Console Wars Round 7: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3 (Online Experience) gets into another round against the PS3 vs 360 breaking down the online aspects of their respective systems.

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Philaroni3203d ago

I am very much liking this, he has done a good job to hit just about every point you can and has been very honest. One thing I feel needs to be better is the online voice chat on PSN, in CODMW2 I can't understand anyone, we end up using Teamspeak or the party chat on XBL too talk. Though in Uncharted 2 the voice chat is outstanding. Be very nice if Sony could push to make online communication a major focal point. Anyway keep up with the videos I am excited for the next one.

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DigitalAnalog3203d ago

I just disagreed with the acheivements/trophies. Everything else was spot on.

-End statement

jalen2473203d ago

I too disagree with the Trophies/Achievements. Everything else was pretty accurate. I personally think the Trophy system is better than the achievement system. But that's just my opinion.


This guy is amazing at making this videos!

Hes pretty even and takes no sides!!

Well yea, XBL deserved to win this round!
cant wait for the next one!