SCEI trademark 'Legend of Kunoichi' amongst others

CC: Sony Computer Entertainment have filed trademarks for several registrations recently. One of them titled 'Legend of Kunoichi'.

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iron_sheik3198d ago

i think this one is for the wand guys
anyway awesome news no doubt

mjolliffe3198d ago

I hope it's a Zelda competitor. It's the only thing Sony haven't tried to compete with really...

movements3198d ago

Looks like the hardware giant is up to something again. Sony truly has been on a role lately.

mjolliffe3198d ago

They sure have. I think with all the money they're making now from the PS3 price cut, and the motion controller on the way. I think they could compete with anything.

sinncross3198d ago

Definitely, I think some will be motion controlled titles.
Though Legend of Kunoichi. I hope it is similar to the likes of Zelda etc.

Which reminds me... I wonder if SCEA San Diego will make a follow up to The Mark of Kri, or a game similar in design.

I guess they may be too busy with NBA, and MLB The Show though.

Chris3993198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Still holding my breath for a Wild Arms 6 or Legend of Dragoon remake/ sequel though.

@ below. Give her large breasts, a French maid outfit, shotgun barrels for nipples and chainsaw in each hand and call her "Slayonetta": you have a world-wide success on your hands.

young juice3198d ago

give her large breast and an erotic outfit and it will sell in japan.

give her a gun and she'll be loved in america.

lol jk id rather her not have a gun.

but you know what would be cool is if they used that bow and arrow they showed at e3, that kinda looked fun.

Feral Gamer3198d ago

"with all the money they're making now from the PS3 price cut"

I believe Sony is still losing money on the PS3. I haven't read that they're turning profit yet.

AznSniper3198d ago

Wild Arms 6 was rumored to be shown behind closed doors back at TGS last year, and Sony Japan is rumored to be working on a big RPG so LoD2 is possible.

callahan093198d ago

Legend of Kunoichi has a nice ring to it. I like the idea of a female ninja game. I'm excited to see what that turns out to be. The other 3 just sound like motion controller mini-game sorts of things.

BLuKhaos3198d ago

Actually I believe Sony is still losing money on the PS3 but it makes you wonder what the frack is nintendo doing with all the profits they make on the Wii and DS?If Sony are able continue to hemorage money and continue to pump out top quality exclusives year after year(multiple games per year) why can't Nintendo do better with all their profits? Really I want Sidar and his band of Wiitards to answer this question, don't disagree just answer my question.

hay3198d ago

Smells like Tenchu with a chick as protagonist.

tocrazed4you3198d ago

Anyone besides me see the reference here. LEgend of Kunochi ooo I don't know Legend of Dragoon? RPG?

rockleex3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )


Will Slayonetta slap Kratos too? Tune in next week on HHG.

Anyways, on a more serious note.

Could this game be the infamous "Silhouette" game that Gamesblow was talking about?

^^^ Don't be surprised to see that last question as a title for an upcoming article on N4G. :P

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scruffy_bear3198d ago

Sounds like it maybe either a RPG or Action Title

emogen3198d ago

sounds like a female ninja game.

ExgamerLegends23198d ago

Anyway it sounds cool. Ninja always are.

rezenu3198d ago

Yeah! :D

Love me some ninja games.

krisq3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

It'll be like Tenchu.

mastiffchild3198d ago

But not like a recent Tenchu, yes? The controls on the last one(whether you played it on the Wii or PSP) were awful, clunky and barely usable at some points and have been getting progressively worse as the once great series has aged.

However, sort out the controls, set it somewhere cool(so as not to ape Tenchu)and introduce a lot of RPG elements and you could have an amazing game.

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MajestieBeast3198d ago

Sony needs more Pirate games.

BLuKhaos3198d ago

But its main demographic are on the 360 and PC :).

hay3198d ago

I love pirate themes. Though there wasn't good game for years... Or I'm missing something.

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