Halo: Reach will own 2010 and don't overhype GOW3

VGArabia: I'm not a big fan of Halo games, in fact, Neither one of them are in my top 10 favorite games of all time. But there is one fact you must deal with: Halo games are some of the biggest selling games in the past few years. The only franchise that can compete with it or beat its sales nowadays is Call of Duty. Killzone 2 was an excellent game, but it had failed to capture a fraction of Halo success. Even the best game of 2009, the incredible Uncharted 2 had failed to approach Halo 3: ODST sales numbers which wasn't even a full-blown Halo sequel.


Description: I’m not a big fan of Halo games, in fact, none of them are in my top 10 favorite games of all time. But there is one fact you must deal with: Halo games are some of the biggest selling games in the past few years. The only franchise that can compete with it or beat its sales nowadays is Call of Duty. Killzone 2 was an excellent game, but it had failed to capture a fraction of Halo success. Even the best game of 2009, the incredible Uncharted 2 had failed to approach Halo 3: ODST sales numbers which wasn’t even a full-blown Halo sequel.

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Godmars2903199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

"Trust me, I'm not a Halo fan! Buy Halo because its popular, Don't buy GoW3 because its not as popular!"



ipwnall3199d ago

Sales do not equal ownage. Uncharted OWNED MW2, but MW2 sold way more. The consumers are the idiots.

Greywulf3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

So Nintendos next game owns GOW3/Halo3? lol... since it will sell more.

Its alien for me as a PS3 owner to think 1 game "owns" an entire 365 days, but im never stuck not having anything to play until the end of the year. Can someone explain to me how it feels? Must be odd.

I feel like certain people have realized they've lost the quality argument over and over, and can now only focus on sales. Well, PS3 games don't seem to need to sell 8 million copies to release DLC at retail, nah. A few million equals an amazing GOTY quality sequel. Its almost like PS3 owners enjoy more games from lower sales. I think sony saves the 30 million dollar Halo advertising budget/cgi commercials, and spends that on its gaming.

What have more sales brought the 360 when it comes to gaming? Thats a serious question, because 2009 had more PS3/Better games without sales.

THE MAX SPEED 213199d ago

"Halo: Reach will own 2010 and don't overhype GOW3"

Irony. Dont Overhype Gow3 but he's Overhyping Reach. what the hell?

dont give him hits people.

lociefer3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

of course gow wil sell less its for adults only, while halo on the other hand is for kids, teenagers, preteens, u name em (xlive majority) , on a more serious note here, if really sales = quality then wii fit >>>>> halo/gow/mgs/gears

LOOOLLLL it got accepted ??!! FFS PPL xDD

evrfighter3199d ago

hype is actually pretty bad.

It's why a lot of people were disappointed with kz2 and r2

why would you want massive god of war 3 hype?

Rockox3199d ago

Man, it's going to be a loooooonnnnngg year of having to sift thru stupid "articles" like this one.

kws10653199d ago

Halo: Reach will have no chance.

Forget something starts with G and ends with O and 5th game in its series?

Government Cheese3199d ago

Halo Reach will most likely still outsell GT5. Not that that will make it a better game though.

Jaces3199d ago

Sales = popularity

Okami was a brilliant game and sold horribly, Beyond Good and Evil, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted 2, etc...

I agree Halo: Reach will own in sales but I doubt it will be anything close to overshadowing other games released in 2010 in terms of gameplay and fun.

kws10653199d ago

I don't think so since it was never happened.

gaffyh3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

"Neither one of them..." - Can only be used if there are 2 games. There have been 5 Halo games (I think including Halo Wars and ODST) so far, so you should have said "None of them..."

@evrfighter - That's strange, because I played R2 and KZ2 and they were both great games. The only people who were "disappointed" with it, were people who never played either of them. Like you.

Saaking3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

LMAO, so it's okay to overhype Halo? What a joke! IMO, GOWIII > Halo Reach.

@Government Cheese
GT has always sold more than Halo, so GT5 has a good chance at outselling Reach.

Dutch Boogie3199d ago

Yeah this guy sounds abit delusional. So we should overhype the forth Halo title in 2years (if that ain't milking i don't know what is) but should not be hyped for GOW3 (a series with a proven record of GOTY with every release since part one).

People still fail to comprehend that sales=/=quality. It's funny when people talk about 360 games they say "man it's gonna be a huge seller" but when they speak of ps3 exclusives its "this game is gonna set a new standard".

