SCEA to offer alternative print out box art for Heavy Rain

Sony Computer Entertainment America will be offering an alternative print out box art for Heavy Rain on the Playstation.Blog around the time the game launches.

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kwicksandz3202d ago

this is rather worrying. They should show more faith in their product. Surely their focus groups and market tests told them which art to go with?

Parapraxis3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

A lot of fans, myself included asked them.
I bugged them on Twitter and on the blog.
They listened to the fans, that's a great thing.

I find the official NA boxart fugly.
It will take 2 minutes to print it out and replace it.

ceedubya93201d ago

Quick question for anyone that knows. I heard that this game would be change in some territories from its original version. Will the US version be changed at all?

jut4203201d ago

It's worrying to have the option to print up the European boxart and replace your NA cover with it? You should think before you speak. It's not like they are canning the NA boxart because there was an uproar. They saw people prefered the EU boxart (I know i like it better for it's simplicity) and gave us the option to get it. I think they made the NA boxart different because it looks more action packed and will probably get more people to buy it. I think their marketing groups in NA did a great job of making the boxart appeal to more people because in my eyes it does. The NA is more interesting because of all the things going on but like I said, I prefer the simplisity of the EU boxart.

sikbeta3201d ago



Why they have to worry about when the CONSUMERS are asking them that the cover is not as good as the European, is just the COVER pal, not the Game lol

kalebgray923201d ago

do one label on the front... and have the other on the reverse side...i was so shocked when i pulled out the cover then flipped it... months later i wanted to play again

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chewmandinga3202d ago

They did some sort of scheme like this with all the "old" PS3 box-art before the slim came along.

That big red PS3 square on the side really pissed me off, and the Spiderman font has always been Fugly.

It's a shame I have to look at my wonderful new copies of Borderlands, Assassin's Creed 2 and Dragon Age, and then have it look out of place next to my EU Uncharted 2, LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear 4...well box-art wise anyway.

On-topic anyway...I love the EU one compared to American. had a great comparison of EU + Japan / American Cover changes.

Noob3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

The new cover looks a lot better on R1.

vickers5003201d ago

What are you talking about? The new font sucks sh*t. PS3 box art used to look distinctive, now it just looks like it's trying to copy everyone else.

chewmandinga3201d ago

Distinctive? Definately.

But it wasn't very attractive, or sleek, or cool, or any of the things that are associated with PS3, PS2 or PS1.

I love my 60gig model, but I'm still annoyed by the unsightly "Spiderman 3" font plastered across the middle of the body.

But looking like everyone else? The current "redesign" is finally more in-tune with the classic box design on all PS2 and PSP game cases. I don't know who you a referring to by "Everyone else".

The Great Melon3201d ago

The spiderman font never bothered me at all; however, the lack consistency bothers me greatly now. I have only 1 game that has the new art and stands out against the 20+ other games that have the red emblem. I wish that the new PS3 emblem was the same size as the red one, so that there wasn't a change in size when I look at the side of the boxes.

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-MD-3202d ago

Does it really matter to anybody? You look at the game case whenever you put the game away for 2 seconds.

wildcat3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

The American cover does look quite bland compared to EU's atmospheric cover, but I would never be bothered with going out of my way to replace it just so it would look prettier. While I actually play the game, the cover will be tucked away in the shelf anyways.

With that said, some more rain would have done wonders for the American cover.

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