BioShock 2 Is 10+ Hours Long

As you may already know, BioShock 2 introduces multiplayer to the series. However, that doesn't mean the single-player portion won't be significant as well.

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Greywulf3292d ago

All the stories are ice cold.

ape0073292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

bioshock 1 was one of my favorite games in this generation but I got a very bad feeling about this game, it's the fact that

1-it's not developed by irrational games(knows as 2k Boston but now they are back as irrational games)

2-it feels the same

and oh one more thing, it's a multiplat game that was known as an exclusive, again all the fanboy enegry is lost

what do you think?

add points if you have ideas

EvilCackle3292d ago

Maybe people are just too focused on other big releases? ME2 and MAG are getting a lot of attention because their release is closer. Once those are out of the way, I think we'll see a spike in interest. It'd be a shame if this game didn't get any love.

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kingdavid3292d ago

Bioshock was known as an exclusive? Beats me..

I think the main thing which ruined the hype for me was the delay. I cant stand when a developer makes and sets a release date only to retract it. I can only assume this had something to do with the lame multiplayer add on they wanted to include. (Im a firm believer bioshock should be about an atmospheric single player experience only).

goflyakite3292d ago

I care, I can't wait for this!
Only a few more weeks.

I'm gonna do an evil play through first then a good one.

TheIneffableBob3292d ago

BioShock wasn't exclusive.

People aren't as hyped about BioShock 2 because, while BioShock was decent on its first run through, once you got past the story you realized that the gameplay was quite shallow. It's essentially a corridor shooter with some magic powers.

Also, the marketing behind BioShock 2 isn't as significant.

ReservoirDog3163292d ago

I'm excited for it. And I'll get it eventually. I'm putting a hold on all game buying till further notice. I'm swamped with like 8 games. Too many to justify another purchase.

But it looks really good to me. And I'm sure it'll do good in reviews and everyone that played and liked 1 will buy it.

Rockox3292d ago

I'm not really sure why I don't care about Bioshock 2, but I agree with the points ape007 made about different developers and sameness. I really loved the first one, but I'm just not excited about this new one. The multiplayer looks goofy as hell. And I've already got three games I'll be picking up in the next two months.

Maybe once the summer hits, I'll pick it up cheap.

AKNAA3292d ago

Didn't really like the first one( $15 @ the bargin bin and I still didn't buy it!) and I'm most likely not gonna even pay attention to the second...

Maybe its just because I don't like FPS that much?!?

PrimordialSoupBase3292d ago

The book is closed on that world; BioShock was complete unto itself and doesn't need to be stretched out. The only decent premise for another game would be a prequel, to see the fall of Rapture, but that was stupidly reserved for a multiplayer game that no one will be playing past the first month of release.

FamilyGuy3292d ago

So I was about to talk sh!t about it being so short but BioShock is another story. I wonder why Multiplayer wasn't in the first one though? Same with Uncharted 1, and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja: Storm

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Nitrowolf23292d ago

can't wait for this game, i loved BS1 and will purchase this

El_Colombiano3292d ago

haha I read Bull Sh*t 1 when you said BS1

3292d ago
Mac is OK3292d ago

The first one was about 20hs long so it's kind of disappointing. Hopefully the multiplayer will be good.

El_Colombiano3292d ago

20 hours!? Yeah if you played it multiple times!

Mac is OK3292d ago

I think if you just go wherever you're told to and don't explore other areas it may take less, but most people I know finish it in around 20hs and that was the length given by Take Two when the game came out.

EvilCackle3292d ago

I felt like the first game only took around 12-ish hours with a decent amount of exploration. They don't tag the save files with play-time, though.

jessupj3292d ago

I'd say 20 hours is about right. I'm an avid gamer and it probably took me 15 hours, so 20 for the average gamer.

I'm quite disappointed seeing bioshock 2 close to 10 hours. Here in Australia new releases are $110+, so I can't justify that amount of money for 10+ hours. If they do a good job of the multiplayer and doesn't get stale shortly after then I'll reconsider.

I loved the first and I really want this to be a good game so I can justify buying it and experiencing it.

legendkilla3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

no point spending all that money when you can rent it and complete it in a weekend or a couple of days . Unless the online multiplayer it good ?

jessupj3292d ago

Thing is, a game needs to be rented for a minimum of 3 days to finish if you're a working man. Here in oz it costs at least $20 for 3 days. It's absolutely sh*t. I think it's such a waste of money renting I only ever buy, so I do ALOT of research before I buy as you could imagine.

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kingdavid3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Its a real shame when people start bragging about a games length being a shade over 10 hours.

I got 15 hours out of bioshock 1.

Years ago games used to have significant campaigns, we can blame the COD era for a reverse to that trend.

nix3292d ago

i agree..

i've put like 60+ hours already in Demon's Souls and i haven't even reached half point. true bliss is what i get everytime DS. ok... it's a mixture of bliss and sh*t loads of fear! q:

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