VGChartz: Bayonetta (360) Review

VGChartz writes: "Bayonetta is truly a triumph of its genre, but not perfect. Pacing is harmed by the lengthy cutscenes and disjointed plot, and graphics can be a bit bland, but it's hard to care with all the style, action and humor the game has. The overall value of the package is great, and both newcomers and veterans can enjoy it. Of course, in the end, for an action game nothing matters as much as gameplay, and in this area Bayonetta stands tall and sexy above the competition."

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bmw693200d ago

Yet again the 360 version comfortably beats the PS3 version - how did Sega mess it up so bad?!

Homicide3200d ago

This is such an incredible game. It just dethroned DMC3 as my favorite action game.

Duke_Silver3200d ago

I need to check this game out then, always thought the premise looked cool, then they used La Roux in the commercial, and now it gets good scores...LOL

Braineater24483200d ago

I really need to buy this. I saw it at E3 and it was amazing then. I can only imagine what it's like now.