MAG Preview on NGN

New Game Network writes: "So is MAG "a new kind of war" as its official website describes or is it just another seemingly good idea poorly executed?"

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johnmark19823293d ago

this was a terrible article. its obvious from reading it that the author did not grasp what was going on and failed to run into any decent players. when you have people that know what they are doing on domination it is amazing how well it works.

in a sabotage map its painfully easy and simply a shoot first ask questions later match all you have to do is hold one of two letters and make sure the enemy never takes them. in a domination match if you actually know what your doing and what is going on it becomes so much more than a random shooter as the author seems to think it is.

there is so much to do and as you grow in levels and skill it becomes so much fun. when me and my friends with mics fought together on a domination match in one squad we would attack with a strategy in order to win and we would often destroy any enemy that did not have a strategy.

MAG is made on team work and strategy if all you do is rush into gunfire i promise you will die. you need to think before you rush in and use your mini map in the corner it can be a life saver

3293d ago
bluedot1333293d ago

similar to what I thought of it. Twas a good article.

slane33293d ago

Hate.........Mag is awesome

solidworm3293d ago

that the noob gamer will stay the hell away, therefore the mag community will end up the best in gaming over the next 2 years.