David Jaffe Hits The Nail On The Head

IronstarMovement writes: "In a recent vlog posted up on David Jaffe's youtube he spreads some insight on how he feels about the current generation of gamings multiplayer modes. Now while not getting into any detail of the secret game that he is working on *Coughs* "Twisted Metal", he did discuss a conversation he had with a couple of people involving the multiplayer mode from the game that he is working on."

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young juice3252d ago

he shoulda watched avatar in 3d... it's MUCH better

Maddens Raiders3252d ago

"I respect alot of what Jaffe says in this video about how he wants to not follow the heard but instead go along his own path when developing a game."

..poor editing and misspelling of words are a huge article, blog killer for me. i'm done with this opinion piece...

LoVeRSaMa3252d ago

Jaffe normally hits the nail on the head tbh.

I respect his views, I feel the same way about lots of games these days, you have to put 100% into every game you play 24/7, people need to be the top, people need to compare to others, MW2 annoyed me with the prestiges, I will so happily stay on 1st prestige as I have no need to rank up the rest of the way, I love games where you jump on and its your skill that determines your skill, not how long you spend on the game.

That's just my 2cents anyway...

CyberCam3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Agreed! I guess this issue has a lot to do with age & the amount of time one has to game as well.

I find the more mature gamers with a life outside of gaming (like myself) don't give a flying f**k about stats and such. One thing though... one does have to grind & level up in most games now a days just to keep pace with other online gamers... meaning you have to level up to get that efficient gun, gun attachment, sheild or perk just so you don't get own by the competitive whores that have all the good items/perks (that give them the advantage) because they are on the game 24/7. It seems to be the only way to keep the game somewhat even and enjoyable... the sad thing is your almost forced into it!

Lifendz3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

I like that he's honest about his feelings on multiplayer and Avatar. I think it cool that we can now spot differences in gamers, much like with people that are avid movie fans or music buffs, based on when they got into the hobby. Jaffe, as a early gamer, doesn't get the whole leveling up aspect of multiplayer games. Unfortunately for him, that's what I think makes a multiplayer addictive and will keep the average gamer from trading your game in. BTW I got to level 70 in MOW2 and I won't be taking prestige. I don't have the kind of free time to get back all the stuff I'd lose and I'm not even sure I'm going to be playing the game much longer to be honest.

AKNAA3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

I agree with the fact that developers and gamers should be more focused on the actual campaign rather than the multiplayer modes because that is the heart and soul of the game. without a great single player mode to understand the storyline and characters, what's really the point of playing then? just to get points and high ranks to prove to the world that you have no life other than gaming 24/7?!
however, Leveling up in RPG's are an exception of course.

Anyhow, there's one thing I disagree with jaffe with here and that is how I though the mummy 3 sucked ball$!!

Nineball21123252d ago

Jaffe seems like such a normal, down to earth guy. He says what he thinks and it seems to have worked great for him. I'm sure having one of the biggest game franchises in his resume probably allows him to be that way too.

I bet he'd be a rough boss to work for though... He'd cuss you up one side and down the other.

I agree with what he says about the multiplayer, but I actully do like the leveling up in games. It provides a sense of accomplishment.

BUT, as always, the core gameplay has got to be there as well.

rroded3252d ago

I love games where you jump on and its your skill that determines your skill, not how long you spend on the game

same im fine with lvl up stuff like in warhawk where its all jus cosmetic. [email protected] perks that make it easy to take out noobs suck large so i avoid those games i jus dont have the time ta lvl up so why bother buying a game im going to b at a disadvantage in.

ps i hope Starhawks the next game they put out

badz1493252d ago

I agree that skills should determine skills not how long you've been online although being online longer more than always means that you'll know the maps and skills better than those who don't! like in Uncharted 2, I can beat Crushing any day but always find online MP to be hard! with me only on level 8 and going against people with sky high ranks! kinda hopeless to be honest but there's a way to boast ranks easier which is the co-op but there is where the rank system has its flaw! but I don't think that there are a more effective way that I can think of! so I guess we just need to take it as it is!

bjornbear3252d ago

i prefer single player, and i think games are getting too serious, especially people who say they are "hardcore" when all they do is play 1 game online ALL THE TIME, and nothing else

real gamers play a lot of games, not 1 game they become "pro's" at.

For Great Justice3252d ago

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likedamaster3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

David Jaffe is a moron.

