Wii hype may fade soon -Sega

The novelty of Nintendo Wii video game console could wear off by next year, a top executive at game publisher Sega said on Thursday, offering an unusual note of skepticism over the hit machine.

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PS360WII4735d ago

Well basically everyone on the site has been saying that since it's launch.

What I'm getting at is ANYone can say what they want and ONLY time will tell. I'm not a dreamer obviously sales need to slow down but lets ride the wave while it's high eh?

Maddens Raiders4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

I love the way my stories keep getting $hit-canned by TnS, dirtysouf, and Kingof PS3. Hey i know you guys are gunning for money, but this is getting ridiculous. I threw this story up long before this one was published and it still got killed... WTF? Duplicate story?lol He77 every other story on N4G is a "duplicate story" so what the he77?

Dusty I beseech to start monitoring what the hell is going on around here a little more closely. You can't even speak your mind around here w/o getting thrown in the bubble Gestapo. WTH? It's getting to a ridiculous status with the bubbles and duplicates (did I say Hell enough?lol). Hey no offense to you guys aforementioned, or to you Tesla, but I'm just laying it out there - - let's tighten it up a bit yeah?

I know you guys are gunning for the money, but I don't care about any of that. I just want a fair and balaned system. This is not fair and balanced. There should be more respect given to stories by a committee of sorts rather than just a few votes and your off -- "duplicate story>>>wtf? I don't get it.


"Wii hype may fade soon -Sega" -- this really isn't news anyway when I really think about carry on. =]


ITR4735d ago

Sega is an idiot...(or at least this executive is)
You announce games for the Wii and then you bash the Wii....then they wonder why your games don't sale.

I will laugh one day if Sega gets bought out by Nintendo.

TaylorB4735d ago

Most Wii games aren't really selling because there's yet to be any truly good games. On top of that, casual gamers aren't the ones to go out there and hit the shelves to buy the newest releases every week or even month.

I think they realize that. Both PS3 and 360 install bases are much more core gamers with deeper pockets and greater purchasing power. PS3 owners are looking for games. Sega can take the more conventional control scheme, and graphical utility of the PS3 and make a fair/good game that will sell well. Because the core gamer install base are there, and they want games.

nobizlikesnowbiz4735d ago

But sooner or later the Wii fad's gotta fade right? I mean pretty soon everyone will own one? Therefore there won't be anymore bought right?

Lol @ my logic.

sumfood4u4735d ago

Sega who no longer makes systems shouldn't be talking! Wii is liked for it being different an cheap, just like Coco~Cola Balls sell out at Fair, so does the Wii. I have a feeling it's only going to get better in time like the classic NES, which I an I assume a lot of people still play even if it's 8-bits.

PS360WII4735d ago

heck yeah I still play my NES. In fact for the past couple of days I've been playing Dragon Warrior I! It's great fun and it's funny how half of the game is saving the princess and that's the first mission ha but you spend hours and hours level grinding which is what you do with rpgs^^.

ITR4735d ago

Square needs to get off it's hands and re-release FF and DW games on the VC!
They would sell basically no cost to them.

PS360WII4735d ago

man ITR if only if only. Did you try out the one Square-Enix game the did put out? Acid somethin or other... it's pretty good half action game and the other half is building up a city pretty good.

The only thing holding Square Enix back from releasing FF and DW games on VC is that they can only charge 5 dollars for em. Why would they want to do that when they can release them on a console or handheld for 40 bucks or more....

What I would really like is for DW V and VI to come to US and Europe. Yet I'm sure they are already re-making DW I-VI for some system

MK_Red4735d ago

While it seems the novely will fade, release of Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Brawl and Metroid P3 shall keep it as hot as it is now. Previous console like GC and N64 didn;t have a good start and failed because of PS1/2. But Wii had a superb start and it can keep the momentum thanks to Mario and Smash bros games. Personally, I prefer PS3/Xbox360 to be winners since I like their hardcore (and violent) games much more.

LeonSKennedy4Life4735d ago

The Gamecube launch was almost as successful as the Wii launch. It died out actually about a half a year into it.

There's no logic, in my mind, as to why the hype hasn't died down. I mean, it's a cool system, but good GOSH does it get boring. I went into my living room a few minutes ago to see if the Motorstorm update was in the store. MY LITTLE BROTHER WAS PLAYING FRICKIN' MARIO PARTY 8!!! I got so mad! I didn't say anything to him, but he's been playing the same two mini-games for hours and hours. THEY'RE NOT EVEN THAT FUN!!! I don't understand it! He agrees that the Wii gets very boring, very fast...i guess he likes Mario Party though. IT'S WEIRD!

thisisim4735d ago

It might be nice to be able to reply to a reply...

You were "so mad" because you wanted to check for an update and your brother was using the TV? You may want to sit down and consider why you decide to get angry over something like that. Who cares if he likes playing the same old thing? Why are you looking for an update for MotoStorm? Probably because you want to play it again. Kids like to play stuff they're good at and they'll play again and again. The reason many adults don't tire of the Wii quickly may be that they don't play it All The Time!

If you're old enough and can't handle sharing a TV set, go buy one (your picture looks like you might be old enough for a paper route or something). Otherwise, it looks like you'll have to learn to share and realize not everyone finds the same stuff fun.

Also, the Gamecube comparison is very flawed. The numbers aren't even close to the same, neither is the length of time before drop-off.

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