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Is The Sixaxis Sony's Biggest Fail This Generation?

Gary A Swaby Writes: As Microsoft and Sony are set to bring their own set of motion controls to compete with the Wii, motion controls have been the hot topic for the longest. However we are forgetting that Sony already has a form of motion controls installed with the Playstation 3, and it is known as the Sixaxis. The Sixaxis controls have been knocked constantly throughout the whole course of the Playstation 3's existence on the market. There are many games that utilize the six axis, and few of those experiences have been exactly pleasant.

People have always complained about sixaxis motions being required in video games. For example, many people hated the motion elements of Heavenly Sword, even though it didn't contain too many. Lair is a game that got nothing but negative responses due to the way you have to play with the controller, mainly people would only accept the game once it was patched with an analog controller option. There have even been cases where people were put off of Killzone 2 because of it's very few instances where it's required to use the sixaxis. It is a shame when people are put off such great games, just because of Sony's attempt to let the player interact with the game.

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thereapersson3202d ago

Lack of proper marketing and company direction early in the PS3's lifespan.

Thank God they've improved themselves...

nix3202d ago

that was because "it does only everything" and they just didn't know how to market it.

should we say a game console? should we say blu-ray/movie player? should we say an entertainment media? that was the confusion.

as for the Sixaxis, i did have fun with Warhawk.

"There have even been cases where people were put off of Killzone 2 because of it's very few instances where it's required to use the sixaxis."

oh.. wow. all they had to do was crank the damn wheel using Sixaxis. how can people be put off with small things like that?

gaffyh3202d ago

@nix - Yeah, KZ2's SixAxis implementation was so minor, and it actually felt good to use it to set a bomb, or twist a wheel.

Cajun Chicken3202d ago

Jesus. How could I forget about Flower. I feel like such a fool now! I really enjoyed that experience.

Maddens Raiders3202d ago

no shyt! what a dumbass article. Flower, Flow,the old Lair controls (good idea, badly implemented), Super-Rub-A-Dub, Chimeran shake off in Resistance 1,2, Valve turner and C4 app in KILLZONE 2, and who can forget Twing-Twang!

wtf are these hatemongers thinking that write these articles...?

nycredude3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

ANyone who keeps saying lack of marketing is Sony's biggest fail earlier has no clue of business bottom line.

Sony was hurting big time on every console sold then. They couldn't afford to spend hundreds of millions of adverts. They had to be conservative just to hang in there. now that the cost is down and the overall situation is looking much better they can afford to be more aggressive. They knew that with the track record and Sony name all they had to do was work on making the service better and people would eventually come to Ps3 (check the sales number since release-proves it). If they had spent like crazy to market they would have been digging a large hole for themselves.

Ever heard the term live to fight another day. It's ok to lose some battles here and there as long as you keep your eye on the big picture, which is winning the war.

I agree that they could use more advertising but Sony has and always will be more about content. I would love for them to spam the world over with ads everywhere but that would take money away from R and D and new games. Take a look at halo advert budget. You can develop like 4 or 5 new ips with that kind of advert budget!!!

In the end it's the lineup of games that will bring the consumers in, as evident with Ps1 and Ps2.

mastiffchild3202d ago

Not neccessarily, Nycredude. Accumulation via speculation? Sony still have issues with poor and way too rare advertsisng compared to both Ninty and MS who both serve their demographics better than sony have this generation-even now. Look at the crappy UK "scrap book, 6 form collage"effect ads! Rubbish and assumptuous. they still need to brush it up worldwide, imo, even taking their early issues with finance into account.

UnwanteDreamz3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I have been playing this new drinking game that I would like to share. Everytime the words "Sony" and "Fail" appear together in an article headline you have to take a shot. You have to take 2 shots if the article includes a "2010" .

Guaranteed to be waysted by noon. Go N4G!


