Joystiq hands-on: Fishing Master (Wii)

Instead, Fishing Master is a more casual title that glosses over many parts of real fishing technique. Real fish are attracted to different colors of bait depending on the weather conditions, but Fishing Master has seasons and no other weather patterns. Rod position plays the most important role in keeping a fish on, but like most fishing games, Fishing Master uses the reeling-too-hard-or-not-hard-enough-meter to decide if a fish gets away. Follow the link for Joystiq's full hands-on impressions.

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God of Gaming4730d ago

Humm... could SOMEONE please at least push the wii hardware so we know what it can do? Or is this the soccer mom system now and forever?

ITR4730d ago

This game plays more like an arcade game then anything.

Nowadays anything that isn't hardcore or sim related becomes a casual game.

If thats the case then every Arcade game is a casual game..