I don't care what any id1ots say, GOW3 will be epic and going by it's previous iterations, i'd say ps3 owners have more than a right to be hyped for GOW3.

How about 360 gamers talk about another worthwhile game instead of Halo this, Halo that.

deadreckoning6663199d ago

I think Agent will own 2010 if it comes out this year.

kws10653199d ago

How can gamers overhype GOW III, whose reputation is already sky-high by itself. GOW III simply doesn't need any hype from gamers.

If Halo:Reach needs it, let it have.

ukilnme3199d ago


Halo also has a solid reputation and does not need hype. Just needs more of the fantastic gameplay it has already offered up to this point. Same goes for God of War 3. Both will be day 1 purchases for me.

alaa3199d ago

people are not getting this article right. 5 years old can understand that I meant Halo: Reach will own 2010 regarding sales not quality. Stop being fanboys and discuss.

badz1493199d ago

don't worry about evrfighter, he's a full blown anything-Sony hater! it's like Sony killed his mom or dog or something! even if Sony takes over M$ and brings him the same 360, he'll still hate it with passion! if you accuse him for being a 360 fanboy, he'll dodge with "I'm a PC fan" but all he ever do is be in any PS3 related articles and troll!

on topic, this article is not at ALL about quality now? pfft...what have the gaming journalism turned sad! keep playing that "sales" game I tell you, I'll lean on my real games instead!

hagla3199d ago

Lol that was possibly the greatest opening reply i have ever seen to a stupid article. Nice one :)

Nitrowolf23199d ago

okay in terms of sales, then why not give it a more suitible name like"Halo will own 2010 in terms a of sales" Instead of and adding"and dont overhype GOW3"
Overhype idk if that has much to do with sales, but usually wen a game is over hyped, people are very dissapointed by it in the end result because it wasn't what they expected not in terms of sales but qualitie

SilentNegotiator3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Who cares what the sales charts are like if the game is great/better?

It still sold over 2 million and is getting a sequel. Gamers will be happy, sales obsessed fanboys and industry doinks won't.

silvacrest3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

what is there to discuss? either halo sells more or some other game does

your header is complete flamebait and dont even try to deny it, plus it contradicts what you just said

have you asked your self why you felt the need to post this? gamers should not care if halo, GOW or anything sells more

just be honest, your headline suggest this is just for the fanboys and for your site i assume to get hits (assuming its your site)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3199d ago

consumers are the idiots for buying something they want? Even though UC2 didn't sell well those who bought it must me idiots too since they are consumers... right? God of War 3 will do well maybe even the biggest selling game on the PS3, maybe 5 million lifetime. Halo Reach will do that in a month until it reaches 11-13 million lifetime. Halo 3 is at 11 million and the install base for the 360 is getting bigger, so Reach will top that easy. Not to mention both games will probably score from 9.2 to 10 but Reach will be top dog.

Narutone663199d ago

the author's logic, then Wii Play is better than Halo.

ReservoirDog3163199d ago

Why fight about it? Just do what I do, enjoy the games you like.

I personally don't like hack and slash games cause I could never get combos over 5 (read: I suck at hack and slash) and I'll only get Reach if the single player is actually worth something this time (like Halo 1).

I'm sure Reach is probably gonna be in the league of the best sellers of all time but who cares really? Sit back and enjoy it when they're released.

rezenu3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )


*facepalms as well*

This is either a joke or this article is right before me on N4G. Seriously...what the flipping hell...?

This guy is insinuating that it's alright to hype the hell out of Halo: Reach (which we haven't even seen gameplay to begin with) but not GOW III (which we've seen gameplay and the game looks remarkable).

...My IQ has dropped like a rock.

sikbeta3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

What a stupid article, NVM kid, keep with you "salez determine da bezt game" Logic and someday you'll understand how the thing work in the Real World

And by your Logic:

I can say, "Da wii gamez are da bezt" -> lol Unbelievable

DaTruth3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

GT5 will own 2010. And don't try to overhype Halo:Reach!

See, I can do it too! Seriously though, this is the wrong year to throw around "teh sales" argument!

alaa3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

It was never my intentions to make the title a flaimbait one. This wasn't my fault, it's the fanboys fault who are commenting on the article without reading it. Now I have the prove that most of the readers on N4G do read the title and never bother to read the article. Really pathetic.

Also, I have listed facts in the article while other gaming websites don't bother.

Below @Obama

"because in the end of the day, sales does determines the winner."

Yes sales Determines the winner for companies.