No love from you guys for High Velocity Bowling? Great SixAxis game.

orange-skittle3202d ago

It was a gimmick that didn't fit well with a lot of plans for games. the only games that found a use for it were exclusive titles. Unfortunately they are too few of them to make justification for this feature. If you weigh the pro's and con's....yes it was a failure since 90% of the games on the market are multi platform. inFamous, Uncharted 2, and Ratchet and Clank didn't use the feature. The last game to use the feature was Killzone 2. It was an attempt to copy the Wii that failed and the controller could've used a wired headset port instead

Megaton3202d ago

SixAxis was best utilized when programmed to do something in a single shake or swing, like resetting your camo in MGS4 by flicking it up. Forcing someone to play a game that revolves around using it has proven fail. The only exceptions are Flower and High Velocity Bowling.

joydestroy3202d ago

i liked the implementation in KZ2. i thought that it was neat

bnaked3202d ago

no, i love it in Killzone 2..

nycredude3202d ago


Folklore used it great! And I personally didn't have much of a problem with Lair's controls.

captain-obvious3202d ago

i think The Sixaxis is great as it is now

BYE3202d ago

The technology is perfect, but more devs should implement it in a way that works.

Killzone 2, Heavenly Sword and Flower are shining examples on how Sixaxis should be done.

raztad3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I wonder how many of you people have played Folklore. Beautiful Action-RPG with a really good implementation of Sixaxis motion control. I love it, my wife loves it.

Heavy Rain seems to use Sixaxis very well judging by videos. I fail to see how Sixaxis is a failure, thankfully the Dual Shock is a "regular" controller and its motion detection capability is used when appropriate.


Some folks do damage others dont. I'm guessing you are talking about Bargest. Try using the right folk. Keep going the game is just starting to unfold.

Raf1k13202d ago

I've still got folklore but got stuck on that first big bad guy. For some reason I just can't figure out how to kill him but yeah the implementation of the sixaxis is really great in the game.

I don't think it's Sony's fail TBH. I think it's the developers who fail to use it properly and since it's only available on the PS3 multi-platform devs are less likely to implement it just for the PS3.

ape0073202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

95% of games don't use it or have useless uses

but I see cool things in games like lbp, kz2 and flower

overall It feels forgettable, devs should use it like the examples above

Zeal0t3202d ago

BS article! It's nowhere near a fail, its more like a neat addition. I liked it in Uncharted, KZ2 and flow(er)!

syanara3202d ago

I think if it's gonna work with sony's motion controllers then that will really make use of the sixaxis but that is only going to be when the motion controllers come out.

harrisk9543202d ago

Ratchet and Clank... those games also implemented Sixaxis controls in appropriate situations and in a very intuitive and responsive way.

Not to mention:

HV Bowling
Uncharted (I actually liked the way you used it to lob grenades)
Heavenly Sword
Toy Home (an underappreciated downloadable title)

saint_john_paul_ii3202d ago

KZ2's use of sixaxis was awesome. it made sniping much better.

lordgodalming3202d ago

Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction actually did use the motion controls, frequently and to great effect: halo drops, gliding wings, and the laser drill spring to mind.

creatchee3201d ago

I personally like the motion controls integrated into the games (when done correctly). Still, I'll take the DualShock 3 ANY DAY over the Sixaxis.

But Sony's biggest fail was as someone said above - not properly marketing the PS3. They're getting there now, but it did cost them a bit over the first few years to be sure.

WildArmed3201d ago

After playign Flow and Flower, nope.. it's awesome

mastiffchild3201d ago

Having thought about this and read the aricle I have to think some opf this is Sony's own fault, really. noone moans or crows about how well or poorly implemented the rumble is in games, do they? The same should be true of Sixaxis, shouldn't it? Sony's mistake was forcing too much emphasis on it which clearly led to Lair being the pain in the bum to control that the vast majority of people will remember(I think it wasn't that bad to start with once youm got used to it but the normal controls allowed by the lterpatch make it a great looking game that anyone can pick up and play and nothing like the abject fail many see it as-OK the armies weren't massive like we expected but it doesn't change my opinion that Lair geyts too much stick-and a lot from folk who never tried it post control patch or never really gavce the motion a chance as it WAS wonky but not as bad as made out!). Personally, I think it was a little daft to place the emphasis Sony did on the feature to the point it felt forced into games rather than bing used as and wjhen it could make the games better.

