Final Fantasy XIII Had Lots of Deleted Content

Final Fantasy XIII art director Isamu Kamikokuryou has revealed that enough content was cut from the game to make an additional game.

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kevco333253d ago

I'm sure it probably did, but it wouldn't be a very good game. It was deleted for a reason. I'm sure most games generally do...

mjolliffe3253d ago

Some will probably be made into DLC I expect, whilst they might leave the rest for the next game (if there is one that is).

thereapersson3253d ago

Gotta love the multiplatform syndrome. When you have to cater to DVD, your only real option is the DLC road.

Sucks we have to pay more this generation than ever before because not all aspects of technology are caught up to the pace of the industry...

mjolliffe3253d ago

I suppose the only reason they thought of DLC was because of the amount of demo's being downloaded on PSN and LIVE.

I just think it's pretty disgusting that the DLC is already on some of our discs and that they charge us extra for it.

SixTwoTwo3253d ago

"The content was already running on actual PS3 hardware, it seems, but was left out due to considerations for game volume and overall game balanace"

Zedux3253d ago

this just goes to show FFXIII had to comprise it's originality and capabilities otherwise we would had seen over 10 dvds for the 360. Shame on SE this makes me despise their whoring even more!

reintype3253d ago

There's a reason why FFXIII is so streamlined and devoid of normal JRPG conventions.

The Killer3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

FF13 sucks, and no wonder why those early reviews r bad!!!

also i am not gonna buy FF13 even if it was the last RPG!!

i hate it when companies like SE play with our most favorite franchise just to make it multiplatform!!

oh i wish FF13 dont sell well at all on 360 so SE will learn a lesson!!


btw hay is my cousin!

actually now that u mentioned it i might buy it for max $20 if there is a discount but no way a full price, and if FFvs13 already out then i dont think i will bother to buy it at all!

and if u own a 360, then just pirate it since it has no online gameplay!

ohh and about hay my cousin, it was a silly old joke of mine :)

hay3253d ago

And if someone will tell me game wasn't compromised cause of being multiplat I'm gonna laugh in his face. Through the net...

@The Killer: I'm gonna buy it. It's cheaper than every new game on PS3/Xbox in my country. I think now it's for a reason :D

Jamie Foxx3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

is when versus is released and the content,graphics and scope of the exclusive version are compared to the the multiplatform game

until then ill hold off all judgment

Guido3253d ago

So it is safe to say:

FFXIII gimped due to the 360's limitations - confirmed.

They only put it that way to be nice to MS for lining their pockets for a stab at having the game on the 360 and at this point in time I think that there is no denying it now.

ChozenWoan3253d ago

That is my must buy price for this game... so I'll be getting it next year. Till then can't wait for VS13.

3253d ago
AllroundGamer3253d ago

Thank you MS for the limitations and "future proof" HW you gave us... and for free this time...

Game13a13y3253d ago

thank you MS for reducing one of the greatest franchise in videogame history to crap.

Pillage053253d ago

I really don't wanna blame the 360 for some of the problems it sounds like we're getting, but it's really hard to not wonder how much the game would turn out differently if it kept its exclusive status.

Although I bet much of the content that was cut, was cut for good reason. I'm really curious though about the first 20 hours being so linear, has anything to do with the multiple discs issue. Hopefully the game is still good though. SE will prolly end up getting my money for it no matter what happens cause I'm so starved for a decent rpg. :P

Microsoft Xbox 3603253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

The 360 is a joke. Gimping it for the rest of us.

Consoldtobots3253d ago

what I don't understand is how MS and SE are able to formulate a contract that invades the scope of the one with Sony. Most of us want to scold Sony for being complacent about the matter but then again they have shown us good reason for not putting emphasis on the 3rd party situation.

gaffyh3253d ago

If this doesn't prove that the DVD limitations have affected the game, I don't know what does...

rezenu3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

So very true reaper.

I had a feeling this was going to happen.

TheLog3253d ago

SE: Opps i make a sucky game what should i do boss?
SE BOSS: Ahh just blame it on MS like everyone does.
SE: Okey dokey.

Who the hell says it must be 3 dvds??? They could make 6 for all i care, as long as the game is great people will appreciate it. Yeah just blame it on MS people for SE poor decision.

bnaked3253d ago

Shame on you square enix!

red2tango3253d ago

Square Enix is making the game fit onto 3 dvds because Microsoft covers the cost of 3 dvds. If you make a game that requires more than 3, then you have to pay royalty fees, which SE do not want to do. In conclusion, no matter what you say, it is the xbox 360's fault.

TheTwelve3253d ago

Not buying this game: confirmed.

Blame Microsoft, sure...but blame Square-Enix for allowing Microsoft to jack up their groove out of greed.


camachoreloaded88063253d ago

the 360's use of DVDs might be part of the reason behind this, we also have to take into account that this happens all the time. Like how plenty of scenes are deleted from movies, sometimes portions of videogames have to be left out as well.

Oftentimes there will be criticisms that a certain scene or chapter of a game doesn't feel right, maybe because it ruins the pace of the game and whatnot. Maybe this applies to the content that was edited out. We have to keep in mind that the developers may have thought that adding Lightning's neighborhood or a zoo wouldn't have improved the game overall.

