Grumpy Gurevitz: Why I fear the one box solution

Grumpy Gurevitz Writes: Recently there has been a spate of predictions that we will soon see the end of the console war, with us being presented with a platform which either supports multiple operating systems, or which is an open platform. The argument is, eventually all publishers and developers will support this as their primary development platform. The other method by which the prediction might come true is that we also might still end up using different platforms, but via a a control box which then accesses the games via the great server in the sky, otherwise known as Cloud computing.

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Jim Crikey3202d ago

This cloud computing malarkey will never take off.

scruffy_bear3202d ago

I'm not so sure, I think there's a market for it

mjolliffe3202d ago

I think PC gamers will jump all over OnLive but when someone becomes a PS3 or 360 maniac, they won't turn away from their consoles - Good article!

scruffy_bear3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Yeah I agree with you there. I also believe the PC crowd will be the first to go over to the dark side

Charmers3202d ago

Not quite sure why you are all so convinced PC gamers will hop on board with onlive ? So far most PC gamers have just laughed at it and pretty much expect it to fail big time. A PC gamer would much rather spend the time and money building a PC that can run games than rely on this kind of thing.

If anything it will be console gamers that leap on it saying such wonderful things like "omgz my onlive console is like $5 and it so beats a $5000 PC".

thor3202d ago

There needs to be a massive infrastructure improvement if we're to see services like OnLive flourish. Cloud computing is not really anything new, and works very well. If anyone's used remote desktop or similar services to access their computer at work, they'll know it's very plausable for most applications.

Gaming is a different kettle of fish. OnLive's "HD" service is only 720p I believe, which is kind of low resolution for most PC gamers. That's why it won't catch on. When we say it takes a beast of a computer to run Crysis on max settings, we're talking insane resolutions. You could easily build a very cheap computer that could run ALL PC games, including Crysis, at max settings in 720p, and most games at better resolutions like 1920x1200. Remember that 720p requires a 5MB connection which, whilst some people have that, they won't have all the time (my connection can drop to 2-3MB during peak times).

The other issue with OnLive is image compression. With a local graphics card you get the exact image as it is rendered. But sending a video over the internet... you need to make comprimises. I'm sure if you've watched videos with particularly fast-moving action (the final fight in "The Matrix Revolutions" is a great example) you'll see how the compression used to send images over the airwaves is pretty poor (wouldn't get the same problems using an analogue signal...) and since games have a lot of these moments you'll probably be seeing a lot of artifacing.

FinalFantasyFanatic3201d ago

Listen to this man! He speaks the truth!
+Bubbles for you.

Really, I've already chalked up onlive as a failure because it's not feasible for it to work without infrastructure similar to Japan or the Netherlands (Your going to need fast internet).

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CrippleH3202d ago

PC user got Steam why would they go to Onlive? You can mod Steam and Steam games(well most of them but not all).

Jockie3202d ago

Onlive is a streaming service - to put it simply all the hardware and graphical computations are done elsewhere and you just stream the content to your computer, meaning all you need is an internet connection (no need for expensive graphics cards in your computer etc). Steam is really just a fancy GUI with a store built in.

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