Sony themselves made Sixaxis a big issue(and then called rumble "last gen" IIRC to boot!)and were really to blame with it being put in the spotlight when it should have been the icing on top of a cakey game and not the all important, loadbearing sponges of said games! When it altered(and rumble was back-which is why Sony mde a bigger deal of the motion controls in the Sixaxis to begin with rather than the Wii)and went from being as important as it was in Lair to being used for specific tasks or for games that NEED the motion controls to function or "feel" right(Super Rub a Dub, FLOWer or HVB for example)we started getting better and more impressive results, didn't we?

Because of it's ace implementation in games(including exception to the rules Folklore which is one of the most badly underrated games I've played this generation and still feel gutted about the lack of a chance of a sequel!)since the change back to rumble it's shown itself a useful little addition for some uses. The sniping in Killzone2 is my favourite ingenious use in a trad genre-for me timing your shots with it was cool with you holding your breath to time things and bracing yourself against those nearby explosions. It was a SUBTLE use of a subtle control option and as a result almost perfect and certainly something other devs would do well to look at for some inspiration when looking to add a little extrra to a near complete concept perhaps.

Other games-esp PSN games-have usd it well as they can afford to experiment more at their lower budget end of the market and many people love Flower and , rightly, because it's controls fit the game as well or better than any other games I can think of today.

As for the article:Isn't it just a good bit overdue now? Maybe pointing it out as a failing when it was relevant at Lair's review period or when Sony were still in court over rumble it would have made sense but even then, with fewer games than we'd have liked, exclusives going multi and the price of PS3s being too high for many it still wouldn't be among the bigger of sony's mistakess, would it? Anyhow, if it was ever a failure it was only because Sony overplayed it's importance to everyone at launch and just after and since they got more realistic about it and it'as uses we've seen the odd gem of an idea using it and that's the way I hope it continues. Certainly I don't think KZ2 would have had as many stand out moments without it and it feels really tactile and "right" ripping out souls in F'lore and writing a "doomed!" piece about it now seems a little tight to me.

Sony are doing pretty well these days compared to when this was any kind of talking point let alone a problem for anyone! 2010 is an exciting year with familiar and innovative games alike due on all platforms, new motion controls to try and the chance to see just how good Motion Plus is with a mature, sword fighting and gun based game in RS2 on the Wii(among other games to be using it!)-should a stpory like this really be being written right now?

pixelsword3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

sixaxis games are fine, I haven't heard "rampant" complaining on any game except Lair, and even then when people actually played it, most people didn't see what the big whoop was. Lair's only problem was that Factor 5 didn't give properly detailed tutorials in the beginning, and on top of that, you had to UNLOCK THEM during gameplay.

THAT was stupid, and it was not the sixaxis that failed.

GrandTheftZamboni3201d ago

"got stuck on that first big bad guy"

If you think of Bargest, check out these instructions: http://folkloregame.wikia.c...

The key is to figure out which folk uses which element attack, and which folk is sensitive to which element. I wish it was more obvious in the game. You can check the picture book for hints how to deal with some folks. It's quite cryptic, but I found it useful on some occassions.

Zen pinball also uses Sixaxis for things like launching the ball, tilting the table, viewing the table. BTW, I had no idea that PS3 controller triggers (R1, L1) are pressure sensitive until playing this game. It's used for secondary flippers.

rockleex3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

When we popped it in, we could NOT figure out how to cast our line. We tried pressing all the buttons. Nothing happened.

My friend ended up just driving a boat around the lake for awhile. But the problem was, he couldn't make any turns with the boat either!

After awhile, my friend began leaning to one side because he was getting tired of the seemingly "useless" fishing game.

But as he leaned, the boat started to turn!!!

