Nintendo Says To Expect Metroid: Other M In 2010

G4TV writes: Yesterday, it was revealed that Nintendo has stopped shipping its Wii collection Metroid Prime: Trilogy. And while Nintendo hasn't exactly clarified that whole situation, it did offer some comforting news for fans of the acclaimed series today.

"The next highly anticipated offering in the Metroid franchise is Metroid: Other M, which will be available this year," said Nintendo in a statement.

This is by no means a new revelation, but it does mean that Nintendo plans to deliver three major titles this year: Super Mario Galaxy 2, the new Wii Zelda game and Other M. I'm not convinced that we'll be seeing all three titles this year here in the states, but anything's possible. And it would be insane if they were able to pull it off.

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Smacktard3199d ago

I came. I'm not surprised, though.

StylizedPlayer3199d ago

A new mario, zelda, and Metroid in ONE YEAR!! That's insane. I feel for the wi's 2011 lineup though

EvilTwin3199d ago

I do wonder if they'll get all three out. I kinda expect Zelda to get delayed.

But Other M looks fantastic. According to the game devs, it's pretty much been in development since the Wii launched, so I can't see how it doesn't get released this year. It's been in the oven for awhile.

Don't write off 2011, though. Big N has gone silent on Pikmin 3 and the KI remake, and we should get at least one of them.

And Retro studios have been mighty quiet, too...

kvg883199d ago

I never used the thing since Madworld until the new mario came out - pumped for the new zelda and metroid as well. Especially metroid as it seems they are taking a fresh approach with the series.

jalen2473199d ago

This is big for Wii owners. Thank you Nintendo.

nogolis3199d ago

Mario Galaxy is a waste of space... I love the new 2-d mario game, though. The new Metroid looks sharp, and it took an outside developer to realize what makes Metroid work. Sad. I can only hope when Nintendo drops the curtain off Zelda it's a top down, birds eye view 2-D engine that it's running on. I'd buy a wii that day.

hatchimatchi3199d ago

Galaxy is awesome.

Are you implying that metroid wasn't good in 3d?

Metroid Prime is one the best trilogies in all of gaming.

EvilTwin3199d ago

I understand if you prefer 2D gaming, but I'm with can't just write off 3D versions of classic franchises.

Galaxy has some of the best level design ever pressed to disc. The Prime Trilogy is amazing, easily one of the greatest trilogies in gaming history (if not THE greatest...but I'm biased). Zelda? It's basically what every 3D game has copied off of since OoT.

Vizion263198d ago

Mario Galaxy is one of the most brilliant game I've ever played. 3D platforming at its finest. I just wished is was a little more difficult.

bacon133198d ago

Are you kidding me? Galaxy was the epitome of platforming perfection. It was impossible to play that game without a huge smile on your face.

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The story is too old to be commented.