DaTruth3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Most people on N4G are sick of this flamebait crap and don't want to give it hits, but want to bash it in the comments!

This is our only hope of ridding N4G of this fanboy drivel! Ask HHG!

If you didn't want this labeled as flamebait crap, you shouldn't have titled it as flamebait crap!

rucky3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

LMAO Don't act like you didn't made that title for the purpose of getting hits here in N4G. So what if it gets fanboys riled up? That's N4G! You seriously believe that none of us know what a flamebait article looks like when we see one?

The more you try and act innocent and defend your article here on this site the more desperate your site look.

rucky3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

double post

rockleex3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Because sales determine the winner.

Darrius Cole3199d ago

High sales are not the result of a quality game; high sales are the result of quality marketing of the game.

The article says not to hype God of War III and then it proceeds to hype Halo Reach.

Lich1203199d ago

Im not sure why so many people are treating this as fanboy drivel. He clearly stated that he didn't care about sales but companies do. Which is true. While Uncharted selling 2 million (I don't know the exact number but that seems roughly correct) is sad since I consider it the best single player experience Ive had in a long time. Ok, its not sad, because 2mil is still really good. But it's upsetting when compared to other games abilities to sell. I play all those games too (Halo, Gears, CoD) but I would like to think that a game of UC2's quality should easily match their sales.

captain-obvious3199d ago

"because in the end of the day, sales does determines the winner."


uncharted 2 sold less that MW2
and still uncharted2 won GOTY

so your article is a joke

AKNAA3199d ago

"It was never my intentions to make the title a flamebait one. This wasn't my fault, it's the fanboys fault who are commenting on the article without reading it."

wow, you really must be taking n4g readers for idi0ts making that statement... Oh btw, I'm one of those people here who didn't read your non- intentional flambe article" Halo: Reach will own 2010 and don't overhype GOW3" simply because it tells me that your a fanboy that wants desperate hits... I comment on stupid titled articles, but never waste my time clicking on the link unless its actual News for gamers!

ABizzel13199d ago

The internet ruined gaming journalism. Now we have all this nobodies giving their worthless 2 cents. Journalism is reviewing games, reporting news, and more, not your opinion.

Immortal Kaim3199d ago

What is up with these amateur sites pitting GoW3 against Halo Reach? For a start, they are COMPLETELY different games, add to that the fact that they will be released 8 months apart...Buy both you cheapskates.

bpac1234567893198d ago

First of all halo reach is not a system seller. Everyone who wanted to play halo already owns a 360 and they've had one since halo 3 was released 3 years ago. This means that halo is NOT a threat to sony. Because the objective is to collect market share. This is what games like God of war 3, Gran turismo 5, and even final fantasy will do for the ps3. There are millions of ps2 owners who havn't yet switched to a next gen console. They've been waiting for game franchises that began on ps2 and carried over to the ps3. Why do you think MGS4 is the highest selling sony exclusive? Also I mentioned that final fantasy will be more of a system seller for sony because it began on the ps2. there arn't to many ps2 owners that are going to buy a 360 to play final fantasy when they can buy a ps3 and have the better experience and more familiar brand. This is sony's biggest year because they are releasing a ton of franchises that will see either there conclusion or there first major appearance on a next gen console.

(don't forget about the last Gaurdian)

NickIni3198d ago

Pretty sad how the author has to come here to try and further prove his point. Mate, don't even bother with the "it wasn't intentionally flamebait." and you can tell when an article's going to be fanboy bullcrap just by reading the title and paragraph submitted here.

SoX FireBlade3198d ago

I think he meant about sales thats a win for developers

developers make games for profit

Jsynn73198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

bacon133198d ago

That was probably one of the most poorly written, boring and least informative opinion articles I've ever read on N4G. And if this author thinks that "sales determine the winner" then he can GTFO.

JoeRated3198d ago

gow3 is not that GoW3 popular than halo but it don't make it a bad game and gow3 is a bad ass game more than halo, and gow3 look better to me halo i feel the good is going to be good but notthing big like halo3 they didn't put too much work and i feel the halo coming out they droping it too soon. i bet you the new halo is not going to look good as god3 i bet money on that lol

DaCandyman3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

I'd say that if the sales of the GOW I and II were good then GOW III will be good also. I bought both GOW I and II when they came out. And I bought the BluRay combo and am playing them now. Overhype my arse, GOW III is the finally for Kratos ALL PS3 owners will probably not pass it up. An ending to an epic story line in a month that I consider a Month for the Gods (See* Clash of Titans Movie 2010 = More GOW III hype).