I jumped right up and shouted, "Oh yea!! The SIXAXIS!!!!"
My friend then said, "So that's how you fish!"
I was like, "What do you mean?"
Then he made a motion with the controller like he was actually casting out his line with a fishing pole.

Voila! We were fishing on the PS3!!!

Pretty soon after that, he got hooked to a pretty big bass.
My friend began pulling the controller as if it was real life!
The fish kept moving around, so my friend had to pull on the opposite direction of where the fish was going to keep it from going too far.
The battle between the two lasted for 5 minutes!!

After awhile, the fish lost all its strength.
But we still haven't figured out how to reel it in.
Then for some reason, my friend tried moving the right analog stick around in circles the way you would with a fishing reel and it worked!

It truly felt like he was actually fishing in reel life. *pun intended*

sorceror1713201d ago

orange-skittle - harrisk954 and lordgodalming pointed out R&C used the Sixaxis.

inFamous used it to steer the lightning storm, and it worked well.

Uncharted 1&2 use it for grenades and it's optional for some ledge scaling. Uncharted 2 did drop it for balancing across bridges, though.

NateCole3201d ago

@Pope. That is true. It made sniping feel real because it made you feel like you are holding the gun with the controller. If you twitch or move the controller it feels like you are moving the sniper rifle as well. It made KZ2 even more immersive and who could forget HS. Brilliant.

red5ive3201d ago

is hd-dvd microsoft's biggest assfail this generation?

DatNJDom813201d ago

the launch of PS3 was...... no wait its lack of games......... no wait no x chat....... no wait its exclusives dont sell 6 million games........ no wait it doesnt have bayonetta............. no wait no gears........... no wait no halo............ no wait its 3rd place.......... no wait gran tourismo got pushed back.......... no wait GOW 3 is the same thing again........... no wait..........

Please just STFU

ikkokucrisis3201d ago

I loved how the 6-axis was used in that one too!

FamilyGuy3201d ago

It was VERY six axis oriented and I thought it was great for a budget title. The only thing wrong with it was it not having an online multi-player.

The innovative, award winning "Flower" definitely argues against this articles accusation.

Six axis isn't "bad" or a "failure", it just isn't supported well enough or in a way that gamers want. They should have released a lot more casual games with the six axis in mind.

s45gr323196d ago

Finally someone that understands what the PS3 is. Yes the PS3 poor marketing campaign and mishandle of the Linux operating system prevented Sony from making the PS3 succeed as the PS2. Is unfortunate that it took Sony 3 years to get a good marketing campaign.

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Cajun Chicken3202d ago

No. Go play some Warhawk with it enabled.

nix3202d ago

omg.. Warhawk plays like a butter with Sixaxis. i wish more flight games implemented it like how Warhawk has. it's so intuitive.

Baba19063202d ago

folklore with sixaxis was awesome too.

Cajun Chicken3202d ago

I couldn't help feeling that the Dark Void demo should of had Sixaxis implemented.

WildArmed3201d ago

oo folklore 6axis was awesome too.
I'd rank that up there with flow n flower

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ExgamerLegends23202d ago

Its not like they lost money on it. Its really just an alternate form of control. And it works pretty well when devs decide to use it. I still like yanking ppls souls out with the sixaxis in Folklore.

nix3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

yup.. i remember that game. it was one of the most trippiest game ever! it even beats Tim Burton's movies. it was fun doing it too.

CBaoth3202d ago

IMO it might probably not be Home itself since other people have found use in it. I hate the fact Sony delayed two promising titles I'd rather be playing right now for something I have no desire to use.

mac4u103202d ago

How can HOME be a failure if its still on beta and already has over 10.000.000 users.

mrv3213202d ago

Home says Hi to game room and also say

'Only games... what about a full 3D enviroment to walk around in, enjoy and meet new people. With superior graphics.'

Home is superior to game room. FULL STOP.

WildArmed3201d ago

lol they are making too much money on home to consider it a fail..

Knowing that the fanboy you are,
try taking a good hard look at Game Room.

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