MAG CES Event and New Tournament Details

Jeff Rubenstein writes: Our CES Community event wasn't the only big news for Zipper last week. Our MAG open beta was an enormous success too, with players from all over the world helping us put the finishing touches on our game. In fact, more than a million players worldwide (860,000 in North America alone) downloaded the MAG beta between January 4 and 10 to get their Sabotage and Domination on.

But there's more! U.S. players who still want their fill of MAG goodness before it officially comes out on January 26 can still battle it out with the PMC of their choice by heading on over to and signing up for its MAG Tournament. Not only can you continue to shoot S.V.E.R., Raven and Valor opponents as much as you want between January 14 and 22, but you can win prizes too! So make sure you sign up before the deadline, which is tonight at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

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Gamer20983202d ago

i would sign up if i had my ps3, i had to send it so they can fix it because i got YLOD, well that suck, hope this story gets aproved before is too late.

Death24943201d ago

not be missed. If you're tired of getting owned by noobs on a seriously broken game( modern warfare 2) then join me @ Raven. This isn't for the FPS noob who think every first person shooter is MW2. You will get owned. For the naysayers out there who couldn't get past level 10 in the beta, you're not ready for this kind of game and maybe you should stick to your MW2. Janary 24 will be the day of reckoning folks. No boys allowed. This is meant for grown MEN only.

OH and FYI people, it's 256 vs 256!!!!!!!
Ssee you guys on the battlefield.

Pillage053201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Anyone notice that all the gamers who enjoyed the MAG beta are really smug about it?

And I thought it was easier to get kills in MAG than it is in MW2. so many baddies running about...sniping seemed a bit OP'd...but I suppose in most games, that's the way it works.

SmokingMonkey3201d ago

I haven't been playin the MAG beta because of this fear.


this game is not for noobs

rbluetank3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

i will buy this game day one!!! on a side note; i will never directly/indirectly support biasassness ign! i hope their is some where else to sign up for this MAG tournment.... i just hope MAG does well. the game is hot!!! the latest trailer look like they polish MAG some more... great job Sony/Zipper on MAG!

3201d ago