Games are not Movies-Thoughts From The Dojo#1

Gary Francis of wrote

"Back in the day RPGs were our break from testing how skillfully we could destroy cannon fodder and not get hit. These were the games that tested how well we could out think the AI set before us. Inventive(for the time) boss battles such as the mist dragon from Final Fantasy IV showed us we couldn't just power through everything, sometimes we had to wait and defend.

These days the genre has transformed into "Hey fight these easy enemies so you can see the cool movie we've got for you that not only looks pretty, advances the story, AND allows us to show you an epic battle instead of switching up turn based gameplay and allowing you to do it yourself" This isn't all RPGs, games like Valkyria Chronicles and the Disgaea series keep the spirit of the old school alive to this very day."

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Kojima disagrees and so does David Cage

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