How do we even know if that deleted content was any good? Everyone is acting like this zoo/amusement park would have made the game a perfect masterpiece, and that this would have changed your already-hesitant minds about whether to purchase this or not. Like I said, I open to the suggestion that the 360 is partly to blame for the removing of this content, but we really have to stop judging like this. If this content was essential to the game, I'm sure they would have kept it in.

thewhoopimen3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Would additional content make or break a game?

One of the chief concerns/complaints from critics with this game was how there are no towns. When you take what this guys is saying about deleting a "HOME" area (which would be one of the 1st towns), you get the idea that many other "towns" were probably deleted as a result of space limitations. Would it have made a difference? Well according to critics one of the MAJOR problems with the game is the general disconnect that you feel moving from area to area. Often times beyond a name, there is no point of reference of the community or city you are in (IE b/c there are NO TOWNS). You don't get to see the culture or dynamics of the area or even get into the gameworld in general because there is no exploration/discovery. Instead of an RPG, it becomes more of a series of fights and conflicts u run into like a fighting game Soul Calibur IV. You get this fantasy setting with a rudimentary backstory on why they should fight and u go at it.

So to answer your question, YES it possibly made a HUGE difference to the outcome of this game. If you don't know where you are at or what is going on to a place, what would be the point of fighting there? With RPGs, discovering that underlying conflict instead of just being told of it is one of the cornerstones of good RPG game design.

Show instead of tell.

TotalPS3Fanboy3253d ago

Another great game ruined and limited by the 360.

*Shakes fist at Microsoft.

FamilyGuy3252d ago

"Say it ain't so SE, say it ain't so!"

Was already up and running on PS3 hardware? It would've been nice to see the true version of FF13 but apparently a 4-6 disc package is entirely too expensive to manufacture over a 3-4 disc one.

vhero3252d ago

2 reasons I can think of either for DLC or to cut down the discs for 360.

pixelsword3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

it makes me sick to my stomach that the game was released at all, knowing what it could have been.

Ravage273252d ago

what i don't understand is the need to limit the game content to 3 dvd worth of space. What's the problem with releasing it on 6,7,8 discs if that is the true game volume? Couldn't M$ waiver the per disc royalty just this once? It's an FF game for god sake

Ravage273252d ago

there can only be 2 reasons
1) They didn't have enough time to polish it, which is no excuse really considering that they had 6 years of production time.
2) Their aim to fit it on 3 dvds. This is exactly what SE said.

Stuff gets deleted all the time but an entire game worth of content?!?!
And there's no way anyone can spin that into a good thing. Removing them for pacing issues is pure bullsh%t, they can easily be made optional and it will be a non-issue. More likely than not, i feel it is due to SE's greed and their plans to capitalize on DLCs. This is their chance after all, FF13 is very likely the only HD game they released this gen that is profitable.

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ThePostalDudeX3253d ago

Thinking about picking up my first Final Fantasy game since there is no story continuance in this game from the others. There was two gripes I had with the series.

1. CGI while it always may look better then the game was no excuse to have the game look like something out of the N64.

2. The combat sucked assss will this be more akin to God of war or the same turn based bull? I hit him......OHHHHH I MISSSSSSED i gotta heal myself OH NO I DIED AH CHIRST next guy.....okkkkkk......i got yaaa....

kraze073253d ago

"The combat sucked assss will this be more akin to God of war or the same turn based bull?" Wow, this is the first time I've ever heard someone say they want a Final Fantasy game to be more of an action rpg then turn based. I have to disagree with you there. I wish they would stick with the completey turn-based formula.

DaTruth3253d ago

I hadn't played a Final Fantasy game since there was no number on the end. I thought I would hate the turn based combat; But the TGS trailer made me reconsider based on the story aspect of the game(Even my girl wants to play it and she has no interest in videogames). I downloaded FF7 and am having a blast with it, unable to put my PSP down!

Meryl3253d ago

why I am I not surprised, some compromises had to be made, to fit this game on a decent amount of DVD's for the X360 version oh well FF Vs XIII will make up for this game.

The Killer3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

this is for u,
coming from deep of my heart
for your excellent cooperation
on screwing the most
famous JRPG game since a decade
and i wish u a failure
results of this cooperation

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............./´¯/'. ..'/´¯¯`·& amp; #184;
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..............\.............\ ...

Trebius3253d ago

At least now the Xbox fangirls wont be able to argue it.

This is straight from the horse's mouth.

Hear that FlopBoxPleaseFixMe players?

Your system has no games, and the games it buys out get gimped hardcore.

Now I bet next we'll hear from Rockstar that GTA4 was gimped to avoid multiple disc issues on the DvD.

Doc Sony3253d ago

GTAIV was gimped for the 360

Rockstar North has come out and said Agent will be what GTA IV should have been without the limitations of DVD.

From the horses mouth, I swear.

3253d ago
JasonPC360PS3Wii3252d ago

Yet GTA IV on the 360 looked and played better LOL nice try droid

CernaML3252d ago

Wasn't there talk about Rockstar having to gimp the size and content of the game due to the DVD limitations?

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movements3253d ago

Whoa, enough to make another game? Wow.... That's serious right there

Kamikaze1353253d ago

Would that "other game" be a town builder? haha, jk!