Ever heard of 'delegated authority'? That means that if an idea comes up(or a feature) you give a certain person that task, to make, complete & polish giving your input or ideas(not needed) if you feel to. At the same time, not worrying about it yourself unless its NOT done by the time agreed upon.

If he feels a feature is needed regardless of its popularity, etc. then implement it, but don't exclude said feature just because you don't feel like tackling it and justify that action by saying, "we want to be different".

Unless Jaffe is the only one actually developing this game, he'd be an idiot to think it 'time-consuming' to add such features as ranking, etc. If its too much BS to deal with then quit. Obviously you're not built to head up a gaming company that's trying to make AAA games. Stop crying and man up, Jaffe.

Blu Ray33252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Truth is things are changing i.e. multiplayer importance.

In this gen and future gens it will be expected from software developers to implement MP in some shape or form methinks.
Jaffre needs to get with the program or be attacked for lack thereof.

Maybe he will quit developing software if his heart isn't in it anymore,
which would be kind of strange,but at the same time,understandable.

No passion,no point......right?

Sony would take a bad blow without him,so he better find a way to get into the MP scene,and like it.

ReservoirDog3163252d ago

He said that what he's saying isn't to suggest his game won't have the ranks and leveling up he's talking against. He's just saying he doesn't understand the mindset people have to only care about ranks.

Personally I agree. I don't understand how people can care that deeply for a worthless number. Like in mw2, my k/d ratio is shot to hell and beyond (not cause I suck, I'm actually pretty good. It's just my friends I play against are nearly perfect. Basically pro level) but I don't care about some worthless number. Nobody I talk to agrees with me on that though.

Also I thought it was funny how he mentioned battle mode in mario kart as a random multiplayer game. Haha.

morganfell3252d ago

He thought the Mummy 3 was a great film? Was that a joke? Yeti kicking field goals and raising their arms for a goal is great movie making?

morganfell3252d ago

Hilarious. You hit the nail on the head. Bubbles. And why is Jaffe back after he promised to go on hiatus?

Timesplitter143252d ago

I really loved Avatar unlike all those pretentious hipsters that fear it will take away their reputation as major intellectuals.

But really 3D is more of a gimmick than a revolution. It prevents you from truly getting immersed in the movie. For me at least

lsujester3252d ago

Yeah, the 3D was cool in spots, but it killed a few scenes as well, especially when it made the framerate look so choppy with the live people.

The story was kinda meh, but it sure was pretty!

starchild3252d ago

I loved Avatar too. The visuals were obviously mindblowing, but the story it told was genuinely heartfelt to me.

Some people have something inside of them that makes them want to hate on anything successful.

AAACE53251d ago

I understand what you mean, but Prestiege is kind of like the difference between someone who has served multiple tours in battle and someone who is new to battles.

Of course the person who has been in several battles will have a slight edge over someone who is new and has just realized they are really getting shot at and fear they might die.

Also, the prestiege gives fans who love the game to keep playing! When I maxed out on MW 1, I got kind of bored cause I felt like there was nothing to do. So I challenged myself by going through with it to see if I could handle people having the upperhand.

(Not you, but in general) Gamers now a days are itches! I remember when a game would come out, have a few flaws and you would just accept it and have fun. Gamers now a days complain about graphics and all kinds of crap like that. And they hate playing online games that put them in their place and tell them that they aren't as good as they thought they were! This isn't about MW 2, but just in general!

I'll admit... I get pissed off at some of these games as well! But then I think about what I did in the game and adapt. Others suck at a game and say the game is horrible! There are some bad games out there, but the good ones get misjudged because people don't realize that you have to adjust your playing style. Like some games you can run and gun, some you have to take a more tactical approach.

Ahh, nevermind... I forgot, this is N4G, so no one will care anyway! They will probably just call me a fanboy and move!

YoungKingDoran3251d ago

i thought avatar in 3d was awesome. it drew ME into the movie at least. it gave me perspective just how huge some of the machines and beasts were, which without 3d would have been very underwhelming. 3d gimmick or not suited that movie well in my opinion.

theunknown3251d ago

AAA: I maxed out 2 years ago (ranking was rather fast) and I still played over and over (especially when PC version had no Prestige).

I'm currently 70 in MW2 and have no plans as the Challenges are far worth the effort then getting image files and restart your hard work all over again.

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3252d ago
hay3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Kojima's God. Jaffe's just wannabe.
Though he hit the sweet spot with God of War and Twisted Metal.

@LoVeRSaMa: Try that with Arnold Schwarzenegger's accent.



