PS3 Version Of FFXIII Rapidly Climbing The Sales Charts At Amazon

Doesn't matter what might be said about Final Fantasy XIII, there's one thing you should know, that game will sell hotter than hot cakes when it arrives in March, especially on PS3.

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mjolliffe3293d ago

Not surprising. It's one of the biggest games at the moment.

blue7xx73293d ago

Yeah agree but it wouldn't surprise me to see the ps3 version outselling the xbox 360 version since xbox 360 owner don't seem to really like the jrpg genre to much if im judging the sales of the ones on the 360.

camachoreloaded88063293d ago

that's made a small contribution itself. I bet if they put Fang on the cover it would sell slightly more.

But not all three main chicks (Lightning, Fang, Vanille), cause then people would be reminded of FFX-2 (not that X-2 was even a bad game).

I thought the cover of XII looked pretty cool, with the whole cast on the cover and all. But the collector's edition cover was WAY better, with that badass judge just taking up the whole space with a huge sword in each hand.

Haha, I've gotten way off track, sorry.

evrfighter3293d ago

my whole buying a ps3 was for this game but from what I've been hearing as of late....

You really can't go back to towns you've visited before? Is there really not an open world map?

hagla3293d ago

Wow you must be sherlock holmes? What a bold prediction... *sarcasm*

Of course the Ps3 version of FFXIII will sell more

GrandDragon3293d ago

Downloadable content will make this game the best JRPG ever, I think Sqaure Enix should announce the DLC when it is released so to get people happy for what they did with the editing and cutting

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rbluetank3293d ago

i am wondering how the 360 will be judge if the ps3 has the better version and it has low scores... this is why you take the best console for the game you are dev and make the best game possible. these multiplates are ruining good brand games...

FamilyGuy3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

the 360 version somehow turns out better? What if the 360 version in-game actions look better or run smoother? I know the PS3 is the lead platform and the 360 version is the port. I know the 360 version will have compressed audio, video and its CGI scenes won't be 1080p like the PS3 version but still. What will we PS3 owners say if the 360s version textures look more detailed, it has shorter loading times (somehow) and the frame rate is better?

I'm not one for "eating crow" so I think we should just wait till a trailer of the 360 version is at least released before continuing claims that might bite us in the end.

It's Final Fantasy, reviews mean nothing for this game. Millions will want to see it for themselves before trusting a critics opinion about their beloved franchise.

iamtehpwn3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I doubt it. The texture can't be better. Because it is a port, The texture can only be at best the same, or possibly worse.

Framerate will not better because as a PS3 importer myself, I've never seen the framerate dip that much, can't do better on 360 really, it's capped at around 30fps.

Shorter load times. Maybe, DVD does have faster Read times than bluray disc, but the chances of scratching one of the discs, is very high. (My Halo 3 disc got scratched and my Xbox360 RROD at the same time)

AridSpider3293d ago

Can you provide some links that state the 360 version is confirmed to be loosing all that data? Last time I checked, Square never even confirmed yet how many discs they will use for FF13 except their 'aim' for 3 disc....

Blaze9293293d ago

Of course he can't becuase that was never said nor confirmed by Square. For all we know, the 360 version could come on 5-6 disc o_O. No one knows. That 15GB of data loss is complete bs.

Unless someone here can provide links from Square stating that?

Don't worry I'll wait.

AAACE53293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Can everyone please quit using the phrase... "RROD". Not because of what has happened to a bunch of 360's, but because it is such a stupid name/phrase or whatever. It looks stupid and sounds stupid! Can't people just say "Burnt" or "Fried" or something that doesn't sound like an idiot made it up!

On topic... There is no doubt that the Ps3 version will sell more. Alot of people first played FF games on a PS console, so most will probably target the Ps3 version.

@Ceekay... People didn't seem to mind swapping disc on the Ps1, so I don't see why they will have a problem now.

You gotta keep in mond that we are gamers and stuff like that makes a difference to us! But the typical consumer will probably look at it and say... I already have a 360 so why should I spend $300 to buy a Ps3 just to play this game?

(Teaching lesson for today) In order to predict what someone will do, you gotta be able to look at things from someone elses eyes with an unbiased opinion!

Class dismissed!

@2.6...Lol... That works I guess!

baum3293d ago

First "But what if
the 360 version somehow turns out better?"

then "I know the 360 version will have compressed audio, video and its CGI scenes won't be 1080p"

OK, before saying anything, let's all agree to not state any contradictions that render any arguments you may have as useless, ok?

Or, to put it more bluntly for you, the 360 version CAN NOT BE BETTER if only for the things you just said. Could it have other features? Perhaps, but it can't be the definitive version solely for the fact that it's gonna be beaten in several areas from the get-go.

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Trebius3293d ago

I'll probably be upset at what it COULDVE been...

But i'm not going to stop my tradition of playing and conquering every Final Fantasy game.

BYE3293d ago

People are smart, they simply don't want to go through the hassle of changing discs.

Unicron3293d ago

and yet my interest in the title continues to fall... fast.

bacon133293d ago

Agreed. Going multiplat hurt the production and presentation of this game too much for me to warrant a day 1 purchase. I see DLC being rained down upon us after the debut of all the cut material from the game.

red2tango3293d ago

There is an article on N4G discussing how a lot of content was removed that was originally running on the PS3. This is obviously because of the 3+ dvd royalty fees from Microsoft. Hooray for a gimped multiplatform title. If FF13Versus stays exclusive, we'll be able to compare...

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