Shiren The Wanderer Screens Flaunt Cast

With Shiren the Wanderer hitting stores in North America early next month, Atlus has released a bunch of new screenshots alongside a blog update explaining more about the storyline, which is improved over the previous games in the series.

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Kyll3200d ago

flaunt, such a good word xD. Screens are kinda lame though

CoffeewithChess3200d ago

I'm not familiar with this game. Is it an RPG type game?

ShawnCollier3199d ago

If you've ever seen the Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon game it's similar to that. You move, your opponents move. You make an attack, they attack.

Search "rougelike" --- it'll explain it better.

3199d ago
SpoonyRedMage3199d ago

ahh Chunsoft.... brilliant developers.:D

I'd love to see a new mainline Dragon Quest from them.

3199d ago