Much, much BETTA!

LoVeRSaMa3252d ago



@hay better? ;o

bacon133252d ago


Yea, the man is obviously a wannabe seeing as he created one of the best gaming franchises of the last decade and millions of people have played his games. Nice logic/s....... and your Arnold accent sucks.

hay3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

And is it something wrong to presume he's on his way towards being one of the greatest devs? I think you need a brain check mate.

Wannabe comes from "Want to be", which can be further treated as "on his way to be". Discard the pop-culture pejorative meaning of the term used by forum trolls and think independently for a moment.

My Arnold accent is great, you just read it incorrectly. /s
You realize how stupid your statement about it is?

@Below: * looks at profile * North America? Oh, I see. Ok. I give up, you win.

bacon133252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

no the something wrong is your grammar. you need a classroom. Your interpretation of wannabe is wrong by the way. It's meant as an insult you dolt. Your Arnold accent is still lackluster and lame.

Pumbli3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

bacon13- "no the something wrong is your grammar. you need a classroom" What? I thought sentences usually started with capital letters, especially after periods.

Besides, I can't see anything wrong with hay's grammar.

Attacking a person's grammar on here is idiotic, you have no idea how experienced in the English language the person is. I know what it's like to get scolded for your grammar, my English wasn't always as good as it is now.

3252d ago
sikbeta3252d ago

-"THE MAX SPEED 21: who's this guy?"

-"MichaelJackson: God............."

-"sikbeta: ...of War Director!"

[Focus in Smash the disagree button on THE MAX SPEED 21 Comment]


mfwahwah3252d ago

"Jaffe's just wannabe."

If Jaffe's a wannabe then what the hell is a man like Bleszinski?

Honest question.

UnwanteDreamz3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

EDIT: nm too easy

S M N3252d ago

Bleszinski is just a groupi

starchild3252d ago

What are you talking about.

Jaffe created one blockbuster game (the first God of War). Other than the Twisted Metal franchise, which had decent success, what other majorly successful games has he been behind? I'm not trying to attack him, he is a great guy and a great developer. But you guys are trying to belittle Cliff Blezinski who at least has Gears of War and Gears of War 2 under his belt (two hugely successful games). Not to mention the other fairly successful Epic games he has worked on.

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MajestieBeast3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

This guy is the man that brought us twisted metal and god of war franchise.

I agree with him to much focus on multiplayer these days a good single player game is what i want. Brutal legend couldve been longer if double fine didnt focus on the multiplayer Bioshock 2 will be shorter then 1 why because it suddenly needs multiplayer.


Twisted Metal for me, played out so nicely during multiplayer games. It's where I have the fondest memories while playing the TM series. God of War may have been perfect for single player, but sorry David, Tm was just too much fun playing with a friend... You HAVE to cater to multiplayer in TM. BUT, if the single player is actually done perfectly (great story for each character, gameplay is spot-on, perfected enviro and normal weapon pickups, level design) I'm all for that as well... MP is still where it's at though. Two players was fun, I don't know how I feel about 6+vs6+ human players though.. I liked having one friend play through with me much more than the thought of deathmatches populated by other people.

theunknown3251d ago

Developers should ask Naughty Dog what their secret is.

mastiffchild3251d ago

You'll still be able to pay against as many as you like from your mates list on PSN, won't you?

I totally agree with what Jaffe's saying, though, abvout MP online these days.It's total BS that when you've been playing a game online that you gets perks that help you even more as it makes anyone starting l;ater at a massive disadvantage that has NOTHING to do with skill. What's the point of the most practised players getting extra advantages and perks on top of the natural advantage their experience gives them? My mate , who's really good at MP and esp U2's actually uses some of the perks which make him more vulnerable to make the test of his skill that little bit tougher(the ones like where you show up for all the opposing side wherever you might be-stuff like that)which to me has a lot more popint than giving the better, more experienced playes a further advantage.

Personally I couldn't care less about my stats, trophies, gamerscore(good job as I've ended up losing my Live account three times now! It would be even worse than my two PSN ones, if I knew what it was, as I keep starting from scratch! However, I think it's often an age thing and I'm from Jaffe's generation so I think stat tracking and things like your rank or level going up are fine for people who like it but it should only ever be cosmetic and more prestige (maybe new, exclusive skins for those achieving the certain rank needed)could be given if people do use those equalising perks/boosters as my friend does as I fail to see the challenge in popping oof newbies when the playing field isn't level-fair enough if it's all skill and time spent on the game but why make it even easier for the better, longer serving gamers than it already is? Are the younger generation of our community harbouring a lot of what I call "win babies" as , to me, using a further advantage, even one offered by the developer, is like cheating and would make any win I got using further perks or powerups feel like I'd proven nothing. It would feel totally hollow for me and the facination with things like this and stats goes miles over my head! Is there an element of gamers who want to be sure of winning befor thy start and who like to humiliate people whenever possible just because they can through their advantages?

