Confessions Of A Game Bargain Addict


"Everyone loves a bargain, no matter what the product, and gamers are no exception. But it's no longer just about finding a game at a cheap price.

The trade-in system employed by major game retailers such as EB Games, JB Hi-Fi and GAME means consumers are continuously looking for loopholes in order to get a new release game for as cheap as possible. [ED: Even Amazon have entered the trade-in fold]...

But at what point does searching for and buying bargain games hinder the actual enjoyment of gaming? Spending hours scouring UK import sites (CD Wow, ShopTo) for crazy prices or the odd cheapie on eBay that seems to slip past every other bidder can become an obsession of sorts."

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BadCircuit3200d ago

I tend to take too much time trying to make my mind up and miss out!
But then I don't have much cash to buy much.

bruddahmanmatt3200d ago

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift for $10 remains my biggest current gen bargain to date. And I snagged that one back in June '09 while the game was still selling for a full rip $60. I also managed to snag Dead Space, Warhawk and Mercs2 for uber cheap this past summer. Wal-Mart and Target clearance racks FTMFW.

The Great Melon3200d ago

Wow, I thought picking up Motorstorm for $20 a few weeks ago was as cheap as it would go. Definitely an impressive find.

Although I didn't Dead Space uber cheap, I was impressed to find it for $30 a week after release.

gaminoz3200d ago

Whenever I've done that the store has done a bait and switch: they have maybe 1 copy of the sale game and really are reeling you into the store hoping you buy something else.

I do the eBay thing though...

XboxOZ3603200d ago

I used to be an avid game bargain addict, especially in lastgen's Xbox era. Boy did I get some bargains. But this-gen, there seems to be less of them, and far too many games coming out to keep track of.

Those who complain that there's no games, they need to go back a few years and see what was available back then, Even as early as 2004-5. No wone publisher can put out a game each week (EA published 55 games in 09).

Bargain hunting is great, but boy can it be frustrating.

Godem3200d ago

I used to buy try and find the cheapest possible way to get new releases when i was unemployed, but now that Im working i just can't be bothered anymore.

Noob3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Reminds me of the first(and probably the last) time I attended a Black Friday. Sometimes it's just not worth it, but saving money is a good feeling.

The Great Melon3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Shoot, I find Black Friday fun. Even if I am not going to buy anything, I enjoy being in the shopping rush. Black Friday has become a tradition for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.