First trailer of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

Activision just sent Xboxyde this first trailer of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, and this new episode seems a tad more interesting than what we got before.

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ITR5155d ago

Most that video footage is from Elementality and some from Almost Rd3.

Looks good so far. I wonder how the Wii ver will control.

Contra265155d ago

i'll settle with S.K.A.T.E.

ITR5155d ago

Skate looks better from EA..but it's still unproven. (no pun intended)

I'd like to try it out though.

felidae5155d ago

looks like they went in the same direction as SKATE - but i think i will give SKATE a chance and rent the new tony to see if it's really that different. they said project 8 is different and in the end it has been the same

ash_divine5154d ago

How exactly have they went in the direction of SKATE? If you mean the look then I'd say it actually resembles Tony Hawk's Underground, which
was ya know, made before SKATE. And if you mean the story well in proving grounds you have the choice of being three different types of skater, while I'm not quite sure SKATE has a story so tell me just how are they going in the direction of SKATE?

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