God of War III US Official Release Date Confirmed

According to the Sony corporate e-mail sent to GameStop stores today, God of War III now has a confirmed street date of March 16th, 2010. This is huge news for all Playstation 3 owners, it seems the rumors on the release date of God of War III is finally confirmed.

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alicialovesgaming3199d ago

It's about time! Can't WAIT to play it!

WildArmed3199d ago

Agreed. thats one day before my b'day.. i guess i might have to cheat on my b'day gift and open it a day earlier =p

Exquisik3199d ago

Are you going to get a PS3 for God of War III?

bacon133199d ago

Can't wait to take that Tues. off of work. GoW III all day baby!

Sev3199d ago

Woot, so that means I should get it the end of Feb/beginning of March.

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nogolis3199d ago

I'll pick it up... I loved the last 2 for what they were. I liked 1 more than part 2, though. Like a lot more. I hope this one works for me.

WildArmed3199d ago

I love GoWI, but never got around to finishing GoW2.
Part of it was due to that crappy disc I got from blockbuster that didn't allow me to pass a certain part in the game.. and the other was that when the disc did come, I was too busy with other ps3/360 games to bother.

Maybe I should pick up GoW collection and see how GoW2 is b4 march

badz1493199d ago

I think you should! it's the better version afterall! I just platinumed GoW2 like 4 hours ago and I think it's a deeper game than the 1st! I platinumed that as well but the puzzles in 2 sometimes made me scratch my head! GoW2 is definitely more challenging than the 1st! the collection made those 2 games feels definitive and a must-play! why the hell didn't I play these games when they were released? but with the collection, I'm relieved (plus the 2 platinums) and I'm so ready for GoW3! so, March 16th it is? can't wait!!

WildArmed3199d ago

2 plats and 2 awesome games for 40 bucks does sound as a good incentive as any xD

I guess i'll go get that game soon

Unicron3199d ago

As long as its DONE and not being rushed to meet a date, then hurray!

ThePostalDudeX3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

In the end there will only be chaos! Cheesy line from the back of a cereal box cartoon. But hopefully the game will be better then the crap I played in the demo, and before anyone jumps my bones I'm just saying I expected more gore in this one....I cut open a demon and it's intestines slithered out? Come on where were the rest of the organs? Looked like crap.

*Edit* Seriously guys you can't tell me you were NOT dissapointed by the lackluster gore.......

callahan093199d ago

You were disappointed with the "lackluster gore" in God of War 3? No possible way you're serious. It's by far the most gruesome, brutal, gory game ever and it's just the demo.

saimcheeda3199d ago

PlayStation Domination in 2010! The game I have been waiting for is finally coming!! Im going to buy the PS3 bundle of this game!

WildArmed3199d ago

Hopefully you'll enjoy your first experience on the PS3 (you chose heck of a title to start with) Hope it won't get too 'chaotic' xD

saimcheeda3199d ago

actually i already have a fat PS3 im buying a slim now with GOW III! I'll give the fat to my bro!

badz1493199d ago

nice one dude! go spread the PS3 love! +bubbles!

WildArmed3199d ago

well.... then i hope the GoW3 bundle doesn't have a special skin =p
Otherwise I'll have to buy one too >.<
Like the MGS4 limited bundle lol

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