Legend of Kunoichi, A Ninja Game From Sony?

Outside of Sony's heavy hitting first quarter lineup, what else does the publisher have planned for 2010? Four trademarks found by Siliconera offer clues. One points to a ninja game.

Sony Computer Entertainment filed paperwork for Legend of Kunoichi in the US, which sounds like the name of an upcoming ninja game. Probably not a sequel to Sega's Kunoichi aka Nightshade outside of Japan. The three other trademarks are more quizzical.

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tocrazed4you3201d ago

Im praying it is a reference to Legend of Dragoon some how lol.

Snoogins3201d ago

Many, many months ago, the rumor mongers were kicking around the notion Sony was in the process of developing a ninja game called "Silhouette". I absolutely adore feudal, medievil Japan and welcome any game inspired by it. I wouldn't mind seeing KOEI make a remake of Inindo: Way of the Ninja for that matter.

darkvenom3201d ago

a game about a female Ninja hopefully they'll do a good job on it,i remember when Sony owned Tenchu back in the Ps1 days,it was an awesome game the ip had so much potential but it got ruined,i wonder why Sony sold it?

3200d ago