Gran Turismo 5 faces new delay - Delayed by 1 Month

GI.Biz writes: "Sony has announced a fresh delay for Gran Turismo 5 - the latest in a line of them for the title.

The game had been due for release in Japan in March, but that would now be pushed back a month, the company confirmed in a press release.

Some online reports are saying the release originally said the delay would be three months, which was subsequently changed to one month."

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iron_sheik3297d ago

also so many games are coming out in q1 so reasonable

this is the biggest game of 2010 and will sell millions day 1 in europe alone

iron_sheik3297d ago

not a big deal
However they should have released this in Fall 2010. GT5 would have destroyed that crap looking game called halo reach --which will flop everywhere except us and uk

mcnablejr3297d ago

its suddenly considered a masterpiece?i guess its been delayed quite so much you dont even react to it anymore, no game justifies this much delay, i hope to god those demo's and junk werent anything to go by.

4point7BillionLoss3297d ago

PS3 games take longer to make and cost much more. Delays for all big exclusives are commons ... all the 2008 games came in 2009 ... and now all the 2009 games are coming in 2010 and once again they're delayed.

Sony droids .. get your teeth whitened while waiting for your games !!!

RuPaul3296d ago

After the masterpiece known as Forza was released can you blame them for not wanting to release this sub-par racing sim?

knowledge4lfe3296d ago

hows um splinter cell coming along???? and alan wait??? you moron. sometimes you should think before you speak. buuhhh bbuuuuh bbuuuhh teh halooooossssssssss

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ThePostalDudeX3297d ago

Oh boo hoo a month? We've been waiting years for this game, Month isn't going to make me regret living.

Chris3993297d ago

Put's the game's profits into a new year/ quarter - they've done well enough this year with the Slim. The U.S./ EU release will probably follow in the fall with a new price cut or model reconfiguration (250gig for $299, 120gig for $250).

Simon_Brezhnev3297d ago

Lets see how the US bias media spins it. This is the 1st official delay of GT5.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

The amount of time and resources spent on developing this game is going to mean that it will be put under a microscope when (if?) it gets released.

Any flaw in the game will bring up the question "it took X amount of years to make and they couldn't fix THAT?"

The game better bring it, and bring it hard, or it might not be pretty.

hay3297d ago

Omg, yes, delayed! My wallet will probably survive march!

Pillage053297d ago

Yeah, that was my thought exactly...

I wouldn't mind if they pushed it back 'till summer to help ease that summer drought of games that we've come to know all too well.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

It's all well and good that you guys are happy with waiting, but a lot of people are getting tired of it.

Microsoft Xbox 3603297d ago

Delay or not, it was only Japan's release date. I really only care about US/EU's date. Who knows, maybe this is a sign that they will do a worldwide simultaneous launch.

ChozenWoan3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Between MAG, Heavy Rain, GOW3, GT5, White Knight Chronicles, FF13, and a few other games on my backlog...... 1st quarter 2010 was looking like it was going to Kimbo Slice my wallet.

At $60 a game, a new game every 2 weeks for 10 weeks straight!?! It's enough to make you look seriously at how much you spend on your gaming addiction. This eases my pain just a little... just enough to keep my sanity... I think I have some sanity left... hold on let me check...

Maddens Raiders3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

@ 1.3 -

"The game better bring it, and bring it hard, or it might not be pretty."

- good to see you getting your morning stealth trolling in...

you mean bring it hard like F3? Is that "hard" to you? Because this game is going to look better than any game that's launched on the 360, ever just like UC2. truth is: even if GT had no damage, no weather, no Nascar or track editor or any of that - if it was just GT5 it's still going to sell extraordinarily well amongst the huge following and pull in millions of other rubberneckers and car enthusiasts alike - simply on namesake [Gran Tursimo 5 PS3] because: it's GT and we fans have been waiting for this game like we've waited for all the others and have *never been let down. Not once.

