Gaming Nexus: Sakura Wars: So Long My Love Preview

Gaming Nexus writes: "My love-affair with all the wacky stuff NIS releases in America continues with their latest title that will soon be gracing our shores. Sakura Wars: So Long My Love is a melting pot of game types. Much like its setting, New York City, the ultimate melting pot in terms of culture, food, and people. Sakura Wars strikes up a similar comparison, but instead you've got gaming conventions, like the Role Playing Game, the Dating Sim, and oddly enough, a Musical aspect as well. I recently got my hands on the latest preview build and so far, I can see why this series runs deep in Japan. But I've got to ask, why sit on a title for five years before releasing it here?! As the fifth title in the franchise, a few tropes of the series may be lost on American audiences, but in spite of that the game holds up quite well despite being left to age overseas."

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