"Wii 2" could be here within the next few years, says Pachter

Analyst believes PS3 will win console battle

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has told that he believes a higher spec, HD-enabled "Wii 2" could be on the shelves "in a couple of years".

He goes on to say that "it's easy to envision a Wii 2 in a couple of years that runs at full HD, and has both a Wii-mote and an analog controller, so that all games can be ported to it."

"If Nintendo were to introduce such a device, it would be fully comparable to the Xbox 360 - perhaps it wouldn't have Blu-ray, so a comparison to the PS3 may be unfair - and would likely have most of the same third party content as the other two devices."

But Pachter did agree with Steinberg that the PS3 "will ultimately come out on top". Victory, he predicted, will be the result of a console price cut to USD 199 and the success of Blu-ray.

Price point is key, said Pachter - observing that 80 per cent of all Xboxes sold in the US were purchased for USD 199 or less, with the figure approximately the same for PlayStation 2.

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ITR4736d ago

$199 by 2009? What is this guy smoking?
He has to mean in like 8-10 yrs.

Because I don't see a $300 price drop

If the PS3 is $199.
I guess that makes the Wii2 $99.99 or less.

boi4736d ago


well you never know!

witchking4736d ago

That was the same thing I thought.

First off, I don't see Nintendo diluting Wii sales with talk of a Wii 2, BUT... I do think that someone has to wake up and realize these are Gamecube games with a wiimote attached to them. I mean, if you're even vaguely interested in going HD, the Wii is just not in the same league. That being said, Nintendo has definitely captured the "fun factor" without the graphical enhancements.

But is 199 is the price point at which systems sell, then PS3 has L-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-N-G way to go. There's just no way they can reduce the price $400 in 2 years. I'd love it; it's what I'm waiting for; but I don't see it happening.

PS3 will NOT win this generation. It's too expensive, they don't have the games. Wii will take a lead for a while, but if it is truly a fad then sales will begin to falter. It's possible that Nintendo will be first out of the gate next generation with an HD-based Wii, but I suspect that Microsoft left enough on the cutting room floor in this gen to be close on their heels. If Nintendo falters, then the superior (as of now) Xbox 360 library *should* allow it to hold off PS3.

PS360WII4736d ago

Yeah see Nintendo will make an HD power system when it's nice and affordable which is really a nice gesture if you ask me

sumfood4u4736d ago

It might be Un~Be~Wii~able. But I guess all Wii have to do is Wait an See. Good~Luck Nintendo!

kewlkat0074736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

if SONY was to have a -$400 price-cut, I'd have a PS3 by now.

I think it will take much longer, for that type of price-cut to come. Remember we are saying the "sweet spot price" for this gen might be that $300 price. The 360 is already so close to that price, and lets not talk about the wii.(Part 2 might be here, selling for the same price).

While the $200 tag last gen was comparable, the Economy is a little different this Gen. I wouldn't say consumers are making more money. So yeah, price will play a big factor on what people are willing to pay to pay new Franchises, next renditions of past favorites, and their classic games for whatever console.

Numark4736d ago

hmmm, I think all console fans should agree that this writer is an idiot...

Leon Kennedy4736d ago

I'd say probably three years before the PS3 hits $199. And by that time, we'll probably have Xbox 720. All Sony can do right now is drop the price and get more exclusives. Wii and 360 are killing in both of those areas right now.

witchking4736d ago

I wouldn't go that far. Pachter is a respected analyst in the games industry. However, being an analyst means that he's paid to read the tea leaves. I would agree that on this occasion I don't agree with his analysis. That doesn't mean he's an idiot. Does everyone always agree with you? Do they call you names when they don't? Have some respect.

Numark4736d ago

maybe he is not a complete idiot, but saying the ps3 will be 199 dollars was sure idiotic. And i sort of lose respect for "analyst" when they say stupid stuff like he did.

Lucidmantra4736d ago

true it will be $200 someday but that day will not be until PROBIBLY.

1) they have recouped costs for development of the PS3.

2) they have integrated and/or reduced the size of the chips.

It could realistically happen in 2009... Developed chips in 2006 timeframe, 2 years to reduce once (Moore's Law) leaving 2008 when they could drop the price but will they halve it or just start slow due to the fact Blurays might still be pinching the price to keep it from truely halving the price. then they could drop it again in 2009. to get to $200

But I think Xmas 2010 to be on the safe side. they will have a big library of games and some second sequel waves could be up... MGS5, warhawk 2, resistance 2, as well as some of the biggies we haven't even seen part 1 of yet. <all this is my opinion...and I am not a paid analyst...>

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