We buy it because of the physics, for PD's brilliance of captured exhaust notes and extreme attention to detail in car models and overall handling, comparable to no other title. For throwing around RUF's and Tommy Kaira's all over tracks that are flawlessly represented on our sets. In short it's the actual closest thing you can get to doing the real thing for ((serious)) racers - and let's face it, that can be very costly and dangerous just ask BMW This is what people that think like you don't understand - no matter what the outsider critics & doubters think, this game is God to video game car enthusiasts and racers and we are the people that keep it alive - not the critics.

People who who would complain about the wait are not real fans of the series because this just doesn't even make sense. Real fans know the history of this team and the product produced. 5 years and a month or two are nothing when waiting for the best, and this will be the best Gran Turismo ever made.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3297d ago

Settle down, grasshopper. lol

No need to blow a gasket.
I was simply saying that with ultra long development times comes a great deal of expectation.
The game will need to be very, very good to justify the time and money spent on it.

Maddens Raiders3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

"The game will need to be very, very good to justify the time and money spent on it."

by this I can only guess that you mean it must include damage, a track editor and weather day/nite scenarios, a huge list of cars and manufacturers,....oh yeah along with the usual ensemble of greatness that comes along with this series that I've already gone on about...blah, blah, etc...., right? what exactly are you looking for that would make it perfect for ---> you?

btw - The long term budgeting has been allocated and factored in for this project before the PS3 was even released! for fvcks sake what are you worried about the financials when Gran Turismo is the name synonymous with the PS? why would they spare expense on their main flagship and why would they not invest the resources properly? do you think PD is just at the office horse-assing around playing grab ass or trying to make the best console racer the world has ever seen?

I think this delay is two-fold in that they want to impact the bottom line in this arm of the company over more than one quarter and to make sure that they are putting out the product we all expect.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3297d ago

Maddens Raiders, I think this might help you...

iceman063297d ago

I understand your logic...but how is this extra month gonna add ANY additional scrutiny for a game that has already had a 5+ year development cycle??? I don't see this delay as related to the game, but probably (as someone mentioned) for fiscal and financial concerns. Plus, as long as it brings the USUAL GT quality...which I have NO DOUBT...since Prologue was great enough! They really just need to be consistent as a dev house. When thinking about PD...when's the last time that they dropped the ball on Gran Turismo? I TRUST them to do what it right for the franchise...even if it means that I have to wait an ENTIRE month more!

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Yes, I wasn't saying that this new delay was going to be the reason for the scrutiny, I was simply talking about the overall time that has been taken up till this point.

However, it must be said that any additional delays only serve to make people doubt any future statements concerning the game's release date, and only add to the already sky high expectations.

There is a fair amount of potential for this game to backfire on Sony, and that is the very last thing they need right now.

badz1493297d ago

I think we'll see that kind of article anytime now! or maybe something like Forza3 DLC pack 2 scared GT5 away! just some of my speculations!

sikbeta3297d ago

@1.3 like if you care about, right?

Anyway, this is for Japan Guys, The US and Europe are not affected by this delay, since Sony said that it'll be a Summer Release

I'm still waiting, Don't care what anyone will say about The Real Driving Simulator and my Console of Choice, GT5 will be BEAST

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Part of the reason I bought my PS3 (in 2008 for $400) was because of GT5, so yes, I care.

3297d ago
ico923297d ago

march is a crowded month for gaming you've got GOW, heavy rain ,FF13it only seemed like the right thing to do

Carl14123296d ago

Indeed. Sony have enough AAA titles in the first quarter. They can afford to shift some around a bit, and spread them out more. This was bound to be the one really as it is the 5th installment in one of Sony's biggest, most popular, and highest selling franchises

snp3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

The amount of time and resources spent on developing this game is going to mean that it will be put under a microscope when (if?) it gets released.


Where's the conjecture on this game not being released? Or did you just think you'd throw that in there - amongst a general setting it up for failure tone - as part of your supposed "non trolling" post?

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FangBlade3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

But in my opinion, they shoul've deleyed it even more.
Why release your biggest titles one after the other?
I hope it wont backfire.

itisa3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I think they should spread the AAA titles a little bit because as far as I know there are not many big guns coming on the latter half of this year.

iron_sheik3297d ago

and by just 1 month so need to make a fuss