Disney/Buena Vista Throws Support Behind Blu-ray

Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced that it will begin releasing Blu-ray movie titles in September. "The Blu-ray Disc represents a major technological breakthrough in our industry, and just as DVD revolutionised home entertainment, the Blu-ray Disc promises to deliver a new and unparalleled consumer experience," said BVHE president Bob Chapek. "We are confident that the Blu-ray Disc will be the high-definition choice for the home entertainment future."

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I thought disney have been supporting blu ray since it was announced by sony?

bernie6546d ago (Edited 6546d ago )

In 6 months time they'll also back HD DVD, I hope so anyway it's the far better format. It'll be a shame not to buy Disney, oh well they'll see the light eventually.

shoota336546d ago

Blu ray is the superior format PERIOD are you an idiot or something blu ray has all the support and hd dvd doesnt.the only reason you like hd dvd is becasue your head is up MS @ss.if MS had blu you would be praising it.

BIadestarX6546d ago

Don’t forget Sony also had all the support for UMD and that didn't stop it from going from "The future of portable multimedia" to a piece of crap no body wants. So I wouldn't be so prompt to use this as a sign of success.

shoota336546d ago

thats different you stupid @sswipe.umd was just for psp.blu ray is for everything.billy is calling you xbot

johnrichardandrew6546d ago

You know adding You know adding words like "@sswipe" doesn't help your case in presenting your thoughts as logical or sensible.

Bluray is not the superior format, it's worse for cost and features- last time I checked that was something that mattered.

I'll tell you what, you list every advantage of Bluray and I guarantee that I can disprove, nullify or flat out beat it with the HDDVD specs- Microsoft had no financial reason to choose HDDVD over Bluray it came down to what was best.

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omansteveo6546d ago

listen to major nelsons podcast

Karibu6546d ago

When it's major nelson, it's more like potcast.

Asuka6546d ago

yes its old news that Disney is supporting Blu-ray, but that's not what this news post is about. Its about Buena Vista now supporting Blu-ray, that's what's new.

omansteveo6546d ago

Im not taking sides on either but you have to admit that blu-ray has been gettin alot of bad reviews and HD-DVD has been gettin alot of praise...im a movie freak and just from what ive heard up til now HD-DVD has an advantage in picture quality and special features...i might get flamed for sayin this but you guys cant deny that no matter how loyal you are to a brand