory card that will unbrick my 360 pronto.

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