He should certaionly try to cater for those gamers who want more of the levelling and stat side of things for TMPS3, I'm not saying people who enjoy that challenge of reaching a predestined top rank shouldn't be given the chance-but only as long as it doesn't bestow an actual in game edge so , for me, ranks/levels must remain cosmetic or risk losing the integrity of the online game. I don't think he'll go one way or the other just to avoid following the herd myself and feel he's more likely to make the MP in a similar vein to what I've suggested so that the playing field remains flat apart from your skill or experience levels as that's what i'm guessing is one of the aspects(bar him just not getting it at all lik a lot of us older gamers)that puzzles him about all this.

Funnily enough I've never had the chance to get into TM games and only know what I( do from Youtube videos as it was never popular where I live(I believe that Europe as a whole never really went for it as Jaffe himself has said he thinks a lot of it will have to change for it to appal to Europeans. IIRC he said he thinks it's a little too brash and US centric for our tastes over here!)and I remember shopping with a mate who wanted what must have been the very first game in the series and in the endhe had to order it and I'd never even heard of it and didn't hear a great deal about any of the subsequent releses made in the franchise. I think a lot opf UK/EU gamers missed out on the TM thing and are vry keen to see what the games were really like and if Sweettooth and , erm, mates are as interesting as those cutscenes make them seem so I'm pretty hyped to see him reveal what he's got.

Am I wrong about all this as I'm going purely off what he said and my own experiences and for all I know it muight just be my little corner of the UK that didn't bother with the games-are any UK gamers here big fans and players of the old games?? Is it REALLY a bvery US feeling series-and just how big was it in the States anyway as I hear loads of people saying thye loved it and really loved playing against mates especially on N4G and other sites but very rarely on UK based ones-even OPMUK said it wasn't the biggest splash out here when they interviewed the flla a while ago.

jeenyus3252d ago

"who's this guy? "

He made God of War what it is today.You however,can call him PS2's Jesus.

THE MAX SPEED 213252d ago

thanks for actually answering my Question. I'm into gaming but I dont know the name of every Producers and wtv.

thor3252d ago

Twisted Metal's online community will die out fast without a ranking system... it's the only thing that keeps people playing really. Look at how popular CoD is because it rewards you at every turn.

Wipeout's online community was revived from being practically non-existant once they added a ranking system.

Pennywise3252d ago

hMMM... Fun keeps me playing.

I don't even look at UC2 rankings. I just play cause I like it.

mfwahwah3252d ago

Who cares if they keep playing? Them playing at all means the game sold haha.

And as long as the game play is GOOD then there's no need for silly little gimmicks like "Hey if you play for 2 more hours you can a SHINY NEW HUB CAP YEAAAAAAAH!"

thor3252d ago

I get what you're saying - but look at my example of Wipeout. I love Wipeout HD. It's my favourite game. I love to play it online. But there was a time when I couldn't play it online because there wasn't anyone else playing. I'm sure there were other like-minded people and if we went to the trouble of organising a race I'm sure we could get one - but it's a lot of effort.

Now I play Wipeout HD just for the fun. I already have all the trophies for the main game and the expansion. But if I want to play online, I can't unless there are a load of people playing, even if those people playing are only doing it for the rankings. The rankings gave an incentive for people to play. Say what you like about your own reasons for playing, but the fact is that over the gamer population, people play more if they are rewarded.

I want the ranks to be there not because I want to concentrate on ranking up myself, but because I'll have plenty of people to play against who have been given an incentive to play in the form of experience and ranks. This in turn causes more people to play (because they can find a better game with more people to play against) and you have a healthy online community.

Compare this with the model where there are no ranks; those stat whores among us stop playing after a couple of weeks, and it becomes more difficult to find a decent game. Those players who are playing for fun aren't having as much fun because it takes them longer to find a game which doesn't match their preferences. This causes even fewer people to play and you have a dying online community.

peowpeow3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

How about Halo 3? I love how hard it is to rank in ranked playlists, that keeps me playing

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