New Motorstorm patch making the game unbootable

The new Motorstorm time trial patch is available for download through the PSN Store, however it seems that although it has been delayed already it's still not ready to be released. After downloading the new patch Motorstorm is unbootable.

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Blackmoses4737d ago

you have to delete the 1.1 fw updat for the game in order for the new one to work. Why it just doesn't over write it when downloaded is beyond me. does work, just need to delete the old update from your game saves folder.

daboosa4737d ago

they should at least say this if there goin to do it like this

nobizlikesnowbiz4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

That would suck. Hopefully Sony fixes fast.

Gotta feel sorry for those PS3 gamers who only have one game to play now since Motorstorm is gone. Lol go back to RFOM.

Aren't those 2 games getting old? Lol.

EDIT @ below: C'mon guys I was just poking some fun. Don't get all bent out of shape.

Premonition4737d ago

You have the nerve to talk, you know how many topics were posted on here where there was something wrong with an xbox patch or game demo download. People need to think before posting, and trying to be cool and or funny.

Bill Gates4737d ago

Bro you're right. Some people need to relax, and not take some things so seriously. It's just having fun. With that said, I still thing the 360 sux...hahaha

brianodom4737d ago

warhawk beta to hold me

shotty4737d ago

hey sony guys, got a long do game firmwares usually take to download and install? I was doing it for my cousin and his took a while and im not too sure if it was his internet or not.

Premonition4737d ago

Depends on how many people are downloading that patch, speed may vary.

Snake_Doctor4737d ago

like 20+ mins. But I usually download them on the computer and transfer via usb drive.

warfed4737d ago

system firmware takes me about 3-5mins.... warhawk (800mb) took me about 7mins

kewlkat0074737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

But see guys, it's not only the 360, that has "growing pains" with Patches. Let alone there is not much games out for the PS3 getting patched and updates.

How many games fixes, patches, and updates have Xbox games gotten compared to the PS3 gaming library? Well there is a lot. Of course gamers are never mad at Sony when they screw up, but so quick to judge MS. Of course this has nothing to do with MS. I know it will turn into "well 360 has more patches and screw ups"

beast4737d ago

And what does your useless rant have to do with motorstorm.

Xi4737d ago

it has to do with the hypocrites on this site, they post flame about how MS sucks and the 360 suck, but when something happens to the ps3 they post "it's okay blah blah blah".

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The story is too old to be commented.