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Obama3199d ago

"because in the end of the day, sales does determines the winner."

No it doesn't. Quality determines the winner. People talk about sales when they know they couldn't make a case about quality.

Government Cheese3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Sales determines the winner if you're a stockholder or working for that company. Quality determines the winner if you're a gamer... Of course it could be possible to be a quality game and sell a ton of units. Both GoW3 and Halo: Reach are looking like they'll do just that too.

Jaces3199d ago

So that's why UC2 won multiple GoTY awards right?

Cueil3199d ago

the auther isn't even talking about the same thing you people are

vandaLl_L3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Halo: Reach will own 2010 and don’t overhype GOW3
Posted by Ahmad Dajani On January - 13 - 2010

I’m not a big fan of Halo games, in fact, none of them are in my top 10 favorite games of all time. But there is one fact you must deal with: Halo games are some of the biggest selling games in the past few years. The only franchise that can compete with it or beat its sales nowadays is Call of Duty. Killzone 2 was an excellent game, but it had failed to capture a fraction of Halo success. Even the best game of 2009, the incredible Uncharted 2 had failed to approach Halo 3: ODST sales numbers which wasn’t even a full-blown Halo sequel.

At the same time, God of War games are some of my all time favorites. But they didn’t sell as good as Halo or Metal Gear Solid games. I’m a huge MGS and GOW fan and I will always support those franchises. If I have to choose between Reach and GOW3, even if they are of different genres and for different audiences, I will choose GOW3 over Reach, because I’m a big fan.

But can we be realistic for a moment here? Halo games are way more popular than GOW games. The biggest selling GOW was the first one, which had managed to sell over 3 million copies while Halo 3, the best selling game in the series has sold over 10 million copies and it won’t stop until Reach arrives this year. So for the people who are saying that GOW3 is Microsoft’s new nightmare, I think you have to reconsider your thinking because it’s the exact opposite. Using simple logic, it seems that Halo: Reach will be the best selling game of 2010. Also, I think that Sony is more frightened of Halo: Reach than Microsoft of GOW3, because in the end of the day, sales does determines the winner.

The next thing I want to talk about is the Uncharted 2 vs God of War 3 graphics argument. I have played the GOW3 demo, the game looks great, but not jaw dropping. The recently released scans are awesome, but please tell me how you can judge the quality of the visuals by just looking at the scans? Give me new HD screens taken from the game or give me a new trailer, then we can talk. Also, from what I have seen from the demo, GOW3 needs a lot of work to even reach Uncharted 2 visuals. One more point I want to make it clear is great visuals doesn’t always make the game sell better. Visually impressive games such as Killzone 2 and forza 3 aren’t selling as good as a 2D Super Mario game for the Wii. There are more important factors than just visuals such as franchise popularity.

Overhyping a game while not meeting expectations will absolutely affect the game sales in the long run in a bad way. Just look at GTA4; the game is great, but it was overhyped and it has had suffered from it. A lot of great games have had suffered from the overhyping effect. So be careful for GOW3.

I think that my points are clear now. Be realistic and thanks for reading.

silvacrest3199d ago

this guy is talking about sales = the winner

by his own logic the wii and its games have been on top for a long time

if hes gonna compare sales why not choose GT5? all of them except prologue have sold more then any halo

if im completly off base i apologize, his headline + his comments here
mean i wont be reading his site and giving him hits

JasonPC360PS3Wii3199d ago

Sales do determine the winner just like in the Olympics speed determines the winner. These are products and the whole point of a product is to sell it... duh.

DaTruth3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Do you even play games? Speed wins Basketball games? Speed wins Boxing? Speed wins figure skating? Sorry, quality wins Figure Skating! Quality wins Hockey!

Again, I and most others play games, not sales! Go grab yourself a copy of Wii Fit and STFU!

When I'm playing a crappy game I spent $60 on, it doesn't make me feel better to know it sold 10 million! I just feel sorry for 10 million other people!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3199d ago

The team with the most points wins a Hockey or Basketball game. The loser can have all the "quality" or "skill" they want but without the points they still lose the game. "Look at the quality of how that quarterback throws" to bad the rest of the team sucked and the end score was 50 to 7. Guess who's going to the Super Bowl? Try harder.

Figure Skating?


why the need to downgrade a demos graphics by comparing it to a full game (Uncharted 2 GOTY!). Just wait for the final game and judge it, if it doesnt look as good as Uncharted 2 to me it doesnt still be looking better than 360 games. Are 360 fanboys using UC2 now to compare graphics on the PS3? If it doesnt look as good or better than UNCharted 2 its fail for them? Jesus you guys are amazing. Also he said that F3 is a graphics marver and put it in the same sentence as KZ2?? Forza Jaggiesport 3??

Well no matter how bad Halo Reach end being the media is sure going to hype it to death and is going to overrate it as they did with Halo 3, Halo ODST and Halo Wars. In the other hand now matter how good GOW3 end being the media is going to find faults and end up downrating it saying "but BAYONETTA this and that". Its 2010 people...and if you havent noticed the trends of the media you are really blind. As a fact in present day there is nothing worth comparing graphically on the 360 that looks better than PS3 exclusives.
So lets compare multiplatforms and sellings...maybe that could make the fanboys sleep better.



Dont get it twisted here now ps3 fangirls! Its clear that Halo Reach is going to have better sales than GOW3, but GOW3 better quality than Halo Reach as in what?? Im sure you guys think that quality=graphics/story, but you people are dead wrong!

You ps3 fangirls think that because a game has a good story and good graphics, its going to be a good game? NO!!

Halo Reach and GOW3 are both going to have a good story line. So its a tie their.

GOW3 might have better graphics than Halo Reach, but you never know because of Halo Reach's new engine, so ill leave it as a blank for that one.

Halo Reach is going to sell more than GOW3 so a point to Halo Reach.
And Halo Reach gets another point because its going to have an addictive multiplayer, "better than GOW3, fact" just like Halo 3 or better!

So my question to ps3 fangirls, better in quality as in what???
Its not story, nor sales, nor multi, maybe grphics.

Earlier on someone said that U2 is a great game just because it got several GOTY, well IMO GOTY dont matter at all!! It matters what people are going to continue playing for years to come!

Like Halo 3 didnt get no GOTY "or thats what i think" but just look at it right now, hundred thousand still play it daily! As in U2, ppl are going to stop playing it in several months when GOW3 comes out!

But again, GOW3 better quality as in what??

Come on ps3 fangirls, man up and answer my question!!

JeffGUNZ3198d ago

You know what you sound like? A mother who tells her son, who is not popular and an outcast that he is beautiful person on the inside. (not you in real life, but just an example) All this author is saying, is a response to all the "GOW3 is Halo: Reach's Nightmare!" nonsense. He is looking at it through the companies eyes. He never once said that Halo: Reach will be better quality or graphics wise, but just stated it doesn't have the following that Halo has. Simple as that. About your comment, let me attempt to come at the sales debate in a different light.

Sales are important indicators of a games demand and success on the market. The more a game sells, the more popular it is. Simple logic really. Pick a game like Shell-shock Vietnam game; game was terrible and sold hardly any units. Now, look at Modern Warfare 2. That game sold well because the demand for that product was extremely higher. No one is saying that because a game sells better, it automatically has better graphics or a better story line, etc. When a game sells higher than another game, it's just the result of the majority of the consumers preferring one game to another. For instance, MW2 has sold more units on PS3 than UC2, that does not mean MW2 has better graphics and a better single player, it just means more people made a decision that MW2 was a better investment than UC2.

Let's not kid ourselves here. Companies ultimately care about money. They do not care about you, me, or anyone else more than they do about money. The better they make a game, the better chance it has to sell, the better chance they will make more money, and if all that occurs, than they get the privilege of making a sequel.

Just read the authors article, it is not saying that GOW3 is not going to be as good as Halo: Reach, he is just saying Reach will outsell GOW3 and overall be better for Microsoft company.

starchild3198d ago

The problem with the whole argument about "quality = the winner" is that it is a ridiculous, untenable argument.

The reason that it is a stupid argument is that nobody is going to agree on what is "quality". PS3 fanboys like Obama are going to claim that every PS3 exclusive is amazing even if it is an average piece of junk.

Even if a game gets game of the year it is STILL JUST AN OPINION--completely subjective.

And what is really sickening about the people that go crawling to "quality" because their console so often gets beat in sales is that they are completely inconsistent. They have double standards. If Uncharted 2 gets game of the year from some sites, then all we hear from them is a bunch of bragging about what a quality game Uncharted 2 is and how the GOTY awards proves it. But if Modern Warfare 2 had gotten most of the GOTY awards do you think those same PS3 fans would have said "well, that settles it, Modern Warfare 2 is true quality and is the best game of the year"? Hell no! They would deny it and would claim that the opinions of game reviewers don't matter, that they are too easily swayed by hype, and a million other excuses.

To give a couple other examples, do you think those PS3 fanboys respect the fact that Halo 3 has a 94 on Metacritic? No, it doesn't stop them from talking sh^t about Halo nonstop. Remember though that those reviewers whose collective opinions have resulted in Halo 3 sitting at a 94 on metacritic are for the most part the same reviewers that tended to think Uncharted 2 deserved game of the year.

Likewise, if Halo Reach or some other 360 game gets most of the game of the year awards this year do you think PS3 fanboys will respect that and say "yes, that proves that it is a more quality game"? Ha! Yeah right!

So, if PS3 fanboys only respect the opinions of game critics when it favors a PS3 game and dismiss them when it favors a 360 game, then how in the world can we accept the opinions of game critics as the standard for what is "quality"?

In conclusion, if we can't accept sales as an indication of quality and we can't accept the opinions of game critics as an indication of quality, then what are we left with? Nothing really, just our own individual opinions.

The way I see it, sales give us an idea of what gamers think about a game, reviews tell us what game critics thought about a game, and finally there are our own individual opinions about a game. Those are the only three ways to really look at a game. If we have to dismiss sales, then we also must dismiss reviews. Which only leaves us with our own opinions. That's fine, because that is what it really boils down to anyway, but don't try to make an argument out of it. Nobody, in that case, is going to agree.

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rucky3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Wii Sports owns all games therefore greatest game of all time!

Pyrrhus3199d ago

time to buy myslef a wii lol.

Troll_Police3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Funny, a certain group says sales determine the winner but they ignore the real winner by their logic which is Wii Fit. Hypocrites. They can't argue quality because the PS3 beats them there so they argue sales but ignore the fact that the Wii beats them there.

Nitrowolf23199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Well apparently this age sales do determine who wins which is sad, cause Wii Fit pwns all then. Quality of a game should determine the winner. Look at uncharted 2, The devs made one of the greatest game this gen and guess what, they are happy about there sales, the surpassed there million goal. The only people who should actually give a dam and the devs and publisher themselves (unless we are talking about very very very low sales then that might influence devs not to make a next game)

Aceluffy3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Right on ! That's exactly what I was thinking too.
Basically, 360's stand is like this:

Against Wii: Dang ! We can't beat them in sales ! Let's talk about quality ! Wii games are all shovelware for babies and grandmazzzzz !!

Against PS3: Dang ! We can't beat them in quality ! Let's talk about sales ! PS3 games/exclusives don't sellzzzzz !!

How about ALL 360 biased fans just STFU before anyone reading their so-called gaming blog lose lots of useful brain cells. 360 is MEDIOCRE at best and worse case scenario, 2010 will be the last hurrah for 360, from here on, it's going downhill, bank on it.
Wii is the best in sales, PS3 is the best in quality and where does that leaves 360 ? Mediocrity at its finest

Oner3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

QFT Troll_Police, Nitrowolf2 & Aceluffy. But I would like to add something without choosing a side to make a valid point. See, the fact remains that Sales are important...but ONLY for the people who make, produce, publish & finance/invest in them. The QUALITY of the game is what is most important to US ~ the gamers ~ THAT is what makes the key difference.

And that difference IS the point. Sales have a habit of equating to people trying to justify "Oh! It's popular or "in" and sells a lot, so therefor it MUST be good/cool & I have to be like everyone else!". Not me ~ I don't go by what "others" say or believe about something. Never have. Never will. I make my own conclusions based off my own experience(s). I don't need to follow what others say or do to make my mind up. If I did, I would be wearing tight @$$#& tapered pants with big doofy sneakers and some vest laid over a mixed matched colored short and a pair of white brimmed sunglasses with some stupid haircut like Kanye West screaming for attention...NOPE. NEVER HAPPEN.

People who want to "follow" will always be that ~ sheep. F that, I'll lead instead. But I have to add that this is not an always applicable to all situations type of comment because SOME things, that are popular and sell well, are based off of the QUALITY within it. Then it (whatever that may be) should get it's proper deserving support and credit. But in this case ~ the limited scope of view the "author" of this "article" describes is the former example....The INCORRECT way of associating "popularity of sales" to "quality of experience".

And honestly, this is not a slight against Reach or GoW or anything. It's just a description of how WRONG this article is in thinking